Molí d’en Garindo

esglesia de sant pere church in buger mallorca

The mill of Can Garindo is the last still functioning mill of Búger.

The mill has existed since the 18th century when the agriculture of Búger and the surrounding area was blooming. Private investors and organizations funds the maintenance of this mill, to make sure the local cultural heritage of Mallorca is preserved.

Another mill on the same street, is the mill of Can Barraca, which is also well.preserved but no longer in function. Both mills are situated in the street, Carrer d’es Molins.


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About Búger

Despite of its small size, Búger is a village with a rich cultural heritage that goes back to the early modern age. The village and area is predominantly agricultural and has not yet suffered notable traces of tourism, making it an authentic and peaceful place to visit or stay. Búger is an ideal destination if you are looking for a finca stay, for a feeling of serenity or great location for sports and physical activities.

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