Discover the many beautiful churches in Mallorca

In Mallorca, the language can sometimes be tricky as some of the churches are named in Spanish and other in Catalan. Both languages are used on the island.

beautiful churches are attractions in mallorca

Església de Santa Margalida

Great church with unique examples of the Mallorcan School inside

Església de Sant Andreu

The parish church of Santanyí stands out at the end of the main street in the heart of the yellow town. Inside, you can enjoy the impressive organ and altarpiece, both brough here from the former Dominican convent in Palma, and, the el Roser chapel that was actually the old church of the town prior to the construction of this temple.

Església de Sant Miquel de Llucmajor

Sant Miquel is the parish church of Llucmajor, an impressive Neoclassical basilica built on top of the former primitive Goithic church from the 14th century.

Convent of Sant Augustin

As one of the most influential monastic orders in the history Felanitx, it is no wonder how a convent and church can be built in this size.

Parròquia de Sant Miquel de Felanitx

Any fan of great imposing architecture is going to want to visit the massive parish church in the heart of Felanitx. It features a range of unique details including the main facade and entrance made in traditional Spanish Churrigueresque style.The church also carries a tragic event in its history, when the wall collapsed on Easter Sunday 1844 and buried 416 people under the bricks.

Església de Sant Julià

AboutPicturesWhereMore About Enjoy a visit inside the amazing temple of Saint Julian in Campos The church construction you see today is actually the third of its kind on the very location. The very first church in Campos was built back in 1248, and was nothing but a moderate chapel. The church was inaugurated in 1873, …

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Església de Sant Joan Baptista

The parish church of Sant Joan Baptista stands at the main square of Son Servera, giving the village its charming and cute look. The parish church was built on top of a former watchtower that used to protect the inhabitants back when Son Servera was not even a village.

Església Nova

Església Nova – or New Church – is one of the most beautiful an unique churches in Mallorca, and a sought-for wedding venue. The open-air church was designed by famous Catalan architect Joan Rubio, a partner of Antoni Gaudí.

Església Parroquial de Sant Llorenç des Cardassar

Església Parroquial de Sant Llorenç des Cardassar is a church with a neoclassical style facade and a nice little museum containing beautiful religious art.

Església de Nostra Senyora del Carme de Porto Cristo

The church in Porto Cristo is dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, protector of seamen and fishermen.

Església de Mare de Déu dels Dolors

The parish church of Our Lady of Sorrows is undoubtedly the most eye-catching construction in Manacor with its unique bell tower rising high above the rooftops of the town from its central location.

Església parroquial de la Transfiguració del Senyor

Built in stunning Neo-Gothic style, the parish church of Ártà stands as a beautiful gate at the feet of the holy hill of Sant Salvador. The church was inaugurated in the 17th century, and features a wealth of interesting details to have a closer look at such as the Portals de la Dones and Portal dels Homes, the main altarpiece of the Transfiguration of the Lord, the stained class windows, the pipe organ and much more.

Pilgrimage church of Sant Salvador

The probably most iconic construction of Ártà, is the pilgrimage church of Sant Salvador situated at the summit of the holy hill. A 180 step stairway leads from the feet of the hill to the top from where you will enjoy the most magnificent views over the town and beautiful area that surrounds it.

Església de Santa Barbara

As with many other Mallorcan villages, the parish church is one of the most important buildings in Vilafranca. The church stands on the original ground on which it was built in 1627. It was extended in the years between 1815 and 1842 and again in 1935. One of the main features of Santa Bàrbara, is the sculpture of Jesus Christ standing on the top of the dome.

Església de Santa Maria de Sineu

The imposing parish church of Santa Maria is one of the biggest churches in Mallorca, if not the biggest. It is a spectacular sight with its beautiful detailed Gothic architecture, its 7-storey high bell tower and the captivating collections of artworks inside.

Església de Sant Pere

The heart and crown of Sencelles is undoubtedly the parish church of Saint Peter, a Baroque construction dating from the 17th and 19th centuries. Inside, you can find the unique altarpiece designed by Fray Albert Borguny Castelló, displaying Saint Peter sitting on a throne.

Església de Santa Eugènia

The parish church is not just a church, it is a monument that reminds us of a time when the local congregation started to expand in Santa Eugènia and initiatives to segregate from Santa Maria del Camí began. The current church construction was built between the 17th and 20th century.

Església de Sant Joan Baptista

The parochial church of Sant Joan is as imposing from the outside as it is on the inside. Impressive wooden carvings, religious artworks and multiple architectural styles are some of the key features of this church that has been expanded many times since the original construction was erected back in the Middle Ages. Inside, you will also find the parochial museum, a great exhibition of religious art collected and donated.

