The planetarium of Mallorca in Costitx

About Mallorca Planetarium

Mallorca has its own planetarium, and it is situated right in the middle of the island, in the outskirts of the rural village of Costitx.
The planetarium in Costitx opened the doors in May 1991, in order to serve two purposes;

1. To conduct research.

2. To educate.

The planetarium is part of the network of observatories in Spain (Grup d’Estudis Astrofisics), and follows a range of standards for reporting and educating about observations.

You can visit Mallorca Planetarium almost everyday, all year round. When visiting the planetarium, you get a sightseeing tour in the universe, where you will learn about stars and our solar system. The planetarium also offers a range of special events.

When visiting the planetarium, you can also get a tour in the actual observatory for a more detailed explanation on how they conduct precise research and observations.

How to get to the planetarium


Costitx is a charming and sleepy village set in the heart of the tranquil rural countryside. The area has been inhabited since the Bronze Age which has left several marks of the many cultures that has been present during the centuries and contributed to the development of the pride little municipality. As a tourist, you can almost use sightseeing in Costitx as a time travel going from ancient worlds to the future. Costitx is one of the most popular areas for foreigners to purchase property due to the great location and the natural charm of the area.

Visit and discover Costitx

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