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The source and foundation of Pina village

This fountain was probably excavated during the Islamic period and played a major role in the creation of this urban core. Next to it, under a porch with arches, there are several washing places with ten stone basins. The fountain is a “qanat” or irrigation tunnel, which still fully conserves a dry stone gallery and the flat slab roof which shelters the route.

Following the Catalan conquest, a direct access was made to the mother well with a large stairway which reaches the two basins into which the well water flows. The excess water from the basins spills through a lateral conduit until it rejoins the original drainage canal of the qanat. Outside, the system is completed by a series of basins, which must have served as a trough and several ponds. The surplus water flows along a semi-circular vaulted sewer made of fitted stone which also drains the floods from the Torrentera (rainwater) channel. The entire complex conserves the stone road.

The moisture from this fountain has populated the environment of this village with lush vegetation.
Next to the entrance to the fountain premises, there is the “Creu de Terme” or Pina Municipal Border Cross, dated in 1903 with a Neo-Gothic Style made of sandstone and limestone. There are two inscriptions of Christ (IHS and PX) and the Coat of Arms of Pina (a pine tree and the letters, “NA”); beside it, there is a hackberry tree and the entrance to the gardens has a segmental arch and an ornamental homage to Dr. W. Mendel dated 1988; a path with a pergola provides access to this patio.

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