Pol-lentia – Ruins of the Roman capital

ruins of roman city pollentia is a tourist attraction in alcudia mallorca

The Roman ruins called Pol-lentia is an impressive archaeological site located just outside the massive medieval town walls of Alcúdia.

This site, beautifully displays what was once the first capital city of Mallorca, named Pol-lentia, settled by the Romans who arrived here in 123 B.C.

Many interesting things has been found on this site, such as; coins, skeletons, artifacts and jewellery. All witness of a wealthy city.

The first excavations of the Roman city, began in the 1920’s, but archaeologists are still not finished due to the amazing size of this place. All evidence found on the site, is being preserved and exhibited in the ethnological museum, located next to the parish church, also well worth a visit!

There are many fascinating things to see on this site, among them, the old Roman theater and the forum. Especially the theater is interesting, because it is built directly in the rocks instead of raised from the ground.


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