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Port de Pollença - The Nerdy Guide

Port de Pollença is located at the foot of the beautiful and dramatic Serra de Tramuntana mountains and rests in a tranquil horseshoe-shaped bay between the two headlands, Cap de Formentor and Alcanada.

With both beach and mountains within walking distance, Port de Pollença is of course a magnet for sports enthusiasts and active holidaymakers who flock here to challenge themselves while taking in the magnificent scenery and the many vantage points.

Bay and beach nestled between the mountains in Port de Pollenca, Mallorca, Spain.



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What to expect from Port de Pollença

Being one of the most popular destinations of Mallorca, Port de Pollença

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy a night out on a bar, have a wide array of cuisines at your hand and, with the great location nested between mountains and coast, almost endless options in terms of fun activities.

Accommodation in Port de Pollença is just as varied as the beautiful landscape, there is something for every desire. Due to the popularity of this destination, it is advised to book a good time in advance, at least if you want a room near the lively marina.

Best things to do in Port de Pollença

Port de Pollença is a haven of of leisure, there are so many nice things to do that will make up a fantastic vacation.

Great leisure activities in Port de Pollença


Albercuitx beach in port de Pollenca, Mallorca, with mountains in the background.

The bay of Pollença offers several kilometers of wonderful beach for you to enjoy. There is a range of fun activities by the beaches that you can do with or without prior experience, such as trying the paddle boards, surfing, jet skis or simply relax under the Mediterranean sun with a good book or podcast. There are two fantastic beaches; Platja de Port de Pollença and Platja d’Albercuitx, both spacious.


Pollença is home to a nice 9-hole golf course situated in the green valley with the mountains rising around it. If you want more, make the short drive to nearby Alcúdia and find the Alcanada golf course, a beautiful 18-hole course overlooking the bay of Port d’Alcúdia and the iconic Alcanada lighthouse island.


If you prefer gravel over asphalt and want to get closer to nature while spinning, then a mountain bike trip is a perfect idea. There are numerous trails you can explore in the Tramuntana, all of them will get you to some of the most magical places and vantage points and the best thing is, there is almost no traffic to pay attention to. Head down to the nearest bike rental shop in the town and have them set up a mountain bike for you, or join a MTB guided tour.


Cycling is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports and things to do in Mallorca. The extensive network of paved roads, the many hairpin turns in the mountains and the stunning surroundings make road cycling a joy for all levels. There is a great selection of bike rentals in Pollença, where you can find a variety of different types of bikes and have them customized to match your physique.


Mountaintop sanctuary of Puig de Maria in Pollenca, Mallorca.

If you just can’t get enough of walking/hiking, climb to the summit of the Maria mountain found in the Pollença valley. At the top, you can rest at the old convent of Maria while enjoying the breathtaking views of the bays of Pollença and Alcúdia, as well as the Tramuntana mountains to your west. The sanctuary was built back in the 14th century, as it was commonly believed that the higher you went, the better you would be protected from the plague.

Discover the iconic mountaintop sanctuary of Maria


The coastal line surrounding the northern part of Tramuntana including Pollença, Cala Sant Vicenç and Cap de Formentor offers some of the most dramatic and unspoiled landscapes of the island. Sail between all the coves nestled between these massive rocky formations, go for a swim in the lagoons with crystal clear water and enjoy a lunch onboard while you admire the unique surroundings.


If you want to get close to the unspoiled Mediterranean nature and wild life of Mallorca, but haven’t brought your hiking gear, you can visit the hill of Santueri (holy hill) in the northern part of Pollença. Here, you can walk in the scenic nature while enjoying the peace and quietness ruling the nature. There is also a possibility to meet some of the inhabitants of the area, such as hedgehogs, rabbits and various bird species.



Beautiful small nature reserve of La Gola in Port de Pollenca, Mallorca island.

La Gola is a small and very charming wetland found in Port of Pollença. In the La Gola reserve, you can spot species such as blackwinged stilt, cetti’s warbler, the greenfinch, cattle egret, mallard, wood pigeon and various species of herons. This small piece of paradise is the perfect escape from the mass tourism that occupies most of the area.


Lluc is one of the biggest biggest monasteries and religious institutions in Europe. It was founded back in the 16th century and has become famous for its choir school for boys. Today, Lluc still has its choir school, but has been extended to also include girls. Every Sunday morning at the 11 o’clock mass, you can experience a concert performed by the children of the choir school, a beautiful sound of pure innocents. But the choir is not the only reason to visit Lluc, there’s also the huge ethnological museum exhibiting life on the island back from Roman occupation, there’s the monastery itself, which is amazing and overwhelming itself, and, then there is the church and the holy Madonna that is the entire reason for the establishment of Lluc. This is a great attraction for the entire family, do not miss it!

Visit the famous Lluc monastery


Viewpoint from the Calvario chapel in pollenca over the mountain valley and coast in the horizon.

One the main attractions in Pollença, is the stairway built into the mountain slope leading to the summit. At the top of the calvary stairs, you will find the calvary chapel that is used for special occasions and religious ceremonies. However, most people would probably agree that is is the amazing views from the top that makes this climb so special and well worth the struggle. The stairway has about 400 steps, and when you reach the top you will be blessed with a feeling of accomplishment together with the breathtaking panoramic views of the entire valley.

Climb the calvary stairs


Crowded bars at the main square of Pollenca old town, Mallorca, with the parish church in the background.

