Binissalem is one of the biggest wine districts of Mallorca and a great place to base yourself for a nice villa or finca escape.

Binissalem local guide

Accommodation options in Binissalem

You can either choose to stay in a charming petit hotel downtown in the town center, or to stay in one of the area’s great old fincas or rental homes.

It would be my personal recommendation, that you look for these fincas, such as the ‘Agroturismo Finca Dalt Murada’, nestled in the beautiful and calm landscape of the area. Here you’ll be spoiled with luxury, in outstanding surroundings and facilities, giving you first row to all the adventures that awaits in the area.

Welcome to Mallorca’s biggest wine district, the town of Binissalem. This noble town, testify magnificent wealth from wine production, with its huge mansions in the town center.

Wine production is undoubtedly the area’s biggest brand, already back in Roman times in Mallorca, the wine production was the greatest asset in the area. When you find Mallorcan produced wines at restaurants, and in supermarkets, there’s a fair chance it comes from Binissalem.

Binissalem is also the host of a number, of wonderful fiestas every year, a unique opportunity to explore and get to know the local traditions and culture of the island.

Sights in Binissalem

As mentioned before, strolling around the narrow streets of the town core, will take you on a time travel, back to the days of economical independence, and wealth from wine export. If you enjoy architecture, Binissalem will not disappoint you with the many glorious mansions.

Also, make sure to stop by the enormous parish church “Església Nostra Senyora de Robines”, in the center of the town. On the square in front of the church, you’ll see some sculptures of some of the most important people, in the history of Binissalem, most of them wine entrepreneurs.

Restaurants and dining in Binissalem

As of being a medium sized tow, you’ll find something of each taste on the menu cards in the restaurants and eateries around in the narrow streets.

However, it’s highkly recommended to go for some local cousine here in Binissalem, where you get to truly taste the island’s most traditional dishes, accompanied by the local wines.

Activities around Binissalem

Travelers visiting Binissalem, make use of the opportunity to visit some of the wineries of the district. Almost all of the wine farms here, offer tours and tastings for single persons and groups.

As for more physical activities in this area, trampling the pedals in the huge network of great roads, is an all time favorite.

Other activities here includes, golfing, road cycling, tennis and walking.

Every Friday morning, held the weekly market in Binissalem, where you can let yourself be tempted by colorful and fresh delicacies, leather goods, clothing and local crafts.

Enjoy the atmosphere, as you browse through, and sample on the many delicious local produces, including wines, cheese and meats.

Where is Binissalem located?

Binissalem is located just of the freeway between Palma and Inca. Driving takes about 25-30 minutes from the airport.

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The town of Binissalem sure knows how to party and celebrate. Several times a year, local traditions are celebrated by the inhabitants of the town, including sports events, competitions, concerts and lots of food served in the streets.

The first event of the year held on January 17 in honor of Saint Antoni Abat, the patron saint of animals. This festive event, is an excellent reason for a visit in Binissalem during the winter. The festivities begin on the evening of the 16th, with igniting small bonfires in the streets, as the locals sitting around and singing traditional songs, and fry ‘botifarrons’ – local blood sausage. Later, in the evening, everyone dresses all up as devils and demons, dancing around in the streets, as they move from one bonfire to another. The following day, a colorful parade is going through the city, culminating in a joint blessing of the animals, on the square in front of the parish church.

The next event of the year is called ‘Pancaritat’, which is a large communal picnic, that takes place on Easter Sunday each year at Can Arabi, a recreation area. Pancaritat is an old tradition in Mallorca, which dates back to around the year 1407.

The first real fiesta of the year, is actually on July 25, and is in honor of Saint Jaume, patron saint of Binissalem. This is a typical Mallorcan fiesta, with a colorful parade through the winding streets of the town, and a number of other sports and musical events that take place during the day.

In September picked the grapes on the surrounding vineyards, and the whole town celebrates the grape harvest with ‘Fiesta La Vermada’. Festivities will take place the third week in September, and is famous throughout the island. It all starts at the Plaza de l ‘Esglèsia, where all gather together and kick-off. The event attracts locals and tourists alike, and after the starting signal has sounded, move the huge crowd with a result of the piper and drums, head to a nearby vineyard. A group of people is so formed around a huge pile of grapes, and as soon as the whistle blows, they all start throwing grapes at each other, it’s quite fun to watch.