Celler Son Toreo

entrance of restaurant celler son toreo in sineu mallorca

Celler Son Toreo is both a place to see and eat

Son Toreo was named first time back in 1607, when Leonard Toreo started this restaurant and celler.

On the facade by the entrance, notice the beautiful Gothic doors and windows, preserved from medieval times.

Inside Son Toreo, the first thing that you will notice is the original xebrons (beams) in the ceiling. In the restaurant, you can also see the original distillation machinery, and some of the old vats used for stomping grapes.

The Son Toreo building, is a great way of literally consuming culture in Mallorca. The restaurant serves typical Mallorcan food.


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Sineu is to many inhabitants, namely the local inhabitants, the very heart of Mallorca due to the central location and the many historical monuments and buildings in the town. Sineu is perhaps most famous for its Wednesday tourist market where the narrow silent streets are turned into a commerce mecca of hundreds of thousands of people bargaining. But Sineu is actually one of the greater places to visit and go sightseeing in Mallorca, as you will find a nice handful of interesting constructions such as the Santa Maria church, the former Minims convent, the former royal palace, Gothic hospital etc., all places that tell a story from a period in the history of Sineu and the making of this town. Moreover, Sineu is a great place to discover some traditional Mallorcan cuisine as you will find a number of cellers and bars that serves delicious dishes worth traveling for. Last but not least, Sineu hosts a number of annual events and happenings where local traditions are celebrated with festivities and fairs, an excellent opportunity to feel the soul of Mallorca when it truly unfolds.

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