Església primitivo de Porreres

medieval chapel esglesia primitivo inporreres mallorca

This building, known as l’Oratori de l’Hospitalet, served as a chapel that belonged to the old hospital of Porreres, which was first documented in the 1457th.

However, the history of this temple goes back even further – it is believed that the building here, was the very first church of Porreres, from approximately year 1242.

Despite its long history, the temple has only just undergone two renovations – in 1655 and 1879. Especially the renovation in 1879, is interesting for the chapel’s history, because a Gothic blackboard buried under the chapel was found, with images of the city’s former guardian angels, John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist.

The chapel, has a single nave without side chapels and the altarpiece is dedicated to Christ. The renovations in 1655 and 1879 were financed exclusively by believers from the area.

Today l’Oratori de l’Hospitalet only open on Good Friday and again on Easter Sunday, when a procession through the city leading to the chapel, which held the exhibition.


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