Finca els Calderers

finca els calderers ethnological museum in sant joan mallorca

Els Calderers is one of Mallorca’s most authentic fincas and ethnological museums

If you want a better insight into the life of the nobility and the finer lords of the manors of Mallorca, visit the Els Calderers finca. Els Calderers is a really exciting attraction to take on the journey through Mallorca.

Finca els Calderers is situated just south of the rural village of Sant Joan, and is probably one of the most authentic museum experiences you can find in Mallorca, along with the La Granja in Esporles. Els Calderers exemplifies life among Mallorca’s nobles up through the 18th and 19th centuries.

The name comes from the original builders, the Calderers, who built the manor around the year 1285. The building you see today was built on top of the former one – by the noble Verí family – from which Sant Joan also has its name.

In the middle of the 20th century, Don Francisco de Sentmenat bought the property and renovated it almost completely. Sentmenat’s motto was; “To want is to win” and what he wanted was to recreate the splendor of the 17th and 18th century heyday of els Calderers.

He purchased and collected furniture, pieces of art, decoration, kitchen utensils and many other things from this period. Today you can then enjoy the magnificent collection as you move around the nobility’s former home.

Inside els Calderers

To the right of the entrance, you will find a hall or foyer with vaulted ceilings, decorated with furniture and paintings from the 18th century. After the lobby, you move on into the pastor’s office and to the private chapel, where the families have received and heard daily masses.

From the entrance and the foyer, you can look out to the small green courtyard. Here is a small pond and well, where the family have been able to sit in the shelter and relax.

The wine cellar of the house is filled with presses, barrels and bottles from the production that once was a long time ago.

All the way back in the house you will find the men’s lounge, used for retreats where the gentlemen would typically meet after hunting, on social occasions or for business meetings. On the walls hang fascinating weapons as well as hunting trophies. It is easy to imagine an evening in the room in front of the fireplace in the wide armchairs.

Past the kitchen filled with remedies, pots and pans, you move to the family’s upscale dining room. The first thing that catches the eye is the massive dining table, covered for as many as 18 place settings. Porcelain of the finest kind adorned with embroidered cloth napkins adorns the table, both with the Sentmenat family’s coat of arms on.

After the dining room you are taken to the ladies’ room. This room was used for singing, music, reading and sewing. In one corner you can also see the family’s old piano next to the exit to the terrace. One can easily imagine how poetry has flown around in the air in this feminine room, while the ladies have enjoyed singing and music.

On the first floor you will find the men’s and ladies’ bedroom, as well as their changing rooms where their clothes have been. Up here, a corridor connects the many rooms, each of which contains fantastic collections of everything from rental clothes, weapons, dolls and clothes, etc., all of which testify to life on the manor.

From the roof terrace you come to the servants’ homes, with a significant change in the standard of living. While the contrast seems quite stark, it is actually fine conditions for servants from this period, compared to other mansions.

In the attic, which was the old granary, you can enjoy a unique exhibition of agricultural implements and machines, which at that time were ahead of their time on the island.

Inside the town of Sant Joan, you will find the old inn, Posada dels Calderers, where the servants and other members of Els Calderers lived.

The gardens and stables of els Calderers

Around the impressive finca and its ivy-clad stone facade, you can snooze around in the beautiful idyllic gardens.

On the other side of the house, you will find the stables, the bakery, the laundry, the barn as well as the smithy. It is fascinating to walk around and experience all the gear and not least all the animals, many of them indigenous breeds. Here are donkeys, goats, pigs a bull, chickens and of course the watchdog and its dwelling.


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