Sant Felip Nerí

This impressive church was inaugurated back in 1911, after the fathers of Sant Felip Neri of Palma had arrived in Porreres in 1886. Inside, there are some beautiful artworks to enjoy, among these, the main altarpiece and works garnishing the presbytery along with the golden temple made by sculptor, Vadell.

Església de Nuestra Señora de la Consolacion

The parochial church of Porreres is known as “the cathedral of rural Mallorca” due to its amazing artworks, architectural finesse and imposing dimensions. The churches are always a sight in Mallorcan villages, and this is certainly no exception.

Església de Sant Pere

This imposing Gothic construction with Renaissance attributes is not only the crown of the town, but also a real life evidence of how wealthy an area Petra was during the MOdern Times. The enormous dimensions of the church and the fascinating artworks and altarpieces inside witness of a big and dedicated congregation. This was also the place where famous Petran missionary, Junipero Serra was baptized.

Santuari de Bonany

Enjoy a scenic and beautiful excursion to the hilltop sanctuary of Bonany in 313 meters, from where you can admire the panoramic views of the Pla region, you can even see all the way to the bay of Alcúdia. The church and hermitage is emblematic for the entire area, for many years it was used as a place of veneration of gods by peasants who came to pray for rain. If you brought your hiking shoes you can make the way via the pilgrimage path.

Església de Joan Baptista

This was one of the first churches built in Gothic style in Mallorca, it is unique because of the separate bell tower that was added later. The church is as beautiful on the inside as it is imposing from the outside. There are a wealth of religious art to discover in the chapels and the main altarpiece

Esglesia de Sant Bartomeu

In the heart of Montuïri town you will find the parish church, Sant Bartomeu. The church offers a lot of beautiful Gothic and baroque details in the exterior, and inside you can enjoy the beautiful works of art, among others. a beautiful gallery of paintings by Jaume Martorell, from 1775. The stairs up to the church are called ‘es Graons’, and have 12 steps, like the path of the cross.

Església de Maria

Església de Maria is the parish church of Maria de la Salut, a beautiful church with a pear-shaped spear that makes it stand out.

Església de Sant Fileu

The name of Sant Feliu is occurs repeatedly in Llubí, as he is the patron saint of the municipality. Therefore, it made perfectly good sense to name the parish church after him as well. The current church was erected in the 17th century, and offers a set of beautiful chapels decorated with numerous artworks to enjoy.

Església de Mare de Deú de Loreto

The origin of the current temple derives from the Franciscan Monastery which was founded in the old farmhouse of Manresa in 1551, who initiated the worship of the Mare de Déu de Loreto.

Església Parroquial de la Natividad de Nuestra Señora

The parish church of Costitx can be admired from the outside as well as from the inside.As in many other small villages on the island, the church stands out among all other buildings in Costitx with its massive dimensions rising bell tower. Behind the church, you will find the rectory building featuring a nice collection of baroque paintings of the Virgin Mary.

Església de Nostra Senyora de Atotxa

AboutWhereMore About Visit and enjoy the beautiful parish church of Atotxa in Ariany Atotxa is the parish church of the small and tranquil village of Ariany, located in the es Pla region of Mallorca. The church differentiates from other churches in Mallorca with its rather playful architectural style. Atotxa is situated at the highest point …

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Església de Immaculada i Ramon Llull

This is the main church of the village of Randa, home of Mallorca’s holy mountain of same name. The church offers some amazing and truly beautiful Baroque artworks found in the chapels inside.

Església de Sant Cosme i Sant Damián

Església de Sant Cosme i Sant Damiàn (Saint Cosmas and Damian) is the main church of the village of Pina. It is a nice church with two bell towers that represent the two saints.

Església de Sant Pere i Sant Pau

The parish church offers a wonderful exhibition of stunning Baroque and Gothic artworks and architecture. The church is dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul, a name it has from the Gothic altarpiece that was originally installed in the medieval chapel of Castellitx outside town. Besides from the religious services, the church is also an important part of many of the festivities held in the village, where it is used as part of a traditional dance act of els Cossiers. As with most parish churches on the island, it is definitely worth a visit.

Església de Sant Llorenç

Església de Sant Llorenç is the parish church of Selva municipality. It stands on the highest spot in Selva with its Gothic facade.

Església de Santa Maria del Cami

Església de Santa Maria del Cami undoubtedly carries one of the most spectacular and beautiful spears on its bell tower. And just as beautiful the church is on the outside it is on the inside as well.

Església de Santa Anna

Església de Santa Anna is a small church in the village of Moscari that dates from the 17th century.

Església de Lloseta

Església de Lloseta is the parish church of Lloseta and was erected in 1760.

