Pelaires Cultural Center of Contemporary Arts

art exhibition at pelaires gallery in palma mallorca
Exhibition by Frank Stella at Pelaires

The Centre Cultural Contemporani Pelaires, or simply, Pelaires Cultural Center of Contemporary Arts, is an interesting exhibit hall to art lovers for two reasons:

Firstly, the building here, called Ca’n Verí, is emblematic for town houses of Palma from the 17. century. The Verí family was a Portuguese family, that helped king Jaime I in conquering back Mallorca from the Moors.

Before being bought by the municipality of Palma, the house was in ownership of a sisterhood and functioned as a small convent, called Convento de las Trinitarias.

The Centre Cultural Contemporani Pelaires, is exhibiting a great deal of upcoming artists, both national and international. Pelaires, was the first exhibition hall in Palma, to display contemporary arts, and was opened in 1969 with works of Picasso, Mensa and Clavé, and the following year, by Joan Miró.

In 1992, the Centre Cultural Contemporani Pelaires, moved in to Ca’n Verí, where it is located today. King Don Juan Carlos I, actually did the grand opening of this contemporary gallery.

Centre Cultural Contemporani Pelaires, is doing an active effort in promoting Mallorcan and Spanish artists to the world, by attending many well known art festivals.

The street, which is named after this particular building, is home to many other art galleries, antiquarians and niche boutiques.


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Palma is the capital of Mallorca and seat of the Balearic government. Palma was founded during the occupation of the Roman empire, about 123 BC, and later developed by the Moors and Catalans. Palma has several times been awarded best place in the world to live; it is a city of great diversity, cultural heritage and commercial activity, making it an attractive city to a broad audience. Palma is one of the best places in Spain to go shopping, all the new arrivals from other Mediterranean capitals arrive here before other places in the world, plus, there are hundreds of local specialty boutiques.

The rich history of Palma has left an incredible amount of landmarks and points of interest to discover i.e. the Arabian baths, the cathedral, the Bellver castle, the Almudaina palace etc., as well as hundreds of other unique constructions perfect for sightseeing in the city.

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