Cas Marques

cas marques mansion in the streets of arta mallorca

About Cas Marqúes

Cas Marquès was property of one of the most important noble families of Mallorca, the marquess of Bellpuig, who owned a large number of properties in Artà as in the rest of the island.

The house, belonging to the Middle Age period, has been completely renovated and enlarged during the last centuries. It is a two storey building occupying a whole block of houses, which means it has two facades.

On the facade facing Rafel Blanes street we find the main round arch portal with the coat of arms of the marquess of Bellpuig and the Cross of Saint James. Highlights are the balconies and the roof eave supported with large cantilevers. The other facade, facing Trespolet square, features a secondary portal and another portal, which is currently walled in and gave access to the garden. Inside the garden, enclosed by a big wall, we can observe different apertures that permitted the access to horsemen and carts. Due to the constant nobility battles during the 17th century, walls were reinforced developing its present fortified appearance.


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Artà is a cultural stronghold of Mallorca, it boasts diversity and wealth in many ways. The area has been occupied by human since the Bronze Ages which has left numerous landmarks and point of interest to discover all over the municipality, such as the Talayotic settlement of ses Païsses, the pilgrimage church of Sant Salvador, the modernist architecture in Ca’n Epifani, the railway station, the Franciscan convent, the Betlem hermitage, the Llevant nature park and so much more, there is really something for everyone to enjoy in Artà. In addition to the many places to visit in the area, Artà is also home to some great restaurants and romantic petit hotels situated in historical fincas and manors.

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