Sant Francesc

The church of Sant Fracesc is a baroque building dating back from the early 19th century. Inside the church, you can see some beautiful artworks preserved such as the image of the Virgin of Grace made by famous artist Gabriel Mòger, the Renaissance altarpiece of the Immaculate Conception from the 17th century and the image of the Virgin of Hope also from the 17th century.

Monastery of Santo Domingo

Visit the church and former monastery of Santo Domingo situated in the heart of Inca. The church is built in baroque style, and from the inside you can enjoy the many beautiful artworks such as the main altarpiece and the side chapels. Next to the church you will find the cloister with the garden in the middle. The garden is often used as an exhibition space.

Església de Santa Maria de la Mayor

With its massive tower rising high above the rooftops of Inca, the parish church of Santa Maria de la Mayor is undoubtedly the most remarkable construction in Inca. And just as impressive it is from the outside, just as impressive is it on the inside. Some of the highlights of the visit include the painted panels by artist Joan Daurer dating back from 1373 and the church museum exhibiting numerous religious artworks and treasures made by renown artists, goldsmiths and silversmiths.

Església de Sant Miquel de Campanet

Església de Sant Miquel is the parish church of Campanet that stands out at the main square of the village

Església de Immaculada Consepció

The main church of Caimari, in local mouths referred to as “The New Church” because it is the second temple of the village. The church is built on top of a former convent that was seized by the premiere minister in 1836 to raise money to support the queen in the first Carlist war, after this the nuns could not pay to have it back

Església de Sant Pere de Búger

Església de Sant Pere is the parish church of the small municipality of Búger, and located at the end of the main street of the village itself.

Santa Maria de Robines

The parish church of Santa Maria is one of the most interesting places in Binissalem. The church is the third temple construction on this site since it was established in the 13th century, which ios part of the reason why it features several different stylistics to enjoy. Inside the church, you can admire the wonderful architecture, the side chapels and all the beautiful art works

Unfinished church

In the beginning of the 20th century, Spanish prime minister, Antonio Maura Montaner, who had bonds in Biniamar, decided to let a new church be constructed in the small village. However, due to corruption scandals, Maura was forced to leave his post and all projects of his was discarded due to the lack of finances including the new church. Today, it stand as it was left in 1909 with no roof or interior. It is easy to see the beautiful Gothic attributes the architect had started. The church is now used for sports and cultural events in Biniamar

Església de Santa Tecla

AboutWhereMore About Visit the small church of Santa Tecla, or have a refreshment by one of the coze bars next to it This small church in the centre of Biniamar, was built in first half of the seventeenth century. Two centuries later it was renovated and extended. This is a very simple construction, with rectangular …

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Església de Sant Jaume

The parish church of Alcúdia is as beautiful on the inside as it is from the outside. The church is built into the massive medieval town walls as par of the old defensive system of Alcúdia. Inside the church, you will find a treasury of beautiful arts, thus the ethnological museum of Alcúdia exhibiting all the amazing founds from excavation works at the Roman city of Pol-lentia

Església de Sant Bartomeu de Alaró

The parish church of Alaró is situated in the heart of the village and is one of the main gathering places for the locals. The church is open every day for visits (free) and every Saturday at 11:30, you can even come here and enjoy a free organ concert

Església de Sant Bartomeu

The parish church of Sóller is one of the most beautiful of its kind in Mallorca. The unique details in the main facade made in Neo-Gothic style designed by Joan Rubio i Bellver, a partner of Gaudí, makes this church stand out and calls for a photo. The church is open every day for visits.

Església de Sant Bartomeu

The parochial church of Valldemossa represents the true heart and soul of the village and its inhabitants. The church has been part of the town since 1248, and inside you will find a treasury of arts and the amazing organ built to represent the courage of the local people who stayed and kept Valldemossa going in times of serious crisis.

Església de Nostra Senyora dels Àngels

In the heart of Pollença’s old town, you will find the massive parish church situated in the main square. The church was first built by the Knights Templar after the Catalan conquest of Mallorca in 1229. Then, in the 15th century the church was expanded and the watchtower was added as part of an extensive network of towers around the island that could warn against enemies approaching. Inside, you will find some beautiful treasures and art works worth seeing. If you do not want to go inside, stay outside and admire this amazing construction from one of the many bars and restaurants in the square.

Església de Sant Pere

The parish church of Esporles, Esglesia de Sant Pere, is situated in the heart of the village, just across the street from the town hall. The church is one of the younger ones in Mallorca, finished in 1923 in stunning Neo-gothic style, and was designed with the intention of paying homage to the cathedral of La Seu in Palma.

Església de Sant Joan Baptista

n the heart of Deià rises a hill on which the church and cemetery is situated on top of. The church is a symbol of Deià’s independence and the interior preserves a remarkable Baroque altarpiece.

