Pou del Rei

pou del rei also known as kings well in montuiri village mallorca

Visit the Kings’ Well in Montuïri

Es Pou del Rei, or the king’s well, is a fine little place of interest in the medieval town of Montuïri, witnessing the impact of the royals throughout medieval times.

This public well is actually the oldest of its kind in the area, and has its name from the street it is located on, Carrer del Rei.

Es Pou del Rei, was first documented back in the 14th century, when the main street and central area of Montuïri, was expanded.

The well is square, and has two towers. It is built of sandstone from the local area. On the sides of the well, you see basins which were used for giving donkeys water, back in time.

Next to es Pou del Rei, you can see the old public washing and bath house of Montuïri. Inside the building, you can see the old washing buckets and equipment, that has been well preserved.


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