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Eurovision 17 winner took Palma with storm before going international

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 winner, Salvador Sobral, actually have a past in Palma de Mallorca, where he was an Erasmus exchange student at UIB (Universitet de Islas Balears) studying philosophy.

During his time in Palma, Sobral spend many hours performing in some of Palma’s underground jazz clubs.

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Salvador Sobral

performing at Eurovision Song Contest 2017

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Emotion and feelings beat visual effects

For the first time ever, Portugal summits the most transmitted and exposed television song contest of all times.

The night between Saturday and Sunday, Salvador Sobral, 27, conquered the hearts of the European people, with a soft ballade speaking to every human emotion. The song “Amar Pelos Dois”, triumphed over countries such as Spain, Britain and Germany, without the need of visual special effects, just pure and sincere emotion!

While most of Europe did not know much of this talented young man, the coincidence is different here on Mallorca. Sobral was part of a jazz quartet, touring all over Mallorca and especially in the many clubs in the Palma area.

His last performance on Mallorca, dates back to March 2016, when he played in the Blues Jazz Club in Paseo Mallorca along with bassist Pere Bujosa, drummer José Luis García and guitarist Omar Lanuti. “Jazz is like life, a dialogue, a constant conversation,” said Sobral, who in recent years has lived on horseback between Palma, his native Lisbon and Barcelona.

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A young Sinatra discovered in palma

“His voice reminded me of the young Sinatra,” says the promoter who discovered him in Palma.

Pep Estrada, bassist in various musical groups, ex-member of the quartet ‘Band Bath’ and in 2011 director of ‘the Vamp’ club, the place in which Salvador Sobral performed at numerous occasions.

“I met him through Balta Bordoy, and I immediately saw that he had a very special voice, he reminded me of Sinatra as a young man, I had no doubt that he belonged on stage, he simply had to be heard. At first, he didn’t have much public recognition, but little by little the snowball rolled, and in the end it gathered a lot of excited people attending his concerts. It is a pleasure to have had him in my club”.

“I was immediately struck by his spectacular voice”, confesses one of the spectators who saw Salvador Sobral acting on Mallorca.

Miquel García, the singer and guitarist of the Mallorcan group ‘Roulotte’, saw Salvador Sobral perform in 2011 at the Vamp.

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Performing at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, with his beautiful ballad “Amar Pelos Dois”, expressed with emotion.

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Performance in 2013 in Palma de Mallorca by Salvador Sobral.

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