The caves of Cuevas del Drach in a major tourist attraction in Porto Cristo

Cuevas del Drach, or “The Dragon Caves”, are located in the resort of Porto Cristo, on the east coast of Mallorca

These caves are by far the most promoted of all the stalactite caves in Mallorca, and also the biggest of them all.

The caves are about 30 meters below the surface, and has been created by water and calcium carbonate, through thousands of years. The stalactites and stalagmites that grow in the caves, are still growing by 1 cm per year.

In the very bottom of the caves, you will see Europe’s biggest underground lake, the Lago Martel, named after the man who discovered it, Edouard Martel, who found it back in 1896.

You will be taken of a sail on the lake, accompanied by an orchestra playing classical music, to make this trip even more enchanting and magical. Watch, as the many colourful lights lit up the thousands of stalactites and stalagmites, making them come to life!

The Dragon Caves, are one of the biggest tourist attractions in Mallorca, and even though they are quite populated at times, it is a must-see sight.

How to get to Cuevas del Drach

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