Bar Tabú

building facade of Bar Tabu in Llucmajor Mallorca Spain with Classicism and Regionalism architecture

Before it got its current name, this building was actually the Town Hall of Llucmajor until the Casa Consistorial was inaugurated in 1882.

The architectural style of the facade is eclectic and carries mixes of both Classicism and Regionalism.

Bar Tabú is a a three storey building, where the two upper floors have similar balconies. At the ground floor you see three arched portals finished with masonry.


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Llucmajor is an area that offers a bit of everything for everyone, there beach areas, beautiful coves, stunning architecture, challenging golf courses, historical landmarks and many annual fairs and festivities to indulge in. Every Wednesday and Sunday, there is a great market in Llucmajor where you can sample typical Mallorcan delicacies and bargain good prices on all kinds of goods like leather products, cloths, accessories, crafts etc. Llucmajor is a great destination for sports holidays or active vacations, or relaxing in one of the many charming finca hotels.

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