Oratory of Santa Creu

old oratory and monument of santa creu in porreres mallorca

Oratori de Santa Creu, is located at the old crossroads in the outskirts of the pastoral village of Porreres in the Mallorcan heath.

Throughout the Middle Ages, people used stone crosses that mark the urban limits on Mallorca. At the place where Oratori de Santa Creu is situated today was former border cross ‘Creu de’n Net’ was named after Mossèn Net – vicar of Porreres in the 1600s.

After a series of incidents where people in the village miraculously was healed of ailments after worshiping this cross, it gained status as a holy place in Porreres. It did not take long before rumors spread beyond the town borders, and people from all areas came to this place to worship the cross.

Finally, in July 1722, the congregation decided to build a small chapel around the cross, to honor its glory. The influx of people from neighboring towns, created a need to expand the chapel in 1843. Thanks to charity and voluntary labor, the new temple was inaugurated in 1864.


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