Església de Sant Bartomeu

parish church esglesia de sant bartomeu in valldemossa mallorca spain

Visit the parish church of Valldemossa, Església de Sant Bartomeu

The first church documented in Valldemossa was from 1245 and dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

During an expansion of the church in the 14th century, it was dedicated to Bartholomew the Apostle. Since then, the church of Valldemossa has went through many renovations and expansions, nevertheless, the church is still among the smallest basilicas on the island.

In 1570, the chapel of John the Baptist was added which became the resting place of Joan Masroig and Adriàn Ferrans, two important personalities in the history of Valldemossa. Masroig, was among the very first landowners in Valldemossa and the owner of the historic Es Molí building, which is now a luxury boutique hotel. Ferrans, was the main decorator of the Real Cartuja.

During the 16th and 17th century, Valldemossa was facing some bad economical times and many landowners abandoned the village to pursue happiness and wealth elsewhere. The church felt this, but kept trying to reward those who stayed in the village to fight the economical crisis and stay truth to their church. As a result of this effort, Jeroni Roig built the church organ to symbolize the sound of will and courage.

The bell tower and main facade of the church, was finished in 1930, at the same time of the canonization of the patron saint, Catarina Tomàs.


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Valldemossa is renown for its irresistible charm and warmth that keeps dragging you in even though you have been here 100 times before, a special kind of magic. The area carries a long and rich heritage evidenced in the old Trinitat hermitage, the Miramar convent, the royal palace and the old urban core and church, however, in modern age it was the visit by Frederik Chopin and George Sand that gave fame to this village found in the most adorning valley deep in the mountains. There are a number of interesting attractions to see in Valldemossa, as well as a series of annual traditions celebrated with dances, parades and festivities for everyone.

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Address: Carrer Rectoria, 10

Phone: +34 971 612 024

Mases: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 20:00h (8 PM)

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    1. The Sunday mass at the St. Bartomeu church in Valldemossa is 8 PM (20:00).

      Same for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

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