Marcus Lion

sculpture of a lion in front of the parish church of sineu mallorca

The lion of Saint Marc in Sineu is a small but important sight, and an obvious stop on your way through town, ideal for a picture.

The lion is placed just behind the impressive parish church, and dedicated to the patron saint of Sineu, Saint Marc.

During medieval times, this small plaza was a place of holiness and worship. It has even been a graveyard before this.

The sculpture of the lion with wings, was made by Joan Maimó Vadell in 1945, on the 500th anniversary of the patron saint. Between it’s arms, the lion holds the crest of Sineu.

Saint Marc was chosen as patron saint of Sineu back in 1645, when officials of the municipality met to find the right patron saint. The choice was between Saint Marc and Saint Christopher, but hence Saint Marc was the guardian angel of farmers, and Sineu has always lived from cultivating crofts, he seemed like an obvious choice.

Every year on the 25th of April, Saint Marc is celebrated in Sineu. Back in medieval times, people prayed and asked Saint Marc for rain in April.


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Sineu is to many inhabitants, namely the local inhabitants, the very heart of Mallorca due to the central location and the many historical monuments and buildings in the town. Sineu is perhaps most famous for its Wednesday tourist market where the narrow silent streets are turned into a commerce mecca of hundreds of thousands of people bargaining. But Sineu is actually one of the greater places to visit and go sightseeing in Mallorca, as you will find a nice handful of interesting constructions such as the Santa Maria church, the former Minims convent, the former royal palace, Gothic hospital etc., all places that tell a story from a period in the history of Sineu and the making of this town. Moreover, Sineu is a great place to discover some traditional Mallorcan cuisine as you will find a number of cellers and bars that serves delicious dishes worth traveling for. Last but not least, Sineu hosts a number of annual events and happenings where local traditions are celebrated with festivities and fairs, an excellent opportunity to feel the soul of Mallorca when it truly unfolds.

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