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Sightseeing in Palma city, Mallorca.

Palma is the capital of Mallorca and the rest of the Balearic islands. In our local guide to Palma, you will learn about the rich history of the city, as well as know what to see and what to do when visiting this amazing place awarded best city in the world. Topics we will cover includes, of course, sights and places of interest, churches, monasteries, museums and exhibition halls. But we will also provide you with a set of practical infos for you to feel safe and secure when visiting Palma.

Palma city and sightseeing guide

Tramuntana – The mountainous western part of the island

Serra de Tramuntana, is the mountain range that stretches from the very southwestern corner of Mallorca to the most northern peninsula of the island. The Tramuntana mountains are protected by UNESCO, making them a part of the world heritage. We will guide you to every mountain village in the Tramuntana, letting you discover the scenic nature and local places of interest so that you can see for yourself just why this mountain range is so special.


Andratx is a big municipality covering most of the south-western areas of Mallorca along with Calviá. In our local destination guide to Andratx, we will guide you to all the places of interest in the area and tell you the stories behind each of them for you to have a much more authentic experience when visiting these.

Discover things to do in Andratx


Banyalbufar is the perfect place to escape to if tranquillity, sea views and unspoiled nature is what you are looking for. Banyalbufar enjoys one of the most privileged locations on the island, directly on the mountain slopes above the azure shoreline giving it its natural beauty. Banyalbufar is home to one of the island’s most well-preserved and iconic medieval watchtowers, as well as the old Moorish terraces running down the mountain slopes used for cultivation of fruits and vegetables. In our destination guide to Banyalbufar, you will learn what to see and what to do in this beautiful area on the west coast of the Tramuntana mountain range.

Discover Banyalbufar and things to do


Bunyola has been a prosperous area ever since the Romans arrived on the island 123 BC, however, it was the Moors who started building here. An example of this is the old emir mansion and the incredible gardens of Jardins d’Alfabia. The fertile soil and enormous fields made it easy to grow grapes and other fruits Up through the Middle Ages, Bunyola continued to grow as a place of great wealth attracting settlers who built impressive fincas on the slopes in the beautiful valley. Many of these fincas has now been modernized and turned into finca hotels without compromising their originality. This makes Bunyola an attractive destination for you who want authenticity, stunning mountain views and a harmonic ambience all around you. In our local destination guide to Bunyola, you will learn more about the history of this incredible place; the places of interest, the buildings and all the things to do in the local area.

Discover things to do and accommodation in Bunyola


Camp de Mar is one of the smaller beach destinations in Mallorca, nevertheless, a very beautiful and well-located destination. Camp de Mar is found in the municipality of Andratx in the south-west part of Mallorca, in an enclosed cove at the feet of the Tramuntana mountain range. This unique location protects the two beaches from all winds letting only breezes pass through the rocky gates and reach the beach areas. In our guide to Camp de Mar, you will learn more about the beaches, the local area of Andratx, what to see and what to do.

Discover Camp de Mar beaches and hotels


Cala Sant Vicenç is a small and tranquil beach destination found in the upper western corner of the Tramuntana mountains in an isolated area. Cala Sant Vicenç is a part of the municipality of Pollença and found only about 15 minutes away from the main town and the popular beach area of Port de Pollença. Cala Sant Vicenç is a great choice of holiday base for adults, or families travelling with infants that does not require many child-friendly amenities. In our guide to Cala Sant Vicenç, we will uncover the secret gems found in the local area, we will have a look at the best accommodation options and guide you to the many places of interest and sights you should visit while staying here.

Discover things to do and hotels in Cala Sant Vicenc


Calvià is one of the largest municipalities in Mallorca, an area full of nuances and biodiversity. Calvià as a destination offer a great range of options of things to do, either for active tourism or beaching and relaxation – or all. Calvià is located at the feet of Tramuntana and includes the popular destinations of Peguera, Palmanova, Magaluf and Santa Ponca. Moreover, Calvia is loved by cyclists.

Discover things to do and accommodation in Calvia


Deià is perhaps one of the most romantic holiday destinations in all of Mallorca.This rather small municipality enjoys one of the most privileged locations in the Tramuntana mountains, in a green fertile valley just above the azure shoreline allowing for divine views from almost everywhere in the area. Deià is known to have given inspiration to many great artists of our times, such as Robert Graves, Anaïs Nin and Cristina Peri Rossi, which is why the village has been known as the “Village of Artists”. In our local guide to Deià, you will learn more about the many famous names the area has attracted, where to stay for the most romantic holiday and of course, what to see in the area.

Discover things to do and hotels in Deia


Esporles, also known as Esporales, is a stunning and charming area located deep in the Tramuntana mountains. Esporles is famous for several things, which makes it an interesting place to visit and explore. To mention just a few of these, we can name the famous tourist attraction La Granja, the mysterious old monastery of Maristel and the biggest European festival dedicated to sweets and patries. Esporles is very popular amongst walkers and cyclists because of the great infrastructure and many marked walking routes that leads about in the scenic valleys. Let us introduce you to Esporles and tell you what to see up here when you come to visit, because you really must.

Discover Esporles, things to do and where to stay


Estellencs is an old fishing village located not far from the coastline of the western side of Tramuntana. Estellencs is the perfect place to escape to if you are looking for tranquillity, original charm and authenticity. Despite of its remote location, Estellencs is very well connected to the network of roads leading about in the Tramuntana making it easy to get get around by car, by bicycle and on foot. In our guide to Estellencs, you will learn about the local area and what you can expect to find here.

Estellencs hotel and things to do


Formentor is the name of the peninsula extending from the bay of Pollenca in the very north of the Tramuntana mountain range. Formentor is a popular destination amongst day travellers who come here to use the natural and almost unspoiled beach in the beautiful bay. Moreover, Formentor is highly popular amongst cyclists who come here to challenge themselves on the incredibly steep curvy roads ascending and descenting about in the rocky landscape up here. Formentor offers only a single hotel, the five-star Royal Hideway hotel. Like many other hotels in the Pollenca area, this hotel has a unique story to tell and a unique situation to offer. This was actually the very first luxury hotel in all of Mallorca and has been accommodating many famous people since its foundation back in the 1920’s.

