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Things to do

Things to do and see in Ariany

Despite of its rather modest size, Ariany does have some interesting points of interest worth visiting to get a better picture of how life in Mallorca used to be not long ago. Many of these places makes for a wonderful walk or bicycling trip in the fresh uncontaminated countryside air.

atotxa church in ariany mallorca


The church of Atotxa is one of the younger religious constructions in Mallorca, dating from the beginning of the 19th century. The church stands out in its architectural combining different styles both on the inside and on the outside. The church is situated at the highest point of the village offering divine views of the countryside.

Església de Atotxa

beautiful vantagepoint in ariany village mallorca called sa creu


In front of the Atotxa church you will find one of the most romantic spots in the Pla region, the Mirador de sa Creu viewpoint. The small viewpoint is surrounded by a beautiful rose bed, and from its platform you can see all the way to the holy mountain of Randa.

old farm house of auberg in ariany village mallorca


The old farmhouse of s’Auberg was the first building in the village, which later belonged to the Marquis of Ariany. It is a modest building of unimposing character, but it is still interesting to look at it knowing that this was the first building of the village.

ruins of old mill tower called marinero in ariany mallorca


The mills of Mallorca are landmarks reminding one of a time long gone. In the area of Ariany you will find several splendid examples of these traditional windmills that has been preserved even though they were shut down more than a hundred years ago. We have found a small collection of some of the most interesting old mill towers for you to discover in the area.

well-preserved ancient well on the outskirts of ariany village mallorca


On the road connecting Ariany and Petra, you will find two well-preserved old wells, the Bo and Jura. The well of Bo has its name from the good quality of water, and the Jurà has its name from the poor quality of water. The two are both interesting sights because of their architecture and function.

Pou Bo and Jurà

water tank in placa major in ariany village mallorca


Water is precious, especially in the Mediterranean countryside where it does not rain everyday. When water was not something you could just tap from home, you had to store it in tanks. The water tank in the main square of Ariany is a great example of a such system. It has a capacity of 800,000 liters and has been modernized allowing for human consumption.

Where to stay

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sea views from terrace at hotel in cala figuera mallorca

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The cozy petit hotel is located directly on the cliffs above the beautiful coast of Cala Figuera, the perfect place to stay if you are looking for both great location and romance. The hotel is just a stone’s drive from Cala Figuera’s eateries, picturesque harbor and shops.

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Market & Events

Markets & Events


Weekly Market in Ariany

The weekly market in Ariany is held on Thursday from 8 in the morning. This is a typical Mallorcan crafts and commodity market, where you can browse and sample typical Mallorcan products from local farmers and producers.


Annual events and happenings


Sant Antoni

The celebration of Sant Antoni is held in many Mallorcan towns and villages, namely because he is protector of animals. Sant Antoni is celebrated on January 17 with a mass in the morning, followed by various parades and activities all day long.


Fira nocturna (night fair)

The last Saturday of July, the night fair is held in Ariany. The night fair is a wonderful and different experience, namely because it is held after dark. At the fair you can shop at the market, taste dishes of typical Mallorcan cuisine and enjoy some traditional Mallorcan dances and performances.

Festa de la independència municipal

The last Sunday of July, the municipal independence of 1982 is celebrated in Ariany.


Festes de Mare de Déu d’Atotxa

On the last Sunday of August, the Lady of Atotxa is celebrated in Ariany. This celebration starts with a mass in the morning followed by a procession and various parades, performances and speeches.

Facts & History

About Ariany

Ariany is one of the smallest municipalities of the Pla region, and in Mallorca for that matter, covering a surface of 23,14 km². The population comprises about 850 inhabitants , with a density of 37,17 inhabitants/km².

Ariany is an agrarian community, there is barely any tourism here, at least not mass tourism. There are but a few accommodation options to choose from, making it one of the most remote areas in regards to tourism.

The village itself is built on a hilltop from where you can scout over the tranquil countryside predominated by plain fields.


History of Ariany

The lands of Ariany has been occupied by humans since pre-talayotic times (2,400 BC), this has been confirmed from artifacts and sites excavated.

After the Catalan conquest of Mallorca (1229-1232), the king distributed the lands of the island to participators of the campaign. At that time, this place corresponded to the farmhouse of Arian. It is uncertain whether this farm had been built by the Moors.

The village itself arose from the farmhouse of s’Auburg, which in the 16th century belonged to the Cotoner family, one of the most influential families amongst the Mallorcan nobility. The Cotonor family supported Felip V during the Spanish War of Succession, and was appointed with the title of Marquises. The old farmhouse of s’Auburg is found on the road called Camí de Sa Marquesa, which is connected to the Son Sureda of Manacor.

The Cotoner family was also the initiators of the new parish church of Atotxa.

In 1925 and 1949, Ariany wanted secession from Petra, however, this was not granted until 1982.

Practical Info


Emergency: 112
National police: 091
Local police: 092
Guarda civil: 062
Fire: 080
Maritime emergencies: 900 202 202

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