Discover the amazing area and village of Son Servera and all its offers of local amenities and places of interest.

Accés Mallorca invites you to delve into the soul Son Servera, an area rich on scenic nature, intimate atmosphere and cultural heritage

Son servera local tour guide

Accommodation offers in Son Servera

Most holidaymakers who decides to base themselves in Son Servera, appreciates the tranquility and charm of the rural countryside.

Son Servera is close to the popular summer destination of Cala Bona, where especially families with infant likes to go.

Son Servera is a sleepy and quiet little village in the north eastern part of Mallorca. The central square of Son Servera is where you will find most life, which is not much. However, during the daytime there is a somehow unique and jolly atmosphere in this place, it is difficult to explain, but the locals here make everything seem so easy. They gather around on the few bars in the square in front of the parish church, they switch from chair to chair and from bar to bar to talk to each other.

The church, and the bell tower in particular, gives the little plaza a very intimate feeling.

Things to see around Son Servera

Son Servera may not offer hundreds of sights, but it does offer a few unique places of interest. The main attraction is of course the amazing open air church, which was buiolt by the apprentice of Antoni Gaudi and one of the most sought for wedding and event scenes in this area.

Son Servera offers only a few dining options, but all of them are authentic and scenic. If you are looking for fine dining in Son Servera, you will need to go to the sought for golf course and its club house where you can indulge in delicious dishes.

If your preference is local atmosphere and intimacy, go for a lunch or snack in one of the bars around the main plaza of Son Servera. Here you will find typical Mallorcan and Spanish dishes at low prices. The service here is always friendly, they really love it when visitors find the way to this sleepy place.

son servera mallorca, eating in the main plaza in the village or in the club house of Son Servera golf
local bars restaurants around the main plaza of the village son servera

One of the local bars of Son Servera with great atmosphere

Golf, golf and more golf! Son Servera is well-known for its challenging golf courts. However, there are of course plenty of other activities to do here, such as tennis, beaching, MTB, road cycling, walking or treat yourself with SPA and wellness.

Yes, Son Servera is a place for the life enjoyers.

Friday morning starts the local market in Son Servera, on the main square in front of the parish church.

The market in Son Servera is small, but offers tasty fresh produce, clothing and sweets.


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