Visit Cap de Formentor


Fornalutx exemplifies everything the Tramuntana region has become famous for; charming rustic house facades, fertile valleys and natural harmony. Fornalutx is definitely one of the most romantic holiday destinations in the Tramuntana region, offering many wonderful accommodation options in finca hotels made for relaxation. Fornalutx borders the cultural stronghold of Sóller, which makes it easy to access the many exciting offers found here, such as impressive architecture, art galleries and the famous antique train and tram. Our local guide to Fornalutx tells you everything you need to know about this area and how you get the most of your holiday here.

Discover the beautiful village of Fornalutx


Magaluf has become known as a paradise for party animals and one of the biggest party destinations in all of Europe. While this is a true, it is also important to state that Magaluf is so much more than just a party central for young people. Actually, Magaluf is one of the oldest holiday destinations in the south west part of Mallorca, the beach is perhaps the best in the south west and it is also the place with most attractions for children and pre-teens. This makes Magaluf a destination for both young people and families with children. The nights in Magaluf do belong to the party animals, the streets turn into an open air club with bass sounds coming from every corner. However, during daytime and early evening, Magaluf belongs to the families with children. Magaluf is home to one of the biggest water parks, a go-kart track, the Katmandu House amusement park, a crazy miniature golf court and many many other fun family attractions that the kids love. In our guide to Magaluf, we focus on holiday tips for families with children for you to learn where to stay and where to go.

Magaluf things to do, beach and hotels


Palmanova is a popular holiday destination located in the western part of the Palma bay. It is no wonder that Palmanova has gained so much popularity amongst an international audience, the three wide white sandy beaches makes great room for everyone to enjoy the area. Palmanova has through the recent years been undergoing a range of renovations, especially the hotels has been renovated and a few new ones has opened. Palmanova is a great family holiday destination, there are plenty of amenities and attractions for all ages, international menus at the restaurants, plenty of bars, thus the location makes it easy get to Palma for a day of sightseeing or shopping. In our local guide to Palmanova, we focus on the families with children and let you in on some of the secrets of the area.

Palmanova beach, things to do and hotel


Peguera, also known as “Little Germany”, is a holiday destination located at the feet of the Tramuntana range in the south-western part of Mallorca. Peguera is very popular amongst German holidaymakers, which is seen in the restaurants, the hotels and the shops in the town, where almost everything is written in German. But even if you are not German, Peguera is still a wonderful and welcoming destination offering three wonderful sandy beaches, a vibrant town and a great location for exploring the incomparable nature the Tramuntana offers. In our local guide to Peguera, you will learn what options you have for exploring the neighbouring areas, places of interest, as well as tours and excursion to go on for a memorable holiday in Peguera.

Peguera beach, hotel and things to do


Pollença old town is along with Alcúdia, the cultural stronghold of the northern Mallorca. The town and local area offers a wealth of interesting places of interest to be explored, such as the Roman bridge, the calvary steps, the mountain top sanctuary of Maria, the museums and of course the incredible natural areas perfect for birdwatching and discovering Mediterranean wildlife. Pollença’s old town is agreat place to enjoy a lively ambience with the many bars, restaurants and local shops full of happy holidaymakers and visitors.

Discover Pollenca, things to do, sights and hotels


Port de Pollença is a famous and very popular holiday destination located in a beautiful bay at the feet of the Tramuntana’s northern end. Port de Pollença is located in a wonderful wide bay nestled between the two peninsulas, Cap de Formentor and Alcanada, giving it shelter from heavy winds. There are two lovely beaches on each side of the old charming harbour area still used by Mallorcan fishing boats and private yachts, which is also where you will find most of the bars and restaurants in town. Selecting Port de Pollença as your holiday destination, allows you to choose between a wide variety of activities, both physical and relaxing, for example cycling or walking in the mountains, beach or maritime activities and go sightseeing exploring the many places of interest in  Pollença. Also, Port de Pollença is home to a range of great hotels offering every amenity you could expect. In our guide to Port de Pollença, we focus on attractions, places of interest and activities in the local area.

Port de Pollenca beaches, hotels and things to do


Port de Sóller is pearl on the west coast of the Tramuntana range, a perfect holiday destination for romantic couples and adults looking for both nature and charm. Port de Sóller is an all-year round destination, perfect for active tourists during spring, autumn and winder, while in the summer a versatile beaching destination. Port de Sóller is connected to the main town of Sóller by the antique tram that takes you between the two in just 15 minutes, running through beautiful orange, olive and almost fields in the green valley. Choosing Port de Sóller as your holiday destination will give you a great selection of delicious restaurants and sea-front hotels to choose from, moreover, a great location with direct access to the scenic nature in the UNESCO protected mountains.

Port de Soller hotels and things to do


The lavish marina area of Portals Nous is Mallorca’s #1 adults only destination, very popular amongst weekend visitors who wants only the best of the best. For the same reason, Portals Nous off3ers almost solely luxury accommodation. Portals Nous is located just 10 minutes from Palma, which makes it easy to make use of all the offers the Mediterranean capital has to offer of shopping, restaurants and sights.

Portals Nous things to do and hotels


Puigpunyent is the perfect holiday destination if you are looking for a place to be one with the nature, a place where you can listen to and enjoy the silence in the Tramuntana mountains. Puigpunyent is home to one of Mallorca’s most beautiful nature parks, the La Reserva park. La Reserva is a combination of a zoo and a nature park where you can meet animals living in natural surroundings, while walking around among natural waterfalls and Mediterranean flora. Puigpunyent is particular popular amongst cyclists and walkers, who enjoys the perfect place for restitution and the Tramuntana in the backyard of the charming and rustic finca hotels.

Puigpunyent hotel


Sant Elm, or San Telmo in Spanish, is an old authentic fishing village located at the feet of Tramuntana, in the very south-western corner of Mallorca. Sant Elm is the perfect holiday destination if you are looking for an area full of charm, authenticity and close to the wild nature. Not only do you have direct access to the UNESCO protected Tramuntana range, you are also a 20 minutes boat trip from the Dragonera (Dragon) island, home to the famous Mallorcan black lizards that yuo can hand feed. Dragonera is a protected nature reserve full of Mediterranean flora and fauna that you can explore by following the many marked walking routes leading about in the landscape.

