Castell de Capdepera

capdepera medieval fortress and castle on a hill in mallorca is a tourist attraction

Castell de Capdepera (Castle of Capdepera), is an old fortress from the year 1300 situated on a hilltop offering panoramic views and a great story to tell.

The old fortress is an amazing attraction for both adults and children, it is impossible not to be amazed as you move around within the walls imagining how life was right here 700 years ago.

The story of the Capdepera castle

Ever since the Romans arrived on the island 123 BC, this site has been known as a strategic and important place for controlling the north-east coast.

However, the first documentation in Mallorcan history books originates from the Libre del Repartiment (Book of Distribution), which was written post the Catalan conquest of Mallorca in 1229, in order to state which area was assigned which nobleman. In this book, this place is referred to as Cap del Apera, and is mentioned in context of the journeys made between Mallorca and Menorca.

Slowly, up through the 13th century, a small village society started to take shape here on the slopes of the hill. The church was the first building to be erected in the area, and soon after the mill tower and several other buildings were added.

In the year 1300, king Jaume II decided to have the fortress build in order to better control and protect the area. He built the massive walls in Gothic military style with embrasures and watchtowers. The wall construction was built in triangular shape, hence back in the early Middle Ages, it was believed to symbolize the Trinity.

During the 16th century, Mallorca experienced increasing attacks from the Ottoman empire and from African pirates. In order to defend the coastlines, a network of watchtowers was erected on strategic sites. These watchtowers,communicated via smoke signals and flags until the signal reached the Capdepera fortress and an army could be mobilized.

In the middle of the 17th century, the village is documented to contain about 165 habitations. After this point, the village started to expand beyond the walls, people settled near the coastline and the area transformed into a fishing society.

The fortress was now solely being used as a military base rather than a fortified village.

Today, this well-preserved an amazing fortress functions solely as a museum and exhibition space. Each year in May, a medieval festival and market is held in the fortress to celebrate and pay homage to this place that is the foundation of Capdepera.


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Capdepera is a historical stronghold of Mallorca founded post the Catalan’s conquest of the island in the late 1200’s. The rich historical heritage of the area has left a series of landmarks i.e. the Castell de Capdepera which used to be the village itself during the late Middle Ages. Capdepera offers a wealth of things to do and see, you have access to stunning nature, beaches, cultural activities, authentic hotels and amazing vantage points.

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