All churches in Mallorca

We have conducted a list of all the churches of the island and sorted it alphabetically by municipalities, to make it easy for you to browse the churches by area.

In Mallorca, the language can sometimes be tricky as some of the churches are named in Spanish and other in Catalan. Both languages are used on the island.

Parish church of Alaró Sant Bartomeu


The parish church of Alaró was finished in 1725 and carries a simple design with sparsely ornamentation in the facade walls. Inside, the altarpiece of Souls of the Purgatory and the organ concert every Saturday morning makes the church a great visit.

Parish church of Alcudia is Sant Jaume


The parish church of Alcúdia is dedicated to its founder, King Jaume II of Mallorca. The church is built directly into the massive defense walls that enclose the town. The basilica is built in Neo-Gothic architecture, and inside you can enjoy the beautiful altarpiece by local artist Llorenç Ferrer Martí.

Parish church of Algaida Sant Pere i Sant Pau


In Algaida, you will find the Sant Pere i Sant Pau parish, a stunning example of Gothic and Baroque architecture. It was erected in the 15th century and later expanded in the 18th century. Inside, the Baroque altarpiece stands out, along with the chapel of el Roser.


The church was finished in 1770 and dedicated to the Immaculate Conception and the beatified Mallorcan philosopher Ramon Llull. Inside, notice the beautiful chapel of Sant Josep and Tabernacle, as well as the Baroque altarpiece.


The temple was erected in 1858 with the help of the local congregation of Pina. It is dedicated to the saint Cosmas and Damian and Our Lady of Health. The interior follows an iconographic illustrative program projected by the local priest Gabriel Mariano Ribes.

Visit the fortified Santa Maria church in Andratx


The church of Andratx is built in a rather primitive style with fortified walls due to the many brutal pirate raids during the 15th century.

Church of Carmen in Port d'Andratx


The local church of Port d’Andratx was erected thanks to the help of the local congregation in the fishing village. The temple is dedicated to Carmen, protector of seamen and was finished in 1928.

Church of Atotxa in Ariany Mallorca


The church of Atotxa is built in playful architectural style featuring a Neo-Romantisque facade. The church was promoted by the marquis of Ariany, Joan Cotoner, whom brought an image of the Virgin back from Madrid, an image that now presides in the altar.

parish church of Arta transfiguration of the lord


The parish church of Artà is dedicated to the transfiguration of the lord, and features multiple interesting elements such as the main altarpiece displaying several stages of the transfiguration, the rosary chapel and the 17th century baptismal font.

Visit the fortified pilgrimage church of Sant Salvador in Arta


The iconic pilgrimage church of Sant Salvador is situated at the peak of the holy hill of Artà, allowing divine views over the area. The church was originally built on the site of a former Moorish mosque after the Catalan conquest, but had to be destroyed and rebuilt after it was used as a hospital for victims of the 1820 bubonic plague.

Fortified parish church of Santa Maria de Banyalbufar


The Santa Maria parish in Banyalbufar was built with fortified walls and watchtower as a response to the intense pirate raids in the 16th century. Despite of its rather primitive style, the church features several interesting elements such as the main altarpiece by famous artist Gaspar Oms and the Baroque 17th century organ brought from the now destroyed Dominican convent in Palma.

the church of santa maria de robines in binissalem mallorca


The parish of Binissalem is dedicated to Santa Maria de Robines, the original name of the area before it was officially named Binissalem. The church features a treasury of unique Baroque art to adorn, as well as an imposing bell tower.


The church of Sant Pere (Saint Peter) was built as a result of a growing congregation in the sleepy village of Búger in the 18th century. The works of the temple was carried out with the help of the inhabitants, who before this were forced to walk 5 km to the old Sant Miquel chapel north of Campanet.

church of Sant Mateu in Bunyola


The Sant Mateu (Saint Mathews) church in the heart of Bunyola is one of the  churches in Mallorca that has kept its original position since it was erected in 1248. The church is built and decorated in stunning Baroque style, full of lush details evidencing the importance of this temple.

church of sant julia in campos


The church of Saint Julian in Campos, is the third construction on the very site that the original primitive chapel was erected in 1248. The church of Saint Julian carries a Neoclassical architecture on its exterior, and inside, detailed decorated coffed ceiling and the beautiful Gothic altarpiece by Gabriel Móger are the main attractions.

Sant Miquel parish church in Campanet


The parish Sant Miquel was finished in the late 18th century, as a response to the growing congregation and segregation of the villages of Búger. The temple is built in Baroque architecture of local limestone.

Parish church of Costitx Nuestra Senora de Natividad


The parish church of Costitx is dedicated to the birth of the virgin Mary. It was founded already in 1236 following the Catalan conquest of the island by Arnau de Santacilla, a priest from Terragona, Catalonia.For centuries, Costitx belonged under the parish of Sencelles, but in the 17th century it regained it independence as a parish, and the current temple was erected, which is a symbol of this segregation.