Sant Elm beach, hotels and things to do


Santa Ponça is a holiday destination that grows larger and more popular every year amongst an international audience. It is no wonder that Santa Ponça has become a holiday destination in the first place, the stunning beach in a protected cove, the location at the feet of the mountains and the connection to Palma makes it a versatile and easy to get to destination suited for families with children and adults.Santa Ponça is roughly spoken split into two areas; the main town itself and the new lavish Port Adriano aiming to attract romantic couples looking for luxury. Santa Ponça offers a wide range of family activities, restaurants, bars and great accommodation options for every budget.

Santa Ponca hotel, beach and things to do


Sóller is along with Pollença the cultural stronghold of Tramuntana, this is where you find the most impressive architecture, the art galleries exhibiting the finest works, and of course, the area famous for Mallorca’s sought for oranges that has played a central role in leading to the wealth of the area. In our local destination guide to Sóller, you will learn about the history of this amazing area and about all the most important places of interest you should visit in the local area.

Soller hotel and things to do


Valldemossa is one of the most iconic and visited villages in the Tramuntana, and a great choice of holiday destination if you want a mix of nature, originality and charm. Despite of its location deep in the mountains, Valldemossa is no more than about a half an hour by car from Palma airport making it easily accessible even for shorter stays. In Valldemossa, most accommodation options are agroturismos and petit finca hotels, all great for relaxing in charming rustic surroundings. In our local travel guide to Valldemossa, you will learn about the great history of this rich area and all the stories there is to tell from here.

Valldemossa sights and hotels

Raiguer – A region that has it all

El Raiguer is a region that runs parallel to the Tramuntana mountains, with most of the towns located at the foothills of the mountains, creating a gate between the mountainous and the rural areas.


Alaró is one of the most historical places in Mallorca, a place where blood has been spilled and identity has been formed. This makes Alaró an exciting and interesting place to explore, and in our guide we will point out every single local place of interest you should stop by on your trip here. But Alaró is more than just an open air museum of Mallorcan history, it is also an amazing and charming holiday destination that has grown very popular amongst an international audience. An indication of this is seen in the many restaurants and bars found in the old urban core of Alaró creating a lively ambience from the morning hours till the late evening hours. Follow the link to learn more about Alaró and the many offers this little paradise at the feet of Tramuntana has to give.

Alaro things to do and agroturismo


Alcanada is the name of the peninsula dividing the bays of Alcúdia and Pollenca. Alcanada is known as a walker’s paradise because much of the rocky peninsula can only be explored on foot. Some of the highlights of Alcanada includes the remains of the Talaia watchtower, the prehistoric military base of Penya des Migdia, the natural beach and bay of Coll Baix, the hermitage of Victoria and the art museum of Sa Bassa Blanca. As you have probably already figured out, there is surprisingly much to see and do here. Moreover, Alcanada is well connected to the roads between Alcúdia and Pollenca making it very easy to reach these wonderful towns and their many restaurants, sights and natural areas. Alcanada is a great choice of holiday base if you are looking for tranquillity, yet not too far from city life.

Alcanada things to do and hotel


There is hardly any holiday destination in Europe more popular than Alcúdia and its beach area of Port d’Alcúdia. This all-year round holiday destination masters the art of attracting a vast audience while still offering the unique values that makes it special and incomparable. Alcúdia is the perfect combination of authenticity, charm and modern facilities, and it is no wonder that it can sometimes be difficult to find a hotel room despite that fact that there are more than a hundred hotels, flats and holiday homes in the local area to choose from. It is hard to point out just a few things that makes Alcúdia such a great holiday destination, it really depends what you are into. If you treasure originality and charm, head to the old urban core of Alcúdia to find the most well-preserved medieval architecture, cozy bars and restaurant, the weekly market or petit luxury hotels situated in old manors. If beaching is your thing, choose Port d’Alcúdia and enjoy the white sandy beaches in the widest bay of Mallorca (14 km), restaurants and bars along the lively promenade, as well as attractions and activities for both children and adults.

Alcudia hotel, things to do and beaches


Biniamar is a small area found at the feet of Tramuntana close the town of Lloseta west of Inca. Biniamar is a great destination if tranquillity and solitude is what you are going for. There are no hotels in Biniamar and the small village itself only has 2-3 local bars. However, despite if the rather modest size, Biniamar has a lot to offer, for example the Sa Comuna park and semetary, the old limestone ovens that used to be the main source of income in the local area, the medieval church of Santa Tecla and the unfinished church with no roof or interior. Biniamar is a great place to walk, you will meet a face of Mallorca that only a few tourists does. Read our guide to Biniamar and get direction to all the places of interest and find out why this old industrial area is such an amazing destination.

Biniamar holiday home


The small hamlet of Binibona is located right at the feet of the Tramuntana in stunning harmonic surroundings, completely undisturbed. In Binibona, you will find a small handful of charming finca hotels situated on the mountain slopes offering scenic and beautiful settings for a romantic vacation. This destination is for couples looking to escape tourism, yet still be in contact with civilization.

Find romantic escape in Binibona


Binissalem is known as the biggest wine district of Mallorca and many of the more renown bodegas are situated in this area such as José Ferrer and Tianna Negre. Binissalem is a great choice of holiday destination if you are looking for rural charm and authenticity. Your typical accommodation in Binissalem will be on an agroturismo, in a finca or holiday villa, all giving you excellent conditions for relaxation and restitution. Binissalem is a great area for cyclists and walkers, the combination between countryside, forests and mountains makes it a huge playground for active tourists. In the old town of Binissalem, you can meet and feel the local soul at the weekly market, visit some of the impressive old manors and of course enjoy some wine tasting.

Binissalem town and hotel


Búger is a great place to enjoy the Mallorcan countryside and still be connected to beaches and mountains. This typical agricultural area is located in the northern part of the island making it easy to reach the coastlines of Alcúdia and Pollenca, or the Tramuuntana to the west via the well-connected roads. Búger is a charming area, especially is you come during the winter or beginning of springtime where the thousands of almond trees blossom, covering the surface in a pink and white silky duvet of scenic flowers.

