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Front of the Franciscan convent of Sant Bernadi in Petra village, Mallorca, Spain.



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Visit the convent of Sant Bernadi in the heart of Petra village

The convent de Sant Bernadí, was built in 1607 by the Franciscans, and has its name from Saint Bernardino de Siena.

The convent was built on initiative of father Pere Santandreu, rector of the Reial Convent de Sant Francesc in Palma.

In 1657, the construction of the church begins, under leadership of father Francesc Oliver. Already in the 1690’s, the church and most of the convent was finished.

In the beginning of the 18th century, Junípero Serra receives his religious education here.

In 1835, the outbreak of first Carlist war changes the religious life on Mallorca. The premier minister at that time, Juan Álvarez Mendizábal, seizes all monasteries and convents in Spain, in order to sell them to raise money to support queen Isabell II in the war. In Spain, this is known as, La Desamortización.

The Franciscans returned to the convent in 1969. