Capella de la Mare de la Deú in Costitx

Inside this small chapel, you will see a statue of the Virgin Mary, protector of the sleepy village of Costitx.

The story of this little chapel, takes us back to the year of 1229, when a group of choir boys found the statue of Virgin Mary here. The local community, saw the statue as a sign, and immediately build a chapel to put the statue in. This chapel became the very first Christian chapel in the region.

Later on, the statue of the Virgin Mary was moved to the nearby church of Sant Peter, which was the parish of this area at this time. However, one late night many years later, the statue disappeared from the church, and was found in the original temple in Costitx. The inhabitants saw this as yet another sign from God, that Costitx was to be protected by the Virgin Mary.

How to get to the monument of Mare de Deú


Costitx is a charming and sleepy village set in the heart of the tranquil rural countryside. The area has been inhabited since the Bronze Age which has left several marks of the many cultures that has been present during the centuries and contributed to the development of the pride little municipality. As a tourist, you can almost use sightseeing in Costitx as a time travel going from ancient worlds to the future. Costitx is one of the most popular areas for foreigners to purchase property due to the great location and the natural charm of the area.

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