Fall in love with Deià, in the scenic Tramuntana mountains. Explore all the local places of interest as your senses are seduced by the beautiful nature and breathtaking views up here.

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Deià does not offer more than a handful of tourist attractions and sights, however, every single place of interest and sight is worth the trip. The sights in Deià tells stories of famous people who traveled the island of Mallorca to find true serenity and found Deià. One of the most impressive sights around Deià, is the beautiful finca of Son Marroig situated in the most privileged location of the entire area, by the colourful coastline by Cala Deià and the embelmatic nature phenomenon of Sa Na Foradada, a massive rocky formation with a hole through it. The Son Marroig finca was home to the Austrian archduke, Ludwig Salvatore, who had a pavilion constructed in Calabria, Italy, and brought up here so that he had a special place to write and think. Needless to say, you will find some breathtaking views from this very special place, a must-see sight. Speaking of famous people, who can forget British author, Robert Graves, who came to Mallorca to write his most renown novels, because what other place provides so much natural inspiration ...? Graces bought a charming house just outside the village, which has now been turned into a museum, where you can see his original furniture, his desk and feel the presence of a creative soul. A more odd sight, but nevertheless an important place of interest here in Deià, is the church of Juan Baptista and the cemetery situated at the top of the hill in the centre of the valley. Up here, you can enjoy a true peaceful experience while enjoying the amazing views over the valley and the sea in the horizon. Finally, we can not forget a sight like the archaeological museun in the centre of the village founded by artist and archaelogisk, Henry Waldren, who discovered the skeleton of the Balearic goat, a prehistoric and now extincted animal that used to live in the Tramuntana mountains.
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