Old chapel outside Llubí of Sant Crist de la Salut del Remei

The story of the small chapel

This small chapel has always been a special attraction of Llubí. The chapel is located approximately 1 kilometre from the village itself, close to the borders of Inca, and can be reached via a cobblestone road from the town.

This chapel was built in 1896, on the initiative of the priest, Antoni Cladera Fornes – inaugurated and blessed in September. Found on the exterior wall of the chapel is a memorial plate honouring the priest.

Shortly after the construction of the chapel, it housed a small community of hermits in approximately 3 years (1897-1900).

In the mid-twentieth century, the dome, building and sacristy was renovated.

Architecturally, the building has a Gothic style with a special hexagonal form where a stone cross adorns the top of the dome.

Each year, on the Tuesday after Easter, assembled inhabitants of Llubí and go out to the chapel for an Easter fair.

You can drive or walk to the hilltop where the Ermita del Sant Crist de la Salut del Remei is found. From up here, you can enjoy a blessed view of the local area with the village of Llubí beautifully nestled in between the many hectares of fields and hills.

How to get to Ermita del Sant Crist de la Salut del Remei


Llubí is a small and charming village and area with a great location between countryside and mountains. Llubí is a predominately agricultural area with its main activities in capers and olives.

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