Visit the Cuevas de Arta in Canyamel

The Artà caves is a great sight and attraction for the entire family, with the many colourful lights and impressive stalactites and stalagmites to adore

The Artà caves, Cuevas de Artà, are located just outside the little holiday resort of Canyamel, in the municipality of Capdepera. However, the caves has their name from their rightful owner, the cultural town of Artà.

The impressive caves of stalactites and stalagmites here, have been thousands of years underway, and still not finished growing. You will be taken through tunnels, between the many chambers down here. Many chambers, have been given religious names, such as the “Purgatory”, because of their storytelling formations. Another interesting chamber, is the “Queen’s Hall”.

Guided tours in the caves, are about 45 minutes long.

How to get to the Arta caves


Capdepera is a historical stronghold of Mallorca founded post the Catalan’s conquest of the island in the late 1200’s. The rich historical heritage of the area has left a series of landmarks i.e. the Castell de Capdepera which used to be the village itself during the late Middle Ages. Capdepera offers a wealth of things to do and see, you have access to stunning nature, beaches, cultural activities, authentic hotels and amazing vantage points.

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