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Mallorca is an island full of contrasts, scenic nature and rich cultural heritage. When you read travel magazines, Mallorca is typically mentioned as a featured destination for multiple categories like beaches, hiking, big city escapes, romantic getaways and active holidays. About half of the island is categorized under the UNESCO world heritage program, due to the importance of the natural eco-systems and ancient irrigation systems built by humans.

Mallorca is roughly divided in six regions; Tramuntana, Raiguer, Pla de Mallorca, Llevant, Migjorn and Palma, each has its own characteristics and charm, as well as an amount of natural spaces and coastal areas. On this website, you can discover almost every local area of the island with our extensive destination guides which will give you insight knowledge about each area and its history. You will find points of interest, things to do, traditions and heritage, attractions, where to eat, stay and much more, so that you can plan your perfect Mallorca holiday.

Sightseeing in Mallorca is something everyone can do, there are attractions and points of interest everywhere you look. The island has been inhabited by humans since the early Bronze Age, which has left numerous landmarks and traditions which is part of the culture of the local population. We have tried our best to categorize all points of interest and attractions for you to better plan your visit and what you want to see when you are here.

What’s new in Mallorca?

Capdepera Street Arts Festival 22
model of a dinosaur at Dinosaurland theme park in Mallorca
building facade of Bar Tabu in Llucmajor Mallorca Spain with Classicism and Regionalism architecture

Visit the traditional markets

Every day a new market is on schedule in the many charming towns and villages of Mallorca. Discover a fantastic atmosphere as you sample and browse delicious fresh local produce of Mallorca, fashion trends, handcrafted jewelry, leather goods, shoes and much more.

Discover all markets on the island here

mnarkets and market days in mallorca island

Top Attractions in Mallorca

Palma cathedral

la seu gothic cathedral in palma mallorca on the balearic islands in spain

La Seu is the overall landmark of Palma. The impressive neo-Gothic cathedral is a piece of artwork with its many details, massive rose windows and hundreds of treasures inside. Famous architects such as Guillem Segrara and Antoni Gaudí are some of the names that has created the pride of Palma.

Buy tickets and learn about Palma Cathedral La Seu

The Bellver castle

beautiful gothic bellver castle in palma mallorca spain

The Bellver castle has its name from the incredible views you can enjoy from its position high above the city and bay of Palma. Inside the Bellver castle, you will also find the historical museum of Palma featuring Roman artifacts, old city maps and other interesting exhibitions related to the capital.

Visit the beautiful Bellver castle in Palma

The Almudaina palace

the almudaina palace in palma mallorca is a major tourist attraction

Almudaina was built by the first Moorish governor of Mallorca in the beginning of the 10th century making it one of the most historical buildings on the island. The Almudaina palace offers multiple impressive exhibitions that will take you through the fascinating history of the island.

Visit the Almudaina palace

Cuevas del Drach - The Dragon Caves

cuevas del drach or dragon caves is a major tourist attraction in mallorca located in the holiday resort of porto cristo

Cuevas del Drach is one of Mallorca’s top tourist attractions, and something most people would recommend you go see. At the bottom of the caves you find Europe’s largest underground lake where you’ll receive a classical concert and a boat ride.

Visit the Cuevas del Drach caves

The Antique Train

excursion with antique train in mallorca

The antique train departures from the central station in Palma and takes you through the scenic mountain valleys until you reach the most fertile area of Sóller, also known as the “Orange Valley”. This authentic and very beautiful train ride is perfect for a day excursion for both young and adults.

Book your ticket to the antique train in Mallorca

Santuari de Lluc

santuari de lluc monastery and major tourist attraction in mallorca

Santuari de Lluc is considered one of the most important religious places in Mallorca, and well worth a visit. The monastery is also home to one of Europe’s oldest choir schools and a great ethnological museum. Gaudí has too been here and left his marks.

Visit the monastery and choir school of Santuari de Lluc

Sightseeing and Points of Interest in Mallorca

Exhibitions & Museums

museums and exhibitions in mallorca

Mallorca is full of wonderful exhibition spaces and museums, almost every village has a collection of artworks you can go see and enjoy.

Exhibition Spaces & Museums


beautiful churches are attractions in mallorca

The churches of Mallorca rise high above the rooftops of the many charming villages on the island. Each church is unique in its own way and there is a lot of stunning architecture and artworks to be seen.