Visit the beautiful church of Sant Baptista and its cemetery in Deia


The church of beautiful mountain village Deià is one of the main attractions in this area, namely because of its unique and scenic situation at the peak of the hill overlooking both coastline and valley.

church of sant pere in Esporles Mallorca


The church of Sant Pere (Saint Peter) in mountain village of Esporles was never finished. It was designed by Gaspar Bennàssar and meant as a cadeau to the La Seu cathedral in Palma with its architectural style.

church of Sant Miquel in Felanitx


Sant Miquel in Felanitx belongs to the unique churches in Mallorca, namely because of its architecture and history. The church is constructed in beautiful Neo-Gothic architectural style, however, the most outstanding feature of its exterior is the detailed Churrigueresque facade. Inside, the Gothic altarpiece of the Immaculate Conception stands out, as well as the rose window displaying scenes from the gospel.

parish church of santa maria in inca mallorca


Santa Maria de la Mayor is the imposing parish church rising high above the rooftops of Inca. Santa Maria de la Mayor was built on top of a former Moorish mosque, it took almost 200 years to finish the current construction, which was inaugurated in 1902. Inside, notice the painted panels by artist Joan Daurer dating from 1373. Inside the church, you will also find a small museum exhibiting religious artifacts and artworks from medieval times that has been collected over the years.

church of sant francesc in inca mallorca


The small convent and church was built in the late 1700’s and inhabited by monks of the Franciscan order. Inside you can find a beautiful painting by famous artist, Gabriel Móger that is being exhibited here.

church of the santo domingo monastery in Inca


The church of the Santo Domingo monastery was built in the 17th century to serve the monks. The church and the rest of the monastery was seized by Juan Alvarez Mendizabal in 1835 and sold to private investors to raise money for the Carlist war.

Parish church of Lloret de Vistalegre


The church of Loreto was built by the Dominican order that settled in Lloret de Vistalegre in the 16th century. There are some great elements inside the Baroque temple such as the Gothic altarpiece, coat of arms of the Dominican order and an old basin for washing hands.


The parish church of Lloseta was finished in the mid-19th century following the municipal segregation from Binissalem. One of the most remarkable elements of this church, is the image of the virgin of Lloseta, that was found by the Coco torrent outside town and brought here.

Parish church of Llubí Sant Fileu


We know that a chapel was built here, not long after the conquest of the Catalans (1229-1231). The chapel was dedicated to Sant Feliu, patron saint and protector of Llubí, who died the martyrdom by the Romans in the year 304. It wasn’t until the 17th century, that Llubí had grown big enough to have a real church, to service the entire village. This church was started in 1570 and finished in 1650, and again expanded in the years between 1870 and 1896.

Parish church of Llucmajor Sant Miquel


The grandiose church of Sant Miquel Llucmajor stands out with its many different architectural styles and enormous dimensions. The current temple was finished in the mid-19th century, one of the main architects was Spanish Isidro González Velázquez.

The church of Manacor Nostra Senyora dels Dolors is a point of interest


With its imposing Neo-Gothic tower rising 84 meters in the air, it is the tallest building in all of Mallorca, and one of the most beautiful as well. The church of Our Lady of Sorrows, was erected in the 19th century as a result of a prosperous economy in Manacor, and has replaces two other temples in the same location.


The church of Porto Cristo is dedicted to Or Lady of Mount Carmel, who is also the protector of fishermen and seamen. The church features am architectural style of historcism and the a beautifully carved stairway leading up to the main entrance which dates from 1957.


Since 902, Palma has been the capital of the Balearic Islands, and home to more than 50 churches.

Palma cathedral La Seu in Mallorca


This architectural masterpiece situated at the seafront of Palma hardly needs an introduction, it is of course the beautiful cathedral of La Seu.

Santa Eulalia parish church in Palma Mallorca


Santa Eulàlia is Palma’s main parish church and one of the first four churches erected following the Catalan-Aragonese conquest in 1229.

Baroque Church of Monti-Sion in Palma


The church of Monti Sion replaced a former synagogue in Palma’s old Jewish neighborhood. It was constructed by the Jesuits who was later expelled from all of Spain due to their high influence on the local communities. Monti Sion is known for its beautiful and very detailed main entrance made in Baroque style.

Gothic church of La Sang in Palma city


La Sang was the last Gothic church constructed in Palma. It is renown for the unique Italian carvings preserved inside believed to the the oldest in all of Spain, as well as beautiful panels by famous Mallorcan artist Gabriel Móger. The most remarkable item inside, however, is the sculpture of Christ carved in oak and used for special processions.