Esglesia de Sant Mateu

The parish church of Sant Mateu (Saint Matthew) rises in the center of the village at the central square, Sa Placa, surrounded by cafes, bars and restaurants. On the exterior of the church, you can enjoy the beautiful baroque main entrance containing a sculpture of Saint Matthew, the painted tiles on the walls and the high bell tower. Inside the church, a treasury of religious art is exhibited in the Gothic chapels. The parish church of Bunyola is a great sight to see while you are here, it is beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside.

Església Parroquial de Santa Maria de Banyalbufar

This small parish church is situated right next to the beautiful town hall building. The church is fortified due to the brutal attacks from pirates during the Middle Ages, actually, this is the second parish church of Banyalbufar hence the first was completely destroyed by attackers. The church became a safe place for the local congregation of Banyalbufar.

Església de Nostra Senyora del Carmen

The church of Carmen is the church in Port d’Andratx, a church built with the hands of the local fishermen, as a response to the increasing fishing industry of the area. Several times a year during the celebrations of the local traditions, you can experience processions from the church moving through the streets of the village.

Església de Santa Maria de Andratx

The imposing fortified parish church of Santa Maria stands out in the heart of the old medieval town. Back in the 16th century, the church was used for protection as Mallorca was continuously attacked by pirates.

Església de Santa Fe

The church of Santa Fe belongs to the smallest temples in the city. In the late Middle Ages, it used to be a synagogue serving the Jewish community that resided in this particular area.

Església la Sang (church of blood)

La Sang was the last Gothic church to be erected in the city, dating from the late 15th century. The church holds a series of items of special interest worth looking at, such as the panels of famous painter Gabriel Móger, the Italian carvings and marble sculptures and the sculpture of Christ carved in light oak. If you are into Gothic style and religious relics, go visit La Sang.

Church of Saint John of Malta

This church is situated close to the harbor area, and features fine examples of Italian classicism and Baroque architecture.

Església de Santa Margalida

The church of Santa Margalida (Saint Margaret), is one of the oldest Gothic churches in the city. One of the chapels in the church has the tomb of Guillem de Torrella, one of the protagonists of the conquest of Mallorca in 1229.

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

Sticking with the theme of Baroque art, the church of Our Lady of Soccour is not to be missed. The church dates from the late 17th century, built by Augustine monks and features a treasury of religious art and stunning architecture to be adored, especially the main altarpiece of the Virgin of Succour brought here from Seville by a remorseful prostitute.

Església de Sant Nicolau

The church of Sant Nicolau is a beautiful single nave church with rich Baroque heritage preserved inside. The original church was built way back in the early 14th century as a result of the growing city and congregation, but was later demolished in favor of the current temple. If you treasure religious art, make sure to visit Sant Nicolau.

Església de Monti Sion

The church of Monti-Sion was built by the Jesuits in the middle of the 16th century. The church was built on top of a former synagogue and the Llulianic study center. Monti-Sion is one of the most stunning examples of Baroque religious architecture on the island, go see it.

Esglesia de Santa Creu

Santa Creu is the third of the original four churches in Palma, erected in the 14th century. Despite of being reformed many times, the church has preserved its original bell tower and the chapel of Sant Sant Llorenç, a knight of Aragón whom had a central role in the conquest of the island, and is buried here.

Sant Miquel

Església de Sant Miquel is one of Palma’s oldest parishes, built on top of a former Moorish mosque. Inside, you will discover a number of beautiful religious arts and altarpieces

Sant Jaume

AboutWhereMore About Visit the former parish church of Sant Jaume in Palma Just west of the central square of Palma, Placa Major, you will find this amazing old Gothic church. The church of Sant Jaume is, along with the churches of Santa Eulàlia, Santa Creu and Sant Miquel, one of the oldest churches in Palma. …

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Santa Eulàlia

AboutWhereMore About Visit the beautifil Neo-Gothic Santa Eulàlia parish church Santa Eulàlia is dedicated to Eulàlia of Barcelona, and was built in 1236, just a few years after the Catalan conquest of Mallorca, on top of a former Moorish mosque. Santa Eulàlia is situated on a charming little plaza about 5-7 minutes walk from the …

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La Porciúncala

La Porciúncala is perhaps one of Mallorca’s most unique churches and has become a popular tourist attraction in Ca’n Pastilla

Palma Cathedral La Seu

The imposing cathedral is the overall trademark and icon of Palma. La Seu stands out from many other cathedrals with its many artistic details adorning the interior and exterior, its unique location by the waterfront and the world’s largest rose window called “Light of God”. Expect to be amazed as you feel yourself becoming smaller every step you take inside this huge temple full of religious artworks.