Museu de les Germanes dels Sagrats Cors

religious museum of germanes dels sagrats cors in campos village mallorca

Ideal for a short stop on your way through Campos to learn about one of the town’s own children and local culture.

The museum of Sor María Rafaela del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús (Sister María Rafaela of the sacred Heart of Jesus) is in Campos, in the Headquarters of the Sacred Heart Missionaries. It was founded in 1987-88. The museum focuses on the spiritual world of this extraordinary woman, displaying items from her home, the chair on which she sat to listen and guide people, where she prayed, her manuscripts, clothing, etc.

The museum also focuses on her co-founders (Sister María Teresa Obrador, Sister Josefa Cloquell, Sister María de Jesús Alemany and Sister Juana María Ginard), as well as the life in the convent of this period.

You will also find pieces created and embroidered by the Founding Mother and her co-founders, items and craft objects brought from mission countries over the years, etc.


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Campos is a typical agricultural area where rural charm and traditions fills the atmosphere everywhere you turn. The area carries a long and rich cultural heritage evidenced in the many landmarks, the religious constructions and the annual fairs held in the town. Campos has gradually become a more popular holiday base due to the many luxury finca hotels and agroturismos (farms) that allows for full relaxation and serenity in charming and tranquil settings.

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