Discover the churches

Monasteries & Convents

monasteries and convents in mallorca are great attractions

Religious communities has always been a major part of the Mallorcan history. Discover and visit some of the most amazing convents and monasteries on the island.

Monasteries & Convents

Castles & Fortresses

old castles and fortresses to visit during sightseeing in mallorca

Mallorca was always a strategic place in the Mediterranean basin which made it it necessary to construct fortresses and castles that could protect the population. Go visit some of these ancient fortresses and get the authentic feeling of how it was to live in Mallorca when under siege.

Castles & Fortresses

Beautiful Architecture

building with great architecture makes good attractions in mallorca

There are many stunning examples of architectural styles to be found all over Mallorca; facades, churches and mansions. Architectural styles represent cultural eras manifested stunning artworks carefully designed by leading architects of their times. Go explore some of the most unique examples in Mallorca.

Beautiful and Interesting Architecture

Nature Reserves

nature parks and wildlife to discover in mallorca

Mallorca is renown for its diverse nature, the island is full of contrasts which makes for excellent outdoor experiences. Moreover, there are a number of nature reserves and parks all over the island ready to show you the Balearic wildlife and its many species.

Nature Reserves and Parks

Mallorcan Prehistory

archaeological excavation sites and bronze age talayots to visit in mallorca

What was life like 3,000 years ago on the island? Go visit some of the most spectacular excavations done on the island and learn about the ancient colonizers and their lives.

Prehistoric & Archaeological Sites


stalactite and stalagmite caves to visit in mallorca

Mallorca is known for the many underground stalactite caves which have been made into fantastic tourist attractions worth visiting. Discover some of nature’s most curious creations as you move through the illuminated tunnels along the narrow paths.

Visit the caves

sightseeing guide to attraction in palma mallorca and best hotels

Palma is the capital of Mallorca and the Balearic island, a city of great importance both culturally and historically. Palma offers a wealth of attractions to indulge in, as well as bars, restaurants and a vibrant shopping scene. Get full yield during your visit, read our guide to all attractions and points of interest in Palma, including the history of the city from its foundation in Roman times and up until today.

Palma city and sightseeing guide

Explore the UNESCO protected Tramuntana

Tramuntana is the largest of the six regions of Mallorca, it covers a surface of more than 70,000 km2 of predominantly mountaious landscapes. Tramuntana is under UNESCO protection due to its rich and important cultural and natural heritage that makes the mountain range a huge exhibition space.

tourist guide to attractions and hotels in valldemossa mallorca

Valldemossa is a tourist hotspot in Mallorca, the village is both beautiful and offers a range of interesting places to visit and things to do. Valldemossa is famous for its Carthusian monastery that Chopin rented during his stay here, as well as the potato cake and many scenic vantage points.

Visit Valldemossa

deia on the coast on the tramuntana mountains in mallorca

Deià is one of the most romantic areas in the Tramuntana, a place of many colors and unlimited inspiration for artists. Deià is home to the famous Son Marroig estate, several wonderful luxury hotels, the house museum of Robert Graves, the hilltop church and unique natural areas including a nice little beach.

Visit Deia

soller town mallorca destination guide

Sóller is a cultural hotspot in Mallorca, a place where you will find art, gastronomy, architecture and events to indulge in. Visit the Can Prunera mansion, stay at the Gran Hotel, ride the Antique Train to Palma, enjoy the Bartolomeu church and taste the famous Mallorcan oranges that are some of the best in Europe.

Visit Soller

guide to hotels and attractions in pollenca mallorca

Pollença is one of the major tourist centers of northern Mallorca, a very popular destination for holidaymakers and day visitors. The area is charcterized by charming ambience with lots of attractions, bars and stunning nature to enjoy.

Visit Pollenca

holiday guide for banyalbufar in mallorca

Banyalbufar is an iconic and very scenic coastal area located on the western slopes of the Tramuntana range. Banyalbufar offers a rich and indulging history, a great selection of activities and tranquil atmosphere.

Discover Banyalbufar

andratx mallorca holiday destination guide

Andratx is a great area for sports such as walking and cycling, but also offer a range of cultural activities such as art museums, galleries and events that makes it a versatile place to visit and stay.

