Es Pastoret – Monument of the 1820 epidemic

es pastoret memorial landmark outside the church of son servera in mallorca

Tradition says that in May 1820, a boat from Tangier, moored in our coast to bury a crew member in the sand who had died under suspicious circumstances. The peasant who found the body of the sailor, died the very next day, and within just a few days, more than 50 people lost their lives in the area.

The rapid spread of the epidemic, forced the town doctor to isolate the sick.

Early June, the Superior Board of Health, forced the military to establish a cordon in Son Servera to prevent the sick to leave their homes, leaving the streets in silence and the economy in ruins.

It was devastating. The village had at this time 1808 inhabitants, of which 1040 died. The 768 persons, who survived this terrible epidemic and put time and effort into reestablishing our town, are the ones we honor and thank by this memorial.

The decease lasted about three months, filling the town with agony and misery, until little by little, in late August, it seemed that everything was again under control. In fact, there were no more deaths caused by this epidemic, however, the cordon remained as a safety precaution.

On June 5 1821, the Mayor, the aldermen and the vicar, decided to mark the 1st day of February as a local holiday, in memory of the day the cordon was no longer needed.

The sculpture, a work by Eduardo Servera, placed at the Plaça de s’Abeurador, feels us with conflicting emotions. On one hand, the joy of remembering the pride in our people’s souls this town is made of; and on the other hand, the terrifying memories of our ancestors who suffered the devastating disease.


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Son Servera is one of those small sleepy villages that don’t really hear about as for destinations in Mallorca, except maybe the golfers who will give you some of the best recommendations about this place. Son Servera enjoys an eminent location close to nature, mountains, beaches, roads and, of course, some of the best golf courses on the island. This great location, means that there are a bunch of wonderful leisure activities to do, and also a nice handful of points of interest worth stopping by, for example the Església Nova (new church) and the old fortified main church. The village is sleepy yet charming, you will find a nice selection of local bars surrounding the main square where you can enjoy a relaxing local feeling.

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