Cuevas del Hams, is roughly translated into “fish hook caves”, simply because the many stalactite and stalagmites, are formed as fish hooks. The caves are located in the back of the popular holiday resort of Porto Cristo, about 5-10 minutes from the centre of the town.

The caves was first discovered by Pedro Caldentey Santandreu, who found them on a quest for onyx. Santandreu wasn’t late to figure out, that his discovery would be interesting to an audience, hence he installed access facilities soon after. In 1912, he managed to keep the caves lightened in 16 hours a day, by using water turbines to generate power. A tourist attraction was born!

There are different caves to see in the Cuevas del Hams, one of them, is the ‘Angel Dream’ which is the most beautiful of them all.

The fish-hook caves, is a great alternative to the perhaps more popular Cuevas del Drach (Dragon Caves), also located in Porto Cristo. They are not quite as big, nor spectacular, but a good alternative!

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