Visit Andratx

travel guide for esporles mallorca

Esporles is a beautiful natural area with a long history that makes it interesting to visit. Esporles is famous for its major tourist attraction, the Granja d’Esporles museum, and the annual sweets and pastry fair held in October.

Visit and discover Esporles

hotels and things to do and see in bunyola mallorca

Bunyola is a charming area located at the feet of the Tramuntana, just 15 minutes from Palma. Bunyola is home to some major tourist attractions such as the Raixa estate, the Jardins d’Alfabia botanical gardens and the world-famous Son Amar dinner and show.

Discover the Bunyola area

holiday guide for estellencs mallorca

Estellencs is a charming coastal area located on the western slopes of the Tramuntana. Estellecs is a quiet and beautiful destination perfect for a mature audience looking for tranquility and stunning views.

Visit Estellencs

puigpunyent mallorca guide and hotels

The area of Puigppunyent is characterized by its scenic and beautiful natural surroundings, a real treat for nature lovers and people of sports. One major attraction here is the La Reserva de Puig de Galatzo nature and animal park.

Visit Puigpunyent

destination guide for fornalutx mallorca

Fornalutx is known to be one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages in all of Spain, which alone makes it worth the visit. The valley is renown for its fertility and scenic nature, making it perfect for excursions all year round.

Visit Fornalutx

Port d'Andratx
hotels and things to do in port andratx mallorca

Port d’Andratx is a lavish marina area that offer an exclusive ambience manifested in the many bars and shops in the streets. Port d’Andratx has for years had a special appeal to celebrities and artists who have bought property in the area.

Visit Port d’Andratx

beach and hotels in magaluf mallorca

Magaluf is home to one of the best beaches in the southwest of Mallorca. Magaluf is a great choice for young people and families with children because of the vibrant nightlife and many amusement parks.

Magaluf holiday guide

palmanova mallorca majorca hotels beach

Palmanova is home to three great beaches, a lively street life of bars and restaurants and a selection of modernized hotels. Palmanvova is a versatile beach resort that caters most holidaymakers.

Palmanova holiday destination

cala fornells cove in calvia mallorca

Calvià is one of the most historical places in Mallorca, it was here the Catalan conquest was initiated back in 1229 when Mallorca became a kingdom. Calvià is a very popular place for cycling and hiking to to the versatile landscapes.

Calvia history, things to do, places to stay

Camp de Mar
destination guide to holiday in camp de mar mallorca

Camp de Mar is located in a beutiful isolated cove in the southern end of the Tramuntana range. It is a somewhat quiet and intimate beach resort that appeals to a mature audience and families traveling with infants.

Camp de Mar beach resort guide

Port de Sóller
guide to hotels and things to do and see in port de soller mallorca

Port de Sóller is an old charming harbor area nested in a scenic cove in the northwestern part of the Tramuntana range. Port de Sóller offer a vibrant street life and a wide range of things to do making it particular appealing to people who really want full yield.

Discover Port de Soller

Cala Sant Vicenç
holiday guide to cala sant vicenc mallorca

Cala Sant Vicenç enjoys an isolated location hidden between the massive rocky formations of the northern Tramuntana range. Cala Sant Vicenç offers an intimate and charming ambience suitable for a mature audience and families with infants.

Cala Sant Vicenc holiday guide

beach and hotels in peguera mallorca by sunset

Peguera is a town and beach resort in the southwest of Mallorca that offers a wide variety of activities, bars, restaurants and accommodation options. Peguera is particularly popular amongst German and Dutch holidaymakers.

Peguera beach resort guide

Port de Pollença
port de pollenca in mallorca

Port de Pollença is one of the most popular holiday destinations and beach resorts on the island. Port de Pollença caters all kinds of holidaymakers due to its fantastic location between mountains and bay area, and offers a range of activities and vibrant street life.

Port de Pollenca holiday guide

cove with beach surrounded by rocks and pine trees at formentor mallorca

Formentor is the peninsula extending from the very northern part of the Tramuntana range, the most northern part of Mallorca. Formentor is an exclusive holiday destination and a wonderful day trip destination due to its many unspoiled natural areas.