Glass church of La Porciuncula in Palma


Situated in the area of Ca’n Pastilla, you will find the glass church of La Porciúncula. The church is a tourist attraction, and differentiates itself from other churches by its round architecture and walls made of painted glass. When the sound of the massive organ fill the round room and the sunbeams breaks through the painted glass coloring everything in all the colors of the rainbow, then you are in for a very scenic experience.

Church of Sant Nicolau in Palma, Mallorca


Sant Nicolau was the fifth parish church constructed in Palma, in the years between 1302 and 1349. The stunning Baroque main entrance of floral motifs is a result of a major renovation dating from the mid-17th century. Inside, you can enjoy another Baroque masterpiece in the altar, as well as a Gothic painting of Saint Nicolas.

church of santa creu in palma mallorca


Santa Creu, or Santa Cruz, was one of the four original parish churches in Palma erected in the early 14th century. There are numerous elements of special interest to discover both inside and outside the walls of this massive temple. Some of the most significant features of Santa Creu, include the tomb of famous knight Sant Llorenc, the enormous organ which is among the biggest in Mallorca, the tomb of famous Captain Barcelo and, of course, the altarpiece by Gabriel Móger displaying Santa Helene, Our Lady of Good Ways and Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

church of sant miquel in palma


Sant Miquel was too one of the four original parish churches of Palma. Sant Miquel was built on top of the former main mosque that was here during Moorish rule of the island (902-1229).The church is dedicated to theologian and friend of King Jaume I the Conqueror, Miquel Fabra. Of special interest inside the church, you will find a painting brought by King Jaume himself displaying Mary and her little child.

Church of Sant Jaume


Sant Jaume was also one of the original parish churches of Palma, it was erected almost immediately following the Catalan-Aragonese conquest in 1229. The church is dedicated to King Jaume I the Conqueror whom was the man behind the conquest of the archipelago. Of special interest inside Sant Jaume, you will find the canvasses made by Miquel Pons and the altarpiece displaying Saint Cajetan, founder of the Theatine order.

church of santa margalida in palma city


The church of Santa Margalida was also one of the first churches erected in Palma, however, not as a parish but by the Franciscan monks as part of their property. The church is a stunning example of Gothic architecture and preserves the original irragular floors and ribbed vaults. Moreover, inside one of the chapels you can find the tomb of Guillem de Torrella, one of the protagonists in the Catalan-Aragonese conquest of Mallorca in 1229.

Church of Saint John of Malta in Palma


The church of Sant Joan de Malta dates from the 13th or 14th century. Notice the simple yet beautiful carvings in the main facade, a stunning example of Italian classicism, as well as the Maltese cross above the rose window and relief of Sant Joan.

church of our lady of soccour in palma


The church of Our Lady of Perpetual Soccour was erected by the Augustine monks and inaugurated in the second half of the 17th century. Despite of its rather modest exterior, the interior will surely impress you – a lot. Especially the chapel of San Nicholas of Tolentino designed by Francisco Herrera with its Horror Vacui painted ceiling and octagonal floor plan is a beautiful sight.

Church of Santa Fe in Palma


Santa Fe is dedicated to Saint Faith of Conques, a small and modest Gothic church that replaced a former synagogue in Palma’s old Jewish neighborhood.

It is almost impossible to find a more pastoral village in Mallorca than Petra, so if you truly want to discover and explore the religious life and heritage of Mallorca, this is the place to visit.

church of sant pere in Petra


The church of Sant Pere (Saint Peter) is among the biggest in Mallorca along with La Seu and the parish church of Porreres. It took almost 200 years to complete the works before the inauguration of the Gothic temple in 1766.Of noteworthy elements, it is worth highlighting the baptistry where famous Mallorcan preacher Junipero Serra was baptized and the altarpiece transferred from the former Santo Domingo convent in Palma.

Convent of Sant Bernadi in Petra


Church and convent of Sant Bernadí is found in the heart of Petra, a place that was ceased and sold in 1836 during the first Carlist War of Spain. Inside the church, you will find a beautiful altarpiece displaying the Immaculate Conception, the saints of Sant Joan de Capistrano, Sant Jaume de la Marca, and on top, Sant Bernadí. Just outside the church, you can see a beautiful monument dedicated to Junipero Serra displaying the four most important phases in his life.

Church of Nostra Senyora dels Angels


Our Lady of Angels is the massive and partly fortified parish church rising high above the rooftops of Pollenca’s old charming town. This church has an interesting yet dark story, as 200 women and children were locked inside and asphyxiated to death in the 16th century by imperial troops during a war on the island. The bell tower is built partly as a watchtower and the Baroque architecture makes for a fantastic mix.

Parochial church of Porreres


The parish church of Porreres is considered the cathedral of rural Mallorca due to it’s imposing dimensions. Apart from its size, the parish church is also home to an extensive collection of religious artworks such liturgical pieces, a sculpture by Gabriel Móger, the pulpit with biblical motifs and the stunning altarpiece featuring Saint Peter and the crest of Porreres.

