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sculpture of eagle in alcudia old town mallorca is a symbol of a faithful town

Alcúdia, the Faithful Town

As you may or may not know, the ancient Roman capital of Pol-lentia was located just outside the town walls of current day Alcúdia. Therefore, it makes good sense that an eagle was the right symbol to choose for this landmark, which marks a both heroic but also brutal period in the history of the Mallorcan people.

In the years between 1521 and 1523, the first real civil war of the island broke out, the war of the artisans guilds known as “Revolta les Germanies”. The war forced nobles of the city of Palma and from the rest of the island to flee and take refuge behind the walls of Alcúdia, as the artisan army and its supporters killed and harassed.

After multiple failed attempts to break through the walls of Alcúdia, the royal troops arrived and came to the rescue.

For its dedication and heroic defense of the noble refugees, Alcúdia was rewarded with the title of Faithful Town, a title that came with exclusive privileges including very reduced taxes which helped the town become quite wealthy.


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