Visit Formentor

Discover the northeastern Llevant

things to do and see in arta area mallorca

Artà is the cultural capital of northeastern Mallorca, a place full of local charm, history and authenticity. Artà is home to some stunning and diverse architecture, as well as plenty of things to do such as museums, sightseeing sports, and shopping.

Discover Arta

hotels and things to do and see in capdepera mallorca

Capdepera is a historically important place in the northeastern Mallorca, as it was from this place the neighboring island of Menorca was conquered back in the Middle Ages. Is is too the old medieval fortress that is the major tourist attraction in Capdepera, a great activity for all ages.

Visit Capdepera and the castle

Son Servera
church in son servera town mallorca

Son Servera is mainly known for two things, golf and the open-air church Església Nova. However, the sleepy village and its surrounding area offers a wealth of interesting things to do, cozy bars and great places to stay.

Discover the Son Servera area here

Porto Cristo
beach and hotels in porto cristo town mallorca

Porto Cristo is a resort built up around the marina and the main beach of the area. Porto Cristo is famous for its many underground caves such as Cuevas del Drach and Cuevas del Hams, which are considered some of the major tourist attractions of Mallorca.

Visit Porto Cristo

Sant Llorenç des Cardassar
guide to things to do and see and hotels in sant llorenc des cardassar in mallorca

Sant Llorenç is an area with a rich and fascinating history testified by a number of ploints of interest such as the s’Illot Talayotic village and the Punta de n’Amer fortrress overlooking the bay. Sant Llorenç also hosts a series of annual cultural events open for tourists.

Discover Sant Llorenc des Cardassar

hotels and activities in manacor mallorca

Manacor is the second largest city and municipality in Mallorca and, needless to say, a place with a lot of things to offer a tourist. In our guide to Manacor you will know the history, where to go sightseeing, where to eat, when to visit and other things to do.

Visit and discover Manacor

Cala Ratjada
hotels and marina in cala ratjada mallorca

Cala Ratjada is located on the very northeastern tip of Mallorca with beaches on both north and east coast. Cala Ratjada is a resort built up around the lively marina full of restaurants and bars which makes for an always great and jolly atmosphere.

Cala Ratjada holiday guide

Cala Millor
cala millor mallorca beach hotels

Cala Millor is a great beach resort that appeals to most holidaymakers. Cala Millor offers the lkargest beach on the east coast of Mallorca, a wide variety of attractions and things to do, restaurants, bars and hotels.

Cala Millor holiday guide

Cala Bona
marina with boats in cala bona resort mallorca

Cala Bona is one of the evergreens when it comes to Mallorcan holiday destinations and beach resorts. Cala Bona is a great choice for almost anyone looking for a versatile and lively beach destination with many activity offers, bars, restaurants and great hotels.

Cala Bona holiday guide

Font de sa Cala
beach of font de sa cala mallorca

Font de sa Cala is a rather young yet very quiet beach resort located on the northeastern coast. The resort is perfect for families with infants or adults looking for a peaceful holiday destination that caters most needs.

Discover Font de sa Cala

beach of canyamel holiday resort mallorca

Canyamel is a great holiday resort for combining active tourism and pure luxury. The resort itself is located in an isolated cove but with easy access to many nearby attractions, interesting places and splendid natural areas.

Canyamel holiday guide

Sa Coma
beach area of sa coma holiday resort in mallorca

Sa Coma is a modern and versatile beach resort and very popular holiday destination for families. Sa Coma offers a great beach, a vibrant street life, plenty of shopping options and many activities to indulge in.

Sa Coma holiday guide

main beach in s'illot mallorca

S’Illot is a beach and holiday destination that has a lot of patrons, as it has been scene to many people’s good holiday memories from Mallorca. The rather small resort does offer its very own ambience, and has a range of bars that makes it lively.

s’Illot holiday guide

Cales de Mallorca
guide to cales de mallorca

Cales de Mallorca is one of the newest beach resorts on the island. Here you will find two main golden beaches, a variety of restaurants, bars and hotels and a great number of activity offers and things to do for all ages.

Cales de Mallorca holiday guide

Explore the plain areas of the Migjorn

felanitx mallorca majorca town

Felanitx is one of those areas and towns you absolutely must explore on the eastern side of the island. This former wine capital offers so much history, attractions and cultural events that a day is barely enough to see it all. In Felanitx you can look forward to discover a medieval castle, a mountaintop sanctuary, some historical buildings and a great dining scene.