Buger things to do and stays


Caimari is a stunning and tranquil area located right at the feet of the Tramuntana mountains. The village is know as “the olive town” because this is the place that has the biggest production of olive oil on the island. If you come here during the first weekend of November, you can experience Europe’s biggest festival dedicated to olives. Caimari is an obvious choice of destination if you are in Mallorca to walk or be active, the unique location right at the feet of the Tramuntana makes it easier than any other place in the Raiguer region to explore the scenic and beautiful UNESCO protected mountain range. The village itself is sleepy and quiet, with only a handful of local bars and restaurants to choose between. However, Caimari is very well connected to other villages in the area, as well as Inca which is only about 10 minutes away.

Caimari things to do and hotel


Campanet is the perfect destination for you who are looking for a quiet and authentic base with good access to roads, natural spaces and cultural offers. Campanet is home to the unique nature park of Ses Fonts Ufanes, the tourist attraction of the Campanet Caves, as well as a series of local points of interest which ties the history of this place together. Several times a year, you can enjoy festivities in the town when the locals celebrate their traditions and patron saints with various events and activities.

Campanet hotel and things to do


Consell is mainly an industrial area where mass tourism has not yet made its entrance, making it an authentic and calm rural area full of charm. Consell was one of the first areas of Mallorca to have a winery, and the traditions for the wine making industry has been a part of the local business life ever since. Consell is a great place to enjoy a relaxing vacation in the Mallorcan countryside; close to mountains, close to roads and even close to Palma.

Discover Consell and find hotel


Inca is mainly known for its production of shoes and leather goods, which is why it has been given its nickname “The Leather Town”. While it is true that there is a lot of great offers to find here in this category, Inca is just so much more than leather goods and leather garments, it is also a great place to eat, and a great place to discover another side of the Mallorcan soul. Inca’s location close to both mountains, countryside and freeway makes it an easy to reach destination for cars, bicycles, scooters and walkers. Actually, the ascent to the Lluc monastery in the Tramuntana starts on the outskirts of Inca. If you choose to stay in Inca during your holiday, you can really look forward to authentic and charming accommodation in fincas and old manors. Read our guide to Inca and become an find out just why Inca is a great destination to visit even if your are not looking for a place to go on a shopping spree.

Inca sights, market and hotels


Lloseta is a former mine and industrial area located west of Inca directly on the mountain slopes of the Tramuntana. Lloseta is an interesting area to discover, especially if you have not been here before. One of the highlights of Lloseta, is the amazing old palace in the heart of the village, the Palau de Ayamans. This was the original palace that gave birth to the village after the conquest of Mallorca by the Catalans in 1229. The palace has underwent severeal transformations and renovations throughout the years, giving it its remarkable mixture of stylistics, a true architectural beauty. There is a lot of charm and soul in Lloseta, and the local inhabitants welcomes tourism because this area is not a notorious holiday destination.

Lloseta things to do and hotel


Mancor de la Vall is a cute and charming little minucipality located directly on the slopes of the Tramuntana range. Mancor de la Vall is a perfect place to combine luxury and nature, a great destination for walkers particulary. There is just one hotel here, the authentic Can Tuxicant hotel and its wonderful restaurant. One of the best times of year to visit Mancor de la Vall, is in November when the annual mushroom festival in town is held. The valley is renown for its many variations of wild mushrooms, such as chanterelles and ostreatus. Mancor de la Vall also has a few places of interest to visit for example the Santa Luciá convent or the old olive press in the village. In our guide to Mancor de la Vall, you will surely be convinced to visit this charming little mountain village.

Mancor de la Vall


Moscari is a small village and are in the municipality of Selva in the north-western part of the Raiguer region, not far from Campanet. Moscari is a cute little medieval village located on a hilltop surrounded by thausands of hectares of almond fields. Moscari is a popular destination for cyclists and walkers, especially during the early spring in February and March when the almond trees blossom covering the surface in a scenic duvet of white flowers. Moreover, the location at the feet of the Tramuntana range makes it easy to quickly get to the UNESCO protected mountains to the west. In our guide to the area of Moscari, you will quickly see the appeal this particular area has to offer.

Find hotel in Moscari


Despite of its size and location just behind the coasts of Alcúdia, Sa Pobla is actually one of the least affected areas in terms of tourism in Mallorca. This traditionally industrial area makes it easy to discover some of the true Mallorcan soul when visiting for sightseeing, stays or one of the many festivities held during the year. You should choose to Sa Pobla as your holiday destination if you are looking to escape mass tourism, yet still want to be close to the wonderful beaches, vibrant life and amenities associated with this. Moreover, the location of Sa Pobla is ideal for physical activities like cycling holidays, golfing, walking etc.

Discover Sa Pobla town and area


Santa Maria del Cami offers an eventful history and rich cultural heritage to delve into. Santa Maria is located just 15 minutes from Palma at the feet of the Tramuntana range, making it easy to reach and wonderful to explore. Santa Maria del Cami has a range of interesting buildings to discover in the streets, as well as eateries and bars. Some of the highlights to see, are the parish church, the Minims monastery and the winery of Macia Batle. Every corner in the town is associated with a part of the local history, it is definitely a place to visit.

Discover Santa Maria del Cami


Selva is one of the larger municipalities of the Raiguer region, which beside from the village itself also includes the areas of Biniamar, Caimari, Binibona and Moscari. Selva is a great destination for active tourism, the location here between feet of Tramuntana and rural flat countryside makes it a perfect place to do activities such as cycling, walking and MTB.Selva also offers a nice collection of places of interest to explore, for example the Sant Llorenc parish church, the viewpoint by the ruins of the Christ sanctuary and the old stone crosses marking the town border from the Middle Ages.

Discover Selva

Pla de Mallorca – Discover the rural countryside

Es Pla is the centre and heart of Mallorca, and to many this is the region that best explain what Mallorca is all about. Es Pla is characterized by its rural countryside, many old mills and agricultural traditions.


Algaida is a great destination for discovering the true heart and soul of Mallorca. Regardless if you plan to stay for a few days or just visit on your way through the island, Algaida has a lot to offer, even to a vast set of interest. Some of the highlights in Algaida includes the famous sanctuary of Cura at the summit of Mallorca’s holy mountain, the glassware factory of Gordiola and the charming old village center. If you choose to stay in Algaida, an agroturismo or finca hotel is your best option to experience the best of the local soul combined with modern luxury. In our local guide to Algaida, we uncover all the secrets of the area for you to better plan your trip.