In the heart of Pollença’s old town, you will find the massive parish church situated in the main square. The church was first built by the Knights Templar after the Catalan conquest of Mallorca in 1229. Then, in the 15th century the church was expanded and the watchtower was added as part of an extensive network of towers around the island that could warn against enemies approaching. Inside, you will find some beautiful treasures and art works worth seeing. If you do not want to go inside, stay outside and admire this amazing construction from one of the many bars and restaurants in the square.


The municipal museum of Pollenca is a great place to learn about the area and the rich cultural heritage here. At the museum, you will find interesting exhibitions and collections of artifacts, paintings and works representing different periods of time all the way back to the prehistory.


Ancient Roman bridge called 'Pont Roma' in Pollenca old town, Mallorca, Spain.

One of the most well-preserved remains of Roman presence on the island, is the Pont Roma (Roman bridge) situated in the western part of Pollença. The Roman army led by Quintus Caecilius Metellus, took over Mallorca in 123 BC after fighting in the Punic Wars for more than a hundred years. They established the capital of Pollen-tia (Alcúdia), and this bridge was an important part of the infrastructure leading to the city.


Martí Vicenç was a famous artist and weaver from the local area of Pollença, whose innovative thinking and approach made his production of Mallorcan clothes and accessories renown all over Spain. At the museum, you can enjoy the many works of his, explore his workshop, his tools and machinery, as well as other interesting collections made by the artist and his wife.

Visit the Marti Vicenc museum and see the artworks


The house and gallery of local painter, Dionís Bennàssar is open to the public thanks to the foundation of same name. Dionís Bennàssar was known for his beautiful paintings of the Mallorcan nature that occupied him more than anything else. Here in his house, you can explore the life of this local artist, see his workshop and enjoy the many splendid works.

Visit the Dionis Benassar house museum and see the artworks of the local painter


Old oratory of Sant Jordi in Pollenca old town, Mallorca.

This little oratory standing on the corner of a cute square, was originally built back in the 16th century as a gathering place for soldiers to prepare for battle when the coast was under attack of pirates.

Oratory of Sant Jordi


Castell del Rei (King’s Castle) is an old fortress built by the Moors and later used by the Catalan conquerors of the island. Castell del Rei is a very popular place of interest amongst walkers, because the excursion offers so many amazing and unforgettable views while you make your way through the unspoiled and merciless landscapes of the Tramuntana mountains. When you arrive at Castell del Rei, you will be blessed with the most divine views while exploring this historical place.



ancient lookout called Talaia d'Albercutx in the mountains close to the coast of OPollenca, Mallorca.

If you are up for walking or hiking in the beautiful nature, you’re in luck when visiting the area of Pollença. On the mountain sides, you will find the old medieval watchtower of Albercutx from where you can enjoy a refreshment while taking in the breathtaking panoramic views of the bay of Pollença and Formentor.

Talaia de Albercutx


On the opposite side of the Pollença bay, another peninsula stretches from Mallorca’s north coast, namely the Alcanada peninsula. Up here, you’ll find the old hermitage of Victoria, a sacred place that has now been transformed to a hostel and cafeteria. From the old hermitage, you can enjoy the magical views of the bay of Pollença and see to the bay of Formentor.

Discover the Ermita de Victoria


Ruins of ancient Roman city of Pol-lentia on the outskirts of Alcudia, Mallorca. A major tourist attraction.

123 BC the Roman army conquered Mallorca after fighting in the Punic Wars for more than a century. They established the first capital of the island where Alcúdia is now located, the city was known as Pol-lentia. Years of excavation works has resulted in this great attraction that is open to the public. You can easily spend at least an hour walking around in the ruins exploring life of the legendary Romans; the amphitheater, the burial sites, the forum, the residential zones and what else was part of this great city.

Discover the Roman capital of Pol-lentia

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Port de Pollença is located in the northwestern part of Mallorca, approx. 64 km (~39 miles) from Palma airport.

Transfers from the airport to Port de Pollença takes about 45 minutes by car or taxi.

A taxi will cost you about75-85 euros.

You can also go for a little more comfort and get a private air-conditioned minibus, which will cost you 138 euros. Book here

Port de Pollença is “alive” most of the year, however, it is during spring and summer the area peaks in visits.

If you come to Mallorca to do sports like cycling or hiking, spring and perhaps autumn would be your best time to visit.

If you are here for the wonderful beaches, June to September is the best time of year to visit Port de Pollença, as water temperatures reach 25º C.

Every Wednesday morning there’s a market in Port de Pollença. The market starts around 7-8 am and ends at 2 pm.

The distance between the two towns is about 7 km (~4.3 miles), which makes for a pleasant walk along the marked trail.

Events in Port de Pollença

Port de Pollença weekly market

Every Wednesday morning, from around 8 a.m, the weekly market in Port de Pollença opens its stalls. This is a wonderful way of stimulating all senses, and perhaps haggle a scoop on some leather good or clothes.


Festes de Sant Pere (celebration of Saint Peter)

Former patron saint of Port de Pollença, Saint Peter, is celebrated in the days around June 29th with a series of cultural activities and happenings. The celebration occurred for the first time back in the early 20th century when the urban development of Port de Pollença started to take shape.

During these days, you can look forward to exhibitions, concerts by traditional Mallorcan bagpipes and dances.

When: The days leading up to June 29th

Where: Port de Pollença



Festes de la Mare de Deú del Carme (celebration of the Virgin of Mount Carmel)

Present day patron saint of fishermen, Virgin of Mount Carmel, is celebrated on July 16th. On this day you can enjoy a wide range of cultural events, such as traditional dances, concerts and speeches. Moreover, there are boat trips in the bay of Pollença.

When: 16th of July

Where: Port de Pollença

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