Parish church of Costitx Nuestra Senora de Natividad

The parish church of Costitx, is the crown of the village

Costitx might not be big, nor does it have a lot of stores or restaurants, but it symbolizes life in Mallorca during medieval times.

In 1236, Arnau de Santacília, a priest from from Catalonia, laid the first bricks of a church in Costitx. Already in 1242, the church was taken out of service, as the division of the island forced the parish church to be in neighbouring village of Sencelles.

Costitx became an independent parish in 1695, as the amount of landowners grew increasingly like the congregation. The construction of a brand new church could begin, which is the one you see today. It was done in 1772, and the local sculptor Bartomeu Picornell, finished the altarpiece in 1779.

While visiting the church, make sure to also visit the rectory behind the church, to see its collection of baroque paintings of Virgin Mary.

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Costitx is a charming and sleepy village set in the heart of the tranquil rural countryside. The area has been inhabited since the Bronze Age which has left several marks of the many cultures that has been present during the centuries and contributed to the development of the pride little municipality. As a tourist, you can almost use sightseeing in Costitx as a time travel going from ancient worlds to the future. Costitx is one of the most popular areas for foreigners to purchase property due to the great location and the natural charm of the area.

Visit and discover Costitx

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