sóller local tourist guide to all points of interest, sights, activities and events

On this page you will find everything you need to know when visiting the charming town of Sóller in the Tramuntana.

Sóller local guide

Sóller is situated in what is called “the orange valley”, in the beautiful mountains of Majorca.

Sóller offers a wealth of activities and cultural attractions to explore.

You want to stay in Sóller, if you if you want the scenic from the mountains, combined with the atmosphere found in the typical town life.

Sóller is home to some interesting small museums, taking you on a journey throughout times of Mallorcan life. One great way of getting it all, is to jump on the famous antique Sóller train, going between Sóller and Palma. The ride takes some 1-1,5 hour.

A 10 minute drive from Sóller, is the village of Fornalutx, awarded 3rd most beautiful village in all of Spain. Further up in the mountains, is the world famous Santuari de Lluc convent, which is the second trademark of Majorca.

There’s absolutely no reason to think that just because you are in the mountains, there’s nothing to see.

Sights in Sóller

Ca s’Americà

Sights in Sóller

Can Bell Esguard

Sights in Sóller

Can Moratal

Sights in Sóller

Gran Hotel Sóller

Sights in Sóller

Can Prunera & Can Massana

Sights in Sóller

Railway station of Sóller

Sights in Sóller

Bank of Sóller

Churches in Mallorca

Church of Sant Bartolomé

Only a few places, does like Sóller offer a such unique taste and freshness when it comes to food and beverages. Especially beverages, are of high quality up here, since Sóller is one of the most famous cultivators of oranges and lemons.

You will find plenty of restaurants, cafes and diners to choose from in Sóller, all offering a varied menu card, that will most likely satisfy any tongue.

I’m not going to give you any recommendations, it would simply be unfair.

Hotel and accommodation offers in Sóller

Sóller offers many authentic places to stay during your holiday! You can choose between cozy boutique and petit hotels, luxury resorts and hotels with their very own cycle and sports rentals.

It’s quite easy to find good accommodation deals in Sóller, as there are equal many holiday rentals available up here.

Sóller is not a typical place to bring children, and if you do you might want to consider some of the hotels located near Port de Sóller, and come here during summertime.

Sóller is the starting point of many cycle and hiking routes, leading about in the scenic mountains. There are many tour arrangers in town that will help you get on track.

The untainted mountains secluding Sóller, also offers possibilities to do some sports climbing, geo-coaching and MTB.

At Port de Sóller, there is of course the beach area, but also a small harbour from where several boat charters offer sails around the coastlines.

Every Saturday morning, the local market is held in Sóller, in the main square of the town. This scenic marketplace, is the perfect place to browse hundreds of locally produced meats, cheeses, vines, veges and fruits. Grab yourself a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, and let your senses be seduced.

Sóller, is situated on the beautiful west coast of Mallorca.

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