Walk to the rocky fortress of Castell del Rei in Pollenca

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The excursion to the ruins of Castell del Rei, also known as “The King’s Castle”, is among the most popular hiking excursions in the Pollenca area.

Castell del Rei, is built in a very strategic location, on top of a hilltop in the mountains, overlooking the sea from several sides.

The ruins, are believed to have been used during prehistoric times, but we only know for certain that the fortress was used during Moorish dominance, as stories from the reconquest tells about battles fought here.

During the 16th century, Majorca experienced many attacks from pirates sailing from the Ottoman kingdom, and the castle was an important strategic point in the surveillance of the maritime areas.

If you decide to go through the efforts of visiting the ruins of Castell del Rei, you will be highly rewarded!

How to get to Castell del Rei

NOTE! Prior to visiting, you must have a permission given by the town hall of Pollenca, as this area is protected. You can’t get access to the area unless you have this permission to enter and pass through the finca of Ternelles! Please visit this website: (best from computer)!


Pollença belongs to the most charming and at the same time, vibrant towns in the Tramuntana range. The area is home to a great diversity of species, breathtaking natural areas, vantage points and historical landmarks and points of interest, all waiting to be discovered by you. Pollença is also home to a wide variety of restaurants and bars, creating a vibrant ambience in the rustic narrow streets of the old town. As a travel destination, Pollença is suited for most people, however, if you are traveling with children, the beach area of Port de Pollença is a far better choice.

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