Visit the fortified pilgrimage church of Sant Salvador in Arta

Visit the hilltop sanctuary of Sant Salvador and enjoy a piece of local history along with amazing panoramic views of the area

No less than 7 watchtowers, are incorporated in this metre-thick wall that encloses the sanctuary of Sant Salvador.

This fortress and church, was built back during Moorish times on Mallorca, and expanded after the Catalan reconquest of the island. At this time, the town of Artà, was called Almundaina, and the entire area was known as ‘Yartar’.

Inside the fortified area there is the house of the “Donat” (the person responsible for the Sanctuary) and two cisterns.
In the chapel, you find a figure of the Virgin Mary that was moved to the sanctuary from the church of Bellpuig (Catalonia) in the XV century. This polychrome wood carving was restored in 1952.

The 180 stone steps that lead up to the Sanctuary begin at the Parish Church of Transfiguration. The visit to Sant Salvador is free and offers extraordinary views over the town and the municipality of Artà.

How to find the pilgrimage church of Sant Salvador


Artà is a cultural stronghold of Mallorca, it boasts diversity and wealth in many ways. The area has been occupied by human since the Bronze Ages which has left numerous landmarks and point of interest to discover all over the municipality, such as the Talayotic settlement of ses Païsses, the pilgrimage church of Sant Salvador, the modernist architecture in Ca’n Epifani, the railway station, the Franciscan convent, the Betlem hermitage, the Llevant nature park and so much more, there is really something for everyone to enjoy in Artà. In addition to the many places to visit in the area, Artà is also home to some great restaurants and romantic petit hotels situated in historical fincas and manors.

Things to do in Arta

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