Discover things to do and hotels in Algaida


Ariany is a small and rather unknown destination located in the northern part of the Pla region. While Ariany is far from being a notorious place to visit, it is still very much worth visiting, especially if you appreciate rural charm. The small and sleepy village is situated on top of a hill allowing for fantastisc views over the countryside from most places. But there is one particular place in Ariany that overshines most other spots, the viewpoint called Mirador des Creu (Viewpoint of the Cross), a small platform extending from the square in front of the parish church seperated by a stone arch and surrounded by a rose garden. The church of Atotxa is also worth paying attention to, it is one of the younger churches in Mallorca and a tribute to Our Lady of Atotxa from Madrid. The church features some interesting and different stylistics making it stand out remarkably. Click the link and discover what charm awaits in the pastoral area of Ariany.

Discover Ariany


Most people who have visited Ca’n Picafort would probably not mark it as a place that has much in common with the rest of the Pla region. But this highly popular beaching holiday destination belongs to the municipality of Santa Margalida, a traditional agricultural area in the Mallorcan countryside. Ca’n Picafort is located in the wide bay Alcúdia bay, and built up around an old fishing harbour which is still partly active. Ca’n Picafort has a lot to offer; sandy beaches, lots of restaurants, bars and hotels, as well as a wide catalogue of different activities to do for the entire family. But Ca’n Picafort is actually more than just a modern tourist destination, it is also a historical place with a few places of interest, for example, the burial site of Son Baulo found behind the main road cutting through the town. Ca’n Picafort is a great destination if you are looking for a central location well connected to the rest of the isalnd. In our holiday guide to Ca’n Picafort, we will give you the tips to get the most of your holiday.

Can Picafort hotel and things to do


This small rural municipality located in the heart of the island is one of the most interesting places to discover and explore some Mallorcan heritage. What makes Costitx such an interesting area, is the many places of interest evidencing life in Mallorca from prehistoric times up through the Middle Ages and almost into the future. Costitx is home to Mallorca’s only astronomical observatory and a planetarium open for visits. Costitx is also a great destination for a holiday in tranquil surroundings, ideal for cycling holidays with plenty of space and peace for restitution. In the heart of the village, you will find a handful of local bars where you can enjoy a selection of refreshments and traditional dishes in a  friendly atmosphere. Over the recent years, Costitx has put a great effort in attracting people who want to buy property in Mallorca and it is predicted to be an area that will grow in popularity over the next decade. In our local guide to Costitx, you will discover all the offers this area has to offer.

Discover Costitx


Lloret de Vistalegre, in local mouths simply “Lloret”, is a traditional agricultural area in the Mallorcan countryside. Lloret is a great destination to try a typical Mallorcan agroturismo with all the authenticity and charm that comes with it. Here, you will live in the most harmonic and relaxing surroundings where you can truly enjoy the silence. Lloret has a cute little village where you can meet the local inhabitants on the weekly market on Mondays, or in one of the small bars situated in the narrow streets. You will also find a handful of places of interest to be explored, for example the Sa Comuna nature park full of Mediterranean wild flora and fauna, or the former dominican convent in the center of the village. Click the link below and discover the tranquil and charming Lloret de Vistalegre.

Discover Lloret de Vistalegre


Llubí is a smaller agricultural area located in the western part of the Pla region, close to the big city of Inca. Llubí is jnown as the biggest production area of Mallorcan honey, and for the same reason, this is also the only place you will find an entire festival dedicated to the sweet and tasteful product. Llubí is a destination that has not yet been affected much by tourism, but the locals here truly value your visit and interest in their village. Some of the things you can look forward to seeing in Llubí includes the prehistoric talayotic site of Des Racons and the beekeeping museum situated in an old mill, the Sant Fileu church and the old stone cross used for veneration of gods to have good harvests. There is a lot to learn in Llubí, an area full of tradition and heritage. Use our local guide to get directions to every place of interest and when to visit.

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Maria de la Salut, in local mouths simply “Maria”, is a typical Mallorcan village located in the northern part of the Pla region. Maria de la Salut is a traditional agricultural area that still rely on this as the main source of income, which in turn, makes this destination significantly more authentic and relaxing. Maria de la Salut is a great destination if you are looking for the perfect finca holiday or holiday on an agroturismo. Try for example a stay on the Roqueta olive farm or the Finca Font i Roig and feel how serenity overtakes your body and mind.

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Montuïri enjoys a central location in the middle of the Pla region, close to both nature and infrastructure. Like most other destinations in the Pla region, Montuïri relies heavily on agriculture as the main source of income which makes it an authentic and relaxing place to be. The village itself is located on a hill top, and exterior wise, it has not changed much since it was founded in the early Middle Ages. Irregular rustic house facades and cobblestone streets dominates the urban core of Montuïri, and when the weekly market is held on Wednesdays, it is like being taken back in time to when things were more simple. Montuïri is a place of much history and heritage to explore, visit the archaeological museum in the old flour mill, Molí des Fraret, or explore the prehistoric talayotic settlement of Ses Fornes just outside the village. Amazing panoramic views awaits at the summit of the Sant Miquel mountain along with a refreshment at the cafeteria situated at the old convent up here. Yes, Montuïri truly has a lot to offer the curious soul. In our local guide, you will learn all about the area, get directions and info about all the places you want to see and find inspiration to things to do.

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Muro is located in the most northern part of the Pla region. Muro is famous for its beach, which enjoys the best part of the Alcúdia bay with silky white sand and a low waters. But Muro is much more than the perfect beach holiday destination, it is a charming and welcoming place where you will feel appreciated when visiting, especially when you come to the old town. It doesn’t take much strolling around in the old town before more interesting places appear, for example the ethnological museum, the small Chapel of Blood, the old bullring and the Santa Anna convent. If you choose Muro as your holiday destination, you can look forward to agroturismos, finca hotels and holiday rentals in the rural countryside, where you have easy access to both beaches, forests, roads and mountains. The tranquil surroundings of Muro makes it perfect for relaxation and restitution.