Felanitx destination guide

bar in santanyi town mallorca

Santanyí is a charming town and area with much to see and do for almost everyone and, once you know the fascinating history of Santanyí it becomes even more exciting to discover. In Santanyí you will find some interesting points of interest such as the Porta Murada, the parish and old Roser chapel, the Consolació sanctuary and many ambient bars and shops in the cozy streets.

Visit Santanyi

es trenc beach in campos mallorca by sunset

Campos is an area with much local history, a place that has had major impact on the economy of the island. Beside from an interesting history, Campos is a great place to visit for sightseeing, for cultural events and fairs and for luxury accommodation in glorious fincas and authentic agroturismos.

Campos destination and holiday guide

guide to llucmajor mallorca

Llucmajor is a great place for active tourism, shopping and luxury stays. Llucmajor offers a wealth of things to do such as sightseeing, golfing, cycling, shopping and dining. The area has an interesting history to share that you can read in our guide.

Visit and discover Llucmajor

Colònia de Sant Jordi
colonia sant jordi mallorca

Colònia de Sant Jordi is a great choice if you are looking for a hybrid holiday base that suits both active tourism and traditional beach holiday. There are some very nice beaches surrounding the central marina area, as well as many great places to stay and eat. It is also from the marina you can enjoy a day trip to the protected island of Sa Cabrera located about 4 hours from the coast.

Discover Colonia de Sant Jordi

Cala Figuera
port of cala figuera mallorca

Cala Figuera is a picturesque and very charming old fishing village located in the very southeastern corner of Mallorca. Cala Figuera is a wonderful place to visit and enjoy a seafood meal as this is one of the still active fishing harbors on the island.

Visit Cala Figuera

Ses Salines
ses salines mallorca

Ses Salines has its name from the natural salt mines in the area that was discovered and used by the Romans who believed it to have a healing effect on the body and mind. The area offers interesting places to go sightseeing outdoors, as well as a number of cultural events throughout the year.

Visit Ses Salines

Cala Santanyí
beach of cala santanyi in mallorca

Cala Santanyí is a small and tranquil cove on the south coast of the island beautifully nested between rocks covered with pine protecting it from winds. Cala Santanyí is a great choice if you are looking for a destination for relaxation with your infants.

Cala Santanyi destination overview

harbor and beach of portocolom mallorca

Portocolom is a popular harbor area that has a lot to offer. Portocolom has always been known as a great place to eat, there is a fine selection of restaurants and bars located along the marina and the annual octopus festival is a must for any seafood lover.

Portocolom holiday guide

Cala Llombards
calo des moro beach close to cala llombards in mallorca

Cala Llombards is the kind of holiday area you choose if you seek to escape tourism and go for a self-catered holiday. There are no hotels in Cala Llombards just holiday homes and one of the most iconic beaches in Mallorca, the Caló des Moro beach.

Discover Cala Llombards

marina with boats in portopetro mallorca

Portopetro is found in the southeastern corner of Mallorca, a place with just a few accommodation options which makes it a bit more exclusive than its neighboring town of Cala d’Or. In Portopetro you will find great nature and tranquility, perfect for restitutions and recharging the batteries.

Portopetro holiday guide

Discover the Raiguer

beach of alcudia mallorca

Alcúdia and Port d’Alcúdia are known to be some of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. It is also here you will find the best and widest beaches in Mallorca. In our guide to Alcúdia you will discover its history, sightseeing points, popular sports, activities, events and other fun things to do in this amazing area.

Alcudia and Port d’Alcudia holiday guide

alaro in mallorca island

Alaró is located inside a green valley at the feet of Tramuntana. Alaró is particularly known for its ancient fortress overlooking the entire area from its mountaintop position, and the Es Verger restaurant that serves freshly butchered lamb shoulders.

Visit Alaro

Santa Maria
bell tower of the parish church of santa maria del cami in mallorca

Santa Maria del Cami is located just 10 minutes from Palma. It is a town and area with much to offer, much to see and do in terms of sightseeing and activities.

Visit Santa Maria del Cami

selva town and church with mountains in the background in mallorca

Selva is a popular area for active tourism due to its splendid location at the feet of Tramuntana with easy access to the infrastructure of the island. Selva has some interesting points of interest worth exploring, as well as many other great things to do such as the annual herb fair.

