Parish church of saint peter in Sencelles Mallorca

The first church of this area, was built in the neighbouring village of Costitx in 1236. However, the bishop of Mallorca soon gave in to a growing congregation and allowed for a church to be constructed here.

In 1246, a chapel was built in the name of Saint Peter

The construction of the current church began in 1691. The works lasted until 1864 and included successive reforms and extensions.

The parish church is devoted to Saint Peter. A double flight of stairs leads to the main door. The door is furnished with an architrave, fluted jambs and an entablature bearing the date 1738. The pediment above the entablature has a medallion holding a relief of Saint Peter.

The church has a side door that opens to the square. The door is furnished with jambs in the shape of round pilasters with rings on the lower section. It has a pointed arch. The tympanum has the coat of arms of Sencelles bearing the date of 1707 on the right and a coat of arms with the relief of a tree on the left.

A square bell tower stands on the right of the side door. The cornice is surmounted by a balustrade. From this the tower rises octagonal and is crowned by a pinnacle or pyramid spire.

Inside, the church is formed by a single nave covered by a barrel vault with smaller vaults giving light to the church. It is divided into three sections. It has six side chapels on each side, a choir and a trapezoidal apse.

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Sencelles, Biniali, Ruperts and Jornets are all parts of this rural municipality located in the heart of the Mallorcan countryside. Sencelles boasts agricultural traditions and culture everywhere you look, making it a tranquil and authentic area that exemplifies the real soul of the island. You can look forward to a bunch of things to do, things to see, experience and visit such as the parish church, the hamlets, the restaurants, the fincas etc.

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