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Playa de Muro has undoubtedly the best beach in all of Mallorca (don’t tell anyone). This popular holiday destination enjoys the most priveledged part of the Alcúdia bay, with the finest sand, the lowest water and the widest stretching. Playa de Muro is an all-year round holiday destination, with perhaps exception of November, December and January. During spring and autumn, active tourism is the overall theme in Playa de Muro, while during the summer when temperatures reach 40+ degrees celcius, beaching and relaxing by the swimming pool are the things to do. Due to the high popularity of this holiday destination, you will find a wide selection of newly renovated hotels ready to offer you the most modern amenities and good beds. In our holiday guide to Playa de Muro, we focus on the many wonderful activities and sports you can do in Playa de Muro, thus show you what places of interest you can explore close by.

Platja de Muro things to do and hotel


Petra is a typical agricultural area of the Pla region with farms and fincas scattered all over the rural countryside, that surrounds the charming little village itself. Petra is a great holiday destination for agroturismo and finca holiddays where you can truly feel one with the local environment and the laid back atmosphere that dominates these districts. Petra village is a grreat place to discover and learn about the Mallorcan heritage and soul, which is manifested in the restaurants, the buildings and in the spirit of the local people. Petra is birthplace of one of Mallorca’s most famous preachers, Father Junipero Serrá, a character who has had a great impact on the local culture. Everywhere in the small village, you will find marks of Junipero Serrá; by the convent in the center, at the mountain top sanctuary of Bonany, his house museum and at the main square where a huge statue of the person himself has been erected. In our local guide to Petra, you will find all places of interest, the history of each and directions to get to them. Thus, we will guide you to the best accommodation offers in Petra.

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Porreres is located in the most southern part of the Pla region. Porreres is an exciting area to visit these years, new restaurants are opening, local wine production is going well and new agroturismos and eco-turismos are opening for holidaymakers. The keyword in Porreres is “local”, it is all about cultivation and making use of local products. Speaking of local products, Porreres is famous for cultivating apricots, and if you are lucky enough to visit the area during springtime, you can attand the annual apricot festival in the village. Beside from local produce, Porreres is also a historical place full of heritage and culture to explore. Some of the highlights in the area includes the Monti Sion hill top monastery, the Sant Filip Neri church, the art gallery, the old mill district and the village center plaza. Follow our guide and plan your visit to this very interesting and tasteful destination.

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Sant Joan is the municipality in Mallorca with least tourism, which means that traditional agriculture and production is the main source of income in this area. Sant Joan is also the place in Mallorca with most festivals and events with an agricultural theme, such as the annual Fisn & Bread festival and the Agri-Festival. The local area of Sant Joan invites to activities such as walking and cycling, there is a greqat network of roads, many hills and forests to enjoy. Choosing Sant Joan as your holiday base will bring you close top nature, close to the real soul of Mallorca.

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Santa Eugènia is a tranquil agricultural area located just 10 minutes from Palma, in the southern part of the Pla region. Santa Eugènia attracts a vast audience, however, the common nominator is “activity”. The great location of Santa Eugènia makes it easy to do all kinds of activities, such as golfing, walking, cycling, tennis and even beaching and maritime activities. Also, Palma is no more than just a short drive from the area. There are many places of interest to explore in the local area, for example the chapel cut into the rocky hills, the old mill district, the many lookouts and a former mountain top hermitage. Your best accommodation options in Santa Eugènia are those in finca hotels scattered all over the rural landscape.

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Santa Margalida

Santa Margalida is predominantly an agricultural area where Mallorcan traditions are well-kept and still practiced. The area offers a huge playground for active tourism, as well as a nice handful of luxury fincas for the best restitution. Find things to do and see and read the story of Santa Margalida.

Santa Margalida area guide


Sencelles is one of the bigger municipalities of the Pla region, that includes several villages beside from the main one. Sencelles is another great choice of destination if you are looking for a place full of harmony and tranquillity.

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Sineu is perhaps best known for its weekly market, a huge tourist attraction for visitors from all over the island held on Wednesdays. But Sineu is so much than a marketplace, it is a place full of rich cultural heritage and wonderful rural countryside charm perfect for cycling and walking. The medieval town of Sineu today looks exactly as it did if you saw it 500 years ago; rustic house facades, narrow cobblestone streets and crosses topping the rooftops. Being so untouched, walking around in the old town makes it feel like an open-air museum of historical buildings, there is so much to learn about the life in mallorca here. Explore for example the old hospice, the impressive parish church, the convents and the monuments marking the importance of this place. After enjoying a stroll around in the town, go for lunch or dinner in one of the authentic restaurants here such as the Celler Son Toreo or the Molí d’en Pau for traditional Mallorcan dishes with a touch of innovation made from fresh local produce. Sineu is also a great holiday destination if you want a relaxed base with a great location connected to the rest of the island. All roads on the island leads to Sineu, making it super easy to get anywhere on bicycle, scoooter or by car in almost no time. Out here, you can enjoy all the best things about the tranquil countryside, while at the same time, have access to town life.

Sights and market in Sineu


Vilafranca de Bonany, in local mouths simply “Vilafranca”, is a rural and agricultural area in the western part of the Pla region, well-known for its cultivation of melons. Like so many other areas in the Pla region, Vilafranca is a great destination for cycling holidays with optimal conditions for restitution in charming authentic surroundings. Some of the places of interest to visit in the local area of Vilafranca includes the mountain top monastery of Bonany and the parish church of Santa Barbara. In our guide, you can find all practical information and directions you need to plan the perfect holiday and visit in Vilafranca.

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Llevant – The northeastern part of the island

The northeast part of Mallorca is characterized by the Llevant mountain range, the second largest mountain range on Mallorca. The northeast Mallorca offers a wealth of cultural treasures and versalite landscapes.


