Mill district of Montuïri

tower with fans on a windmill in mallorca

Stroll around in the old mill district of Montuïri to really feel the heritage of this area

The old mill district of Montuïri, is one of the most well preserved examples of the rich mill industry in Mallorca.

The mill district, is situated at the highest point of Montuïri, as the conditions was obviously the best here. Before the mills, this area was the place of the very first chapel of the area, documented in a bull from Pove Innocens IV in 1248.

In total, 8 mills were built up here, the oldest can be dated all the way back to the 16th century.

The mill district starts by Plaça de les Tres Creus (square of the 3 crosses), which is named from the niche you see in one of the house facades here. In the middle of this small square, is one of the old stone crosses, which throughout Medieval times marked the town border.

Across from this little square, you will find the mill of Can Vermell, dated back from 1644. In ground floor is the living house, from where an external stairway leeds to the terrace from where the mill tower was accessed. The tower of this mill, was lowered in 1928.

Moving down the road Carrer del Molinar about 100 metres down on your right hand, you will see a small enclosed courtyard. This property, Can March, was where the first church of Montuïri was situated at.

Further down this road, you will see on your left hand side, the four mills of Can NofreCan SerraCan Ferrando and Can Perons.

Can Nofre, was owned by the Gomila-Nofre family. The mill has three buildings, which makes it among the biggest of its kind in the area.

Can Serra, has a house of two floors, and an external spiral stairway leading to the tower. The mill stones from Can Serra, was sold to the paper factory in Esporles in 1922.

Can Ferrando, is just a small tower standing by itself on the ground floor. The tower was under restoration in 1999, but powerful storms destroyed the wings.

Can Perons, is like Can Ferrando also just a single tower. Until 1994, the mill had a house attached, but was torn down. The tower stands as a cultural symbol.

Continue down the road that twists to the left, and you will find the remains of the Cas Andreus mill. This mill has a strange look to it, due to a lot of coonstruction sites in the area, which has made the ground uneven.


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