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Discover the Mediterranean Paradise

Mallorca is an island full of contrasts, scenic nature and rich cultural heritage. When you read travel magazines, Mallorca is typically mentioned as a featured destination for multiple categories like beaches, hiking, big city escapes, romantic getaways and active holidays. About half of the island is categorized under the UNESCO world heritage program, due to the importance of the natural eco-systems and ancient irrigation systems built by humans.

Mallorca is roughly divided in six regions; Tramuntana, Raiguer, Pla de Mallorca, Llevant, Migjorn and Palma, each has its own characteristics and charm, as well as an amount of natural spaces and coastal areas. On this website, you can discover almost every local area of the island with our extensive destination guides which will give you insight knowledge about each area and its history. You will find points of interest, things to do, traditions and heritage, attractions, where to eat, stay and much more, so that you can plan your perfect Mallorca holiday.

Sightseeing in Mallorca is something everyone can do, there are attractions and points of interest everywhere you look. The island has been inhabited by humans since the early Bronze Age, which has left numerous landmarks and traditions which is part of the culture of the local population. We have tried our best to categorize all points of interest and attractions for you to better plan your visit and what you want to see when you are here.

What is Mallorca best known for?

Mallorca is famous for a number of things, hence it’s popularity as a travel destination.

The Mediterranean island is particularly known for its many stunning beaches and untouched secluded coves, with turqoise shallow waters, nestled between rocky cliffs. Mallorca is home to 260+ beaches and more than 50 km (31 miles) of beachline and, the island with most Blue Flag beaches of the Balearics, better than Ibiza and Menorca.

But that’s not all, Mallorca is too known for the mountain range of Serra de Tramuntana, a UNESCO World Heritage site that invites you to see not just pristine nature, but also  breathtaking viewpoints and ancient stone terraces and dry-stone constructions.

Sobrassada sausage is a local food that is served in most eateries. Sobrassada is a smearing sausage that tastes great with e.g. honey on top, but can also be eaten as a snack and comes in different varieties. You should definitely taste sobrassada when visiting Mallorca.

The weather - What is the best month to visit Mallorca?

Mallorca has more than 300 days of sunny weather every year, one of the most sunny places in Europe.

But is Mallorca warm all year? During winter (November – January), the average temperatures can drop to 9 °C  (48 °F), but will remain mild and balanced. You can’t swim in Mallorca during the winter, the water stays at temperatures around 14 °C (57 °F), which for most people is too cold.

Most of the year, the island offers warm, sunny weather, with little rain. During the high summer (June – August), temperatures often reach 40 °C (104 °F), water temperatures reach 26 °C (78 °F) and it’s also here most tourists from the northern countries find it best to visit Mallorca.

So what is the best month to visit Mallorca? If you come for physical activities such as cycling, early spring is fantastic with mild temperatures, a little cloudy but low rainfall. If you’re looking to unwind and recharge on a beach, visit Mallorca between May and September.

What are the prices in Mallorca? Cheap or Expensive?

Mallorca is not cheap. It would be exaggerated to call it expensive, but compared to prices in other popular destinations in Spain, it’s in the higher end.

Basic groceries are about the same, but hotels and restaurants is likely 20% higher than many places in Spain.

Looking for a luxury stay in Mallorca?

260+ beaches

50 km (31 miles) beachline

25 Blue Flag beaches

What is the best area to stay in Mallorca?

For sightseeing:



For clean beaches:

Cala d’Or

Cala llombards

Cala Santanyí


For active tourists, Mallorca is best to visit from October to April.

For beach-lovers, Mallorca is best to visit from June to September.

Depending on your pace and temper, you can get value in as little as 2-3 days. Due to the diversity of the island, the many sights and Palma (the capital), we recommend a week in Mallorca.


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Supporting local communities during your travels can have a profound impact. Stock up with groceries locally, stop in an artisan shop or enjoy a refreshment at a restaurant or bar. Now more than ever, these small businesses need support from travelers near and far.


About Accés Mallorca

Accés Mallorca was established in 2016 as an online travel and tourist guide for the island of Mallorca, Spain. This website provides you with everything you need to plan the perfect holiday in Mallorca. Discover charming villages, important points of interest, major tourist attractions, local restaurant and authentic places to stay.

The guide was created based on the thought that every place on the island has a story to tell, and should be told. Our guides provide you with the history of each area, telling you about the local points of interest and the traditions celebrated throughout the year.