Ártà is the new black in Mallorca, even though it is one of the oldest areas of civilization on the island. This cultural stronghold of the northeast has it all, cultural heritage, scenic unspoiled natural areas, mountains, excellent restaurants, romantic hotels, amazing architecture and lots of places of interest to explore. For walkers, Artà is the gate and entrance to the Serra de Llevant Natural Park, beautiful mountainous areas you enter via a gravel road with lots of marked walking paths leading about in the landscape to breathtaking viewpoints. Artà is undoubtedly one of the most romantic holiday destinations on the eastern side of the island, the many boutique hotels in the heart of the town makes for a both authentic and intimate base. Artà is also a place with a great deal of places of interest to explore. One of the largest prehistoric settlements has been excavated here, the fortress and church of Sant Salvador guards the top of the town, the many former mansions in the streets exhibits a wealthy area. In our guide to Artà, you will learn how to discover all the most amazing attractions, sights and places of interest in the local area to plan the perfect visit. It may the first time you visit Artà, but it will definitively not be the last!

Find hotel and things to do in Arta


Cala Bona is a real audience pleaser, especially couples and families travelling with infants will take a liking to this charming little bay area. Cala Bona is found in the north-eastern part of Mallorca, just above the larger Cala Millor. This old fishing village is built up around a harbour area with two great beaches on each side. The promenade is full of bars and restaurants that makes for a lively d ambient scene every day and night.

Things to do and hotel in Cala Bona


Cala Millor is the largest beach holiday destination on the east coast of Mallorca along with Sa Coma. Cala Millor offers a wonderful sandy beach that strectches about 2 kilomtres with plenty of space for both activities and relaxation. The promenade running behind the beach is home to many bars and restaurants creating a lively scene all day and night. Cala Millor offers a range of hotels and holiday flats ready to accommodate any family and any budget, which makes Cala Millor such a diverse destination. In the heart of the town, you will find a big funpark for the younger family members with slides, mini gokarts, bouncy castles and much more.

Cala Millor hotel and things to do


Cala Ratjada is the most north-eastern holiday destination in Mallorca. Cala Ratjada enjoys three wonderful beaches; Son Moll, Cala Gat and Cala Aguilla, located on each side of the tip. Cala Ratjada was originalliy an old fishing village and parts of the old harbour and village are still here to bring some charm and authenticity to the otherwise well-developed tourist destination. There is a lot of wonderful activities to do in the local area for all ages and even some interesting places to visit. In our holiday guide to Cala Ratjada, we will show you hot to make the most of your stay here and what you should see while here.

Cala Ratjada things to do and hotel


Cales de Mallorca is a young holiday destination found on the east coast of Mallorca. This purpose-built holiday destination enjoys two wonderful golden beaches, all brand new hotels and a great location close to infrastructure. In other words, this is a destination made to accommodate diversity and versatility.

Cales de Mallorca hotel


Canyamel is a more laid back holiday destination located in tranquil surroundings by a small cove in the north-eastern part of Mallorca, suitable for adults and romantic couples. Canyamel is marked as one of the more exclusive holiday destinations, because some of the most lavish hotels such as the Park Hyatt are situated here. It is also a great destination for golfers and cyclists to have a relaxing base with all state of the art facilities and amenities available. In our holiday guide to Canyamel, you will learn about the area, what to see here and what to do.

Canyamel hotel and things to do


Capdepera is a village and a municipality in the north-eastern part of Mallorca, covering other popular holiday destinations such as Cala Ratjada, Cala Mesquida, Font de sa Cala and Canyamel. The local area surrounding Capdepera itself is not highly influenced by tourism, which makes this a more laid back and authentic area to stay during your holiday. You absolute best choice of accommodation in Capdepera, is the agroturismo of Son Jaumell, a 5-star adults only resort in isolated tranquil surroundings. Capdepera is famous for its massive medieval castle built in the year 1300 by the king preparing for the invasion of Menorca. Today, this impressive fortress is open for visits, and allows for a unique insight in life in Mallorca during the early Middle Ages. To celebrate the rich history of this area, a weekend festival dedicated to the Middle Ages is held every year in the village and in the castle. It is a great event to attend, with marketplace, shows, food stalls and much more, all to highlight what this area is made up of. In our local guide to Capdepera, you will learn much more about the area, the village and what to see and do here.

Capdepera hotel and things to do


Font de sa Cala is a rather young and small holiday destination located north of Canyamel, in the north-eastern part of Mallorca. Font de sa Cala is a great holiday base if your are travelling with infants or as a romantic couple looking for tranquil surroundings, good amenities and a nice beautiful beach area.

Font de sa Cala hotel


Manacor is the second largest city in Mallorca, and the capital of the Llevant region. Manacor is home to a lot of Mallorcan heritage and of course the famous tennis player, Rafael Nadal. Manacor has a lot of sights and places of interest to explore and a wonderful destination for day trips and short stays. One of the overall tourist attractions in Manacor, is the Majorica pearl factory. Majorica is the leading producer of artificial pearls that are as good as the real deal, which is also the reason for the high demand for these cloned beauties. As you stroll around in the old city of Manacor, you will undoubtedly notice the enormous bell tower of the parish church in the heart of the city. This bell tower is quite unique in its style and architecture and the church is well worth a visit. In the rural countryside outside the city area, you can explore the impressive excavations of a prehistoric settlement and a basilica, it is absolutely amazing to discover how life was 3,000 BC on this island. Also, make sure to visit the former fotress of Torre dels Enagistes housing the Manacor local museum. In our guide to Manacor, we will take you all the places you need to see in the area and in the city, and we promise you that you will find this a place to visit

Manacor things to do and stays


Porto Cristo is one of the oldest holiday destinations on the east coast of Mallorca. Porto Cristo is almost full of tourists every day during the summer season, because of the world-famous stalactite and stalagmite caves, Cuevas del Drach (Dragon Caves), which gives the town a vibrant and lively atmosphere. Porto Cristo is mainly an adult holiday destination, where the good life and relaxation is in focus. Take a stroll around the marina and notice the characteristics of this charming area such as the caves, the mermaid, the church and the nice little beach. In our local guide to Porto Cristo, you will learn about the area, what to do, where to stay and what to see.

Porto Cristo hotel and things to do


Sa Coma is one of the newer holiday destinations in Mallorca found on the east coast just south of Cala Millor. Sa Coma is a versatile holiday destination suitable for most holidaymakers looking for a place to enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate, the wonderful beach and planty of activities for the entire family to enjoy

Sa Coma hotel and things to do


s’Illot is a rather small beach resort located on the east coast of Mallorca close to Sa Coma. s’Illot is popular amongst adults and active tourists, who come to enjoy romance and the many activity offers in the surrounding area. s’Illot is a good resort to visit most year round, except maybe November – March where it is too cold on the east coast, thus no restaurants and bars are open. Choose holiday in s’Illot if you are looking for adult audience and a more intimate feeling.

s’Illot hotel


Sant Llorenc des Cardassar is a rural village that not everyone hears about. Sant Llorenc is a great choice of holiday base, if you are looking to escape the mass tourism on the island, but still have good access to a versatile scenario of fresh countryside and beaches. Accommodation and holiday offers in Sant Llorenc are many, and very different, however, reccommended is on of the finca or petit hotels in the area, offering serenity and luxury for you and your partner.

Hotel in Sant Llorenc des Cardassar


Son Servera is a small and sleepy village located a few kilometres inland from the popular summer holiday destination of Cala Bona. Son Servera is particularly popular among golfers, hence of the many challenging and beautiful golf courses situated in the nearby area. Accommodation and holiday offers in Son Servera includes some of the most charming and romantic finca hotels and luxury resorts in the local area, a guarantee for the perfect escape. Son Servera town is well worth a visit, this charming traditional Mallorcan village has a few attractions that you will most likely appreciate, such as the Esglesia Nova, and open-air church built by famous architect, Rubio Bellver.During the early spring season, Son Servera is host of the annual Mallorcan almond fair, a tasteful and inspirational festive event.

Son Servera hotel and things to do

Migjorn – The southeast region

The local southeastern areas of Mallorca was once the most wealthy areas of the island. The southeast beautifully combines rural countryside and pastoral charm with breathtaking golden coves with completely uncontaminated crystal clear water.


Cala Figuera is among the most picturesque holiday destinations in the southeastern Mallorca. This charming small fishing village offers a scenic and romantic holiday destination for couples and friends coming for an escape from mass-tourism or a romantic get-away. Cala Figuera is a great choice of holiday destination if nature and activities should be combined with romance.

Cala Figuera hotel and things to do


Cala Llombards is an outlandish and tranquil holiday destination, perfect for the self-catering holidaymaker who appreciates sea views and seclusion from mass tourism. Cala Llombards is a rather small and quiet destination, where you will find accommodation in a villa or flat with stunning location and views close to the many golden coves in the area. Choose Cala Llonmbards for a holiday base in solitude.

Discover Cala Llombards and Calo Moro


Cala Santanyí is a picturesque and charming little holiday destination located in the southeast corner of Mallorca in a scenic cove. Cala Santanyí mainly attracts an adult audience seeking a romantic setting with direct access to the beautiful unspoiled Mediterranean nature. Accommodation in Cala Santanyí includes a few charming adult hotels and a selection of charming holiday villas and flats with great views.

Cala Santanyi hotel


Campos is the most southern municipality of Mallorca. The area includes the very popular natural beach of es Trenc, some very charming rural countryside districts and of course the many delicious restaurants found here. Campos town itself is a quiet and pastoral village surrounded by beautiful rural landscapes, where you will find the best accommodation here in a rustic finca with pool and modern amenities, perfect for couples and friends.

Campos hotel and things to do


Colónia de Sant Jordi is a rather small holiday resort located in the south area of Mallorca, in the municipality of Ses Salines. Colónia de Sant Jordi is build up around a marina and fishing harbour, adding some authenticity to the resort. The resort mainly attracts an adult audience and the accommodation offers reflects the needs of a child-free holiday base in the south of Mallorca.

Colonia de Sant Jordi hotel


Felanitx is an area of many faces, located on the east side of Mallorca. Felanitx offers a wealth of cultural activities and historical places of interest. The area is crowned by the iconic monastery of Sant Salvador, offering breathtaking panoramic views overlooking the entire east coast of Mallorca. Accommodation in Felanitx includes charming rural fincas and villas ready to offer the perfect frame for couples and friends traveling to the beautiful area of Felanitx.

Felanitx sights and accommodation


Llucmajor is a very big area, which includes as well popular beach areas as traditional Mallorcan town life. Llucmajor is located just east of Palma, it starts in the bay of Palma, and follows the southern coastline to the beach of Sa Rapita. Llucmajor exhibits a former wealthy area of Mallorca, with many beautiful architectural pearls and manor houses in the local area. Accommodation offers in Llucmajor ranges from luxury finca hotels to charming flats and villas in the countryside. Llucmajor is especially loved by golfers and cyclists who come to enjoy the unique location of this destination.

Llucmajor hotel and things to do


Portocolom has always been known as a destination focusing on the best things in life; great food, beautiful sea views and romantic settings. Portocolom is the perfect place to enjoy the scenic Mallorcan southeast coast, it offers both beaches, charming harbour area and good infrastructure. Portocolom as a holiday destination in the southeast of Mallorca, is an obvious choice for so many reasons and the accommodation offers here are almost impossible to filter, because they are all so wonderful.

Portocolom hotel and things to do


Portopetro is a charming and picturesque little marina situated in a scenic cove in the southeastern corner of Mallorca. Portopetro is renown for its romantic attraction force and the wild Mediterranean nature areas that enhance the feeling of peace. Portopetro is an obvious choice for a romantic escape for couples looking for a tranquil holiday destination in the southeast corner with good access to roads and unspoiled nature.

Portopetro hotel and things to do


Santanyí is known for its versatile characteristics, combining the best of both the rural districts and the coastal areas of Mallorca. Santanyí is the most southern municipality of Mallorca and includes popular holiday destinations such as Cala d’Or, Cala Figuera and Portopetro. Santanýi is generelly a very picturesque area with lots of charm and local soul.

Santanyi hotel and things to do

Ses Salines

Ses Salines has its name from the enormous salt mines that has predominated the industry of this area already back from the Bronze Ages. The salt of Ses Salines was believed by the Romans to have a healing effect on the body why a recreation resort with natural salt baths were created here. Ses Salines is a wonderful area that combines the best of Mallorcan beaches and the charm of the rural countryside, resulting in a versatile area that attracts a broad audience.

Ses Salines accommodation and things to do

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