It is far from a secret that Mallorca is home to some of the most unique and fascinating underground caves in Europe. Millions of years of art created by Mother Nature can be visited on the island, some of them are tourist attractions, while others are for either divers or climbers to visit.

Cuevas del Drach

The caves of Cuevas del Drach in a major tourist attraction in Porto Cristo

Cueavs del Drach is one of the major tourist attractions of Mallorca, a great experience for both young and adults. These underground caves are as fascinating as they are mysterious, a true artwork of Mother Nature. One of the highlights of the Dragon caves, is the huge underground lake at the bottom, which is considered one of the biggest underground lakes in Europe. The illuminated lake is an impressive sight, but when a set of boats sails by with an orchestra playing and the caves are filled with beautiful tunes, then you really start to feel why this was worth the trip.

Cuevas de Artà

Visit the Cuevas de Arta in Canyamel

The Artà caves are too an impressive sight and great attraction. These mysterious caves are divided in multiple “chambers” i.e. the purgatory, the Queen’s chamber etc., names they have received from the curious figures created by the thousands of stalagmites and stalactites.

Cuevas de Campanet

The caves of Campanet is a tourist attraction

Cuevas de Campanet tend to have a bit more focus on the science behind the creation of the caves and offers guided tours through the illuminated tunnels inside the mountain. The caves were discovered in 1945 by mine workers, and already in 1948 they were ready to receive visitors.

Cuevas de Genova

Visit the stalactite and stalagmite caves of Genova

The Genova caves are located in the western part of Palma and re-opened the doors in 2017 after a major restoration. The caves were originally discover back in 1906, and archaeologists suggest that they have been used for habitation in prehistoric times. You can look forward to an impressive trip through 3 km of stalagmites and stalactites more than 40 meters underground.

Cuevas del Hams

cuevas del hams are an tourist attraction in porto cristo

The Cuevas del Hams (fish hook caves), is a less hyped but still interesting and beautiful attraction to visit in Porto Cristo. The caves were discovered back in the early 20th century by businessman and adventurer Pedro Caldentey Santandreu, whom came here looking for onyx. During your visit, you will enjoy a series of interesting events, as well as spectacular sights.

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