Explore the Selva area

hotel in consell mallorca

Consell is one of Mallorca’s traditional wine districts, a place that carries an important part of the Mallorcan heritage. The Consell area is great for various sports such as cycling and walking, as well as it offer a nice handful of interesting places to go sightseeing at.

Visit Consell

hotel in campanet mallorca

Campanet is a scenic area found at the feet of Tramuntana in the northern part of the island. Campanet is known for its theater festival, the nature reserve of Font Ufenes, the medieval church of Sant Miquel and the major tourist attraction the Campanet caves.

Visit and discover Campanet

hotel in binissalem town in mallorca

Binissalem is the largest wine district of Mallorca, a place where you will find great dining opportunities and gastronomical experiences. Binissalem celebrate its wine culture with a great annual festival during September worth visiting.

Visit Binissalem

city guide for inca mallorca

Inca is known as the “leather town” of Mallorca as most leather factories are found here and makes it a popular shopping area. Inca is a great place to taste Mallorca and go sightseeing among the many attractions found in the area.

Visit Inca

road surrounded by pink almond trees in moscari mallorca with mountains in the background

Moscari is a small village beautifully situated between the mountain slopes and the many almond fields covering the countryside. Moscari has grown quite popular in the later years, particularly amongst active tourists that sees the uniqueness of this area.

Visit Moscari

Sa Pobla
wetlands in sa pobla mallorca

Sa Pobla (the village) is a predominantly agricultural area despite of its location just behind the huge tourist resorts of Port d’Alcúdia and Platja de Muro. Sa Pobla is a great place to find authentic Mallorcan restaurants, wildlife and history, which combined makes it an interesting place to discover.

Visit and discover Sa Pobla

caimari town in mallorca

Caimari is often referred to as the “olive village” as this area at the feet of the Tramuntana is the largest olive production area of Mallorca. Caimari is home to an interesting ethnological park and the ancient pilgrimage path to the famous Lluc monasterym, not to forget the scenic natural spaces.

Visit Caimari

mountains and olive groves in biniamar mallorca

Biniamar is a small area at the feet of the Tramuntana that carries a lot of cultural and natural heritage. Biniamar is home to a number of small attractions including the natural area of Sa Comuna with almost 200 species of Balearic wildlife.

Visit Biniamar

binibona in the tramuntana mountains in mallorca

Binibona is the perfect choice of destination for your stay if you are looking for a place to find serenity. This undisturbed hamlet on the mountainside offers a small handful of romantic hotels that falls naturally into the beautiful scene.

Find your hotel in Binibona

aucanada island with lighthouse from alcanada headland north of alcudia mallorca

Alcanada is the peninsula that separates the bays of Alcúdia and Pollenca to the north. Alcanada is home to multiple points of interest such as the Sa Bassa Blanca art museum, the Victoria hermitage, the ancient lookouts of Sa Talaia and Penya des Migdia and the natural area of Coll Baix.

Discover Alcanada

old mill in buger mallorca

Búger is a small area located in the countryside, a place where traditions and tranquility are intact. Búger is still mainly an agricultural place making it an authentic and charming place to visit due to the lack of tourism.

Discover Buger

charming hotel in lloseta town mallorca

Lloseta is located directly on the mountain slopes surrounded by amazing unspoiled and diverse nature. Lloseta is home to many interesting places such as the Coco chapel, the Aiamans palace, the new theater, the Cas Comte boutique hotel and a few wineries.

Visit and discover Lloseta

Mancor de la Vall
mancor de la vall in mallorca

Mancor de la Vall is an area that boasts tranquility and quality time in stunning surroundings made up by mountains and Balearic wildlife.

Visit Mancor de la Vall

Enjoy the charming rural areas in the Pla de Mallorca region

costitx mallorca countryside

Costitx is a rural area full of surprises and appeal. Some of the places to visit here is the prehistoric sanctuary and the planetarium. Costitx is growing in popularity amongst tourists and people who buy property in Mallorca due to the ambience and location of the area.

Visit Costitx

sculpture of a lion in front of the parish church of sineu mallorca

Sineu is a really interesting place to visit, and also hosts one of the biggest and most vibrant tourist markets in Mallorca. Sineu offers a wide range of attractions, events and great places to taste the real soul of the Mallorcan kitchen.

Visit Sineu

Ca'n Picafort
hotels behind beautiful beach in the bay of can picafort holiday resort in mallorca

Ca’n Picafort is one of the most popular holiday destinations and beach resort on the northern cope of Mallorca, in the stunning bay of Alcúdia, one of the best beaches stretches in Europe.

Can Picafort holiday guide

atotxa church in ariany mallorca

Ariany is a cute village and charming area known for its beautiful Neo-Romanesque church and many poppy fields. Ariany offers great space for sports such as cycling and nice fincas for relaxing.

Discover Ariany

old windmill of xina in algaida village mallorca

Algaida is home to one of the most famous sactuaries in Mallorca, the Cura sanctuary situated at the summit of Mallorca’s holy mountain.

Visit Algaida

old windmills in the countryside of llubi in mallorca

Llubí is known as the “Honey Village” of Mallorca due to its traditions of beekeeping, which is celebrated with a big festival every year during the autumn. There is a handful of interesting places to visit in the area, perfect for sightseeing.

Explore Llubi

local guide for montuiri area in mallorca

Montuïri has its name from its hilltop location overlooking the rural countryside of the Pla region. Montuïri itself is a charming village with cobblestone streets and uneven building facades, almost as it was constructed to exhibit a medival village.

Discover Montuiri

parish church of muro mallorca esglesia de sant joan baptista

Muro enjoys one of the best locations in the Pla region, between countryside and sea. Muro is home to some interesting attractions; the most beautiful bullring on the island, the parish church of Sant Joan Baptista and the Ethnological Museum of Mallorca.

Discover Muro

Maria de la Salut
maria salut mallorca majorca

Maria de la Salut is a charming and quiet area where agriculture still has a lot of impact in the daily lives of the locals. However, Maria de la Salut has found a way of combining tourism and agriculture making it a nice place to stay if you are looking for authenticity and luxury.

Visit Maria de la Salut

Vilafranca de Bonany
sunny countryside in vilafranca de bonany mallorca

Vilafranca de Bonany is known as the “Melon Village” of Mallorca, a place with great agricultural traditions. It’s a charming and tranquil area perfect for sports and restitution.

Discover Vilafranca de Bonany

beautiful countryside with wild nature and mountains in the background in porreres mallorca

Porreres is famous for its production of apricots which is celebrated every year with a big festival. Over the past decade, Porreres has grown to become a hotspot for food lovers as many chefs have started innovative restaurants in the area.

Experience Porreres

Santa Eugènia
santa eugenia mallorca majorca vinyards rural sun

Santa Eugènia is a small village located just 10 minutes north of Palma, a perfect place to stay and explore due to its versatility. The area is famous for its holy hill of Son Seguí, its zoo and its old mill district.

Discover Santa Eugenia

Lloret de Vistalegre
donkey at an agroturismo in lloret de vistalegre in mallorca

Lloret de Vistalegre is a wonderful and very charming area located in the heart of Mallorca. Lloret offers a number of points of interest and a range of activity offers to indulge in.

Explore the charming area of Lloret de Vistalegre

petra area in mallorca

Petra is the epitome of a true pastoral village, the place boasts religious impact and incfluence. Moreover, Petra was home of famous missionary Junipero Serra who was canonized in Washinton DC for his work in California.

Discover the pastoral Petra village

Sant Joan
sant joan mallorca majorca countryside rural

Sant Joan is best known for its agricultural traditions and its major tourist attraction, the old manor and ethnological museum of els Calderers. Sant Joan is also home to a nice handful of point of interest to explore.

Discover the agricultural Sant Joan

rural countryside at sunset in sencelles mallorca

The area of Sencelles is a place with a long history of human occupation that goes back to prehistoric days. Sencelles offers a splendid area for road cycling and other sports.

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Santa Margalida
santa margalida mallorca majorca

Santa Margalida is predominantly an agricultural area where Mallorcan traditions are well-kept and still practiced. The area offers a huge playground for active tourism, as well as a nice handful of luxury fincas for the best restitution. Find things to do and see and read the story of Santa Margalida.

Santa Margalida area guide

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