Church of Sant Felip Neri in Porreres


The church and oratory of Sant Felip Nerí was constructed between 1885 and 1911. It is however, in more recent times we find the interesting stories of this church, namely around 1998, when younger generations of Porreres started to take interest in the rebuilding of the congregation belonging to this place. Inside, there are some very unique paintings done by Vicenc Furio and Llorenc Cerda.

Parochial church of Sant Joan Baptista


This imposing and glorious church of Sant Joan has been modified multiple times since its original erection back in 1541, which testifies to the commitment and engagement of the local congregation. Some of the most stunning features of the church, includes the Baroque style main entrance with Corinthian columns, as well as the impressive and detailed carving in the tympanum above. Inside there is too a lot to look at, many beautiful details and even a small exhibition of religious artworks.

Sant Llorenc des Cardassar

Parochial church of Sant llorenc in Mallorca


This Neoclassical church was finished in 1845, even though the temple has been here officially since the 14th century. Inside the church, you will find a small museum exhibiting paintings by local artist Miquel Pont.

Santa Eugènia

Parish church of Santa Eugènia Mallorca


The parish church of Santa Eugènia is a modest construction, which really highlights the story behind the temple. It was back in the 16th century, when the local congregation of the village stood up to the bishop of Mallorca and demanded a church for their village instead of having to walk to nearby town of Santa Maria.

Santa Maria del Cami

santa maria del cami mallorca local guide


Parish church of Santa Maria del Cami stands out with its azure roof and speared pyramid crowning the bell-tower. The temple was designed by famous architect Lluc Mesquida Florit and his two sons in the 18th century, where it replaced the former and more primitive church from the 13th century. The organ inside was finished by famous organ builder Damià Caymari.

Santa Margalida


The parish church of rural village Santa Margalida has two main attraction forces; the altarpiece featuring elements of the Mallorcan School, and its position at the highest point in town.

Church of Sant Andreu in Santanyí


Sant Andreu is built with the famous local yellow stones of Santanyí. It is, however, inside the church you will find the most amazing feature of the basilica, the enormous organ. The organ was built by famous Jordi Bosch, and was acquired following the closing of the Dominics convent in Palma. The instrument was so large that the church had to be re-designed and constructed in order to fit it inside.

Sant Llorenc or Saint Lawrence is the parish church of Selva


Parish church of Selva, Saint Lawrence, can be spotted from far away due to its position at the highest point of the area, a place decided by King Jaume II of Mallorca in 1302.  The name was given in commemoration of one of the knights that participated in the conquest of the island in 1229-31.

Parish church of saint peter in Sencelles Mallorca


The parish church of Sencelles is dedicated to Saint Peter, and dates all the way back to 1246 when the parish was established by the bishop of Mallorca. At that time, the parish was moved from the neighboring area of Costitx, which throughout the centuries caused a series of disputes between the two. The current church was constructed in the years between 1691 and 1864.

parish church of Sineu Sant Maria


The imposing parish church of Santa Maria can be spotted from far away with its huge tower and dome. The church of Sineu has a special legend to it; it is said that because Sineu is located in the very center of the island, the locals believe that it is too the center of the world. Every New Years eve, the mayor and rector visit the bell tower to make sure the clock functions properly, or the world will stop.

Sant Bartomeu church in Sóller is made in beautiful neo-gothic style


Sant Bartomeu is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable churches in Mallorca, or at least its main facade is. The facade was designed by famous Catalan architect Joan Rubio, business partner of Antoni Gaudí, and also responsible for the facade of the facade of the bank building next door.

Old church of Joan Baptista in Son Servera


Sant Joan Baptista, commonly referred to as “the old church” of Son Servera due to the creation of the unfinished new church in the sleepy village. Sant Joan Baptista is built in simple style, on top of the former watchtower erected to protect the population in the 16th century.

The open-air unfinished church Esglesia Nova is a point of interest in Son Servera


The new church of Son Servera, is the work of famous architect Joan Rubio, partner of Antoni Gaudí. The church was never inaugurated as a parish, instead it is used for special events and on special occasions.

Vilafranca de Bonany

Parish church of Vilafranca de Bonany Santa Barbara


There are numerous elements of the Santa Barbara church that makes it worth visiting. The sculpture of Christ on the rood, the sacred heart hanging from the dome, the old fossa (graveyard) and the stunning altarpiece.

Parish church of Valldemossa Sant Bartomeu


The parish church of charming Valldemossa is one of the smallest basilicas on the island, nevertheless, very beautiful. One of the most significant stories about the church is related to the organ which was created by Jeroni Roig. It was built to symbolize the community spirit of Valldemossa in a time when most landowners left the area and left the town in poverty.

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