Beautiful bullring of La Monumental in Muro Mallorca

The bullring of Muro is situated in the outskirts of the village

Only but a few buildings and monuments of their kind, can as Plaza de Toros de Muro, boast of such a magnificent architectural structure.

The bullring is built of sandstone from the local area of Muro, with hammer and chisel, by the inhabitants of Muro. It is therefore unnecessary to say, that this particular bullring, has a pivotal role in th cultural self-understanding and heart of the inhabitants.

The construction began in 1920, at the request of the developer, Jaume Serra Palou, better known as Rafeloto. The arena can accommodate a capacity of 6,945 spectators, and the construction is known worldwide for its unique design.

During festivals in Muro, the arena is disclosed, and thousands of people gather here to enjoy entertaining performances.

How to get to the bullring of Muro


Muro is a charming and diverse area found in the northern part of Mallorca. The municipality is part of the region called Pla de Mallorca, a region that is generally characterized by rural traditions and agricultural activities. However, Muro is also a coastal area with a highly developed tourism industry full of great hotels with state of the art amenities. The old town of Muro is a great place to go sightseeing, there is a number of interesting points of interests and attractions to visit which tell the story of the area. One of the best times to visit Muro’s old town, is during the fall season when some of the major traditions are celebrated such as thew autumn and pumpkin fair.

Visit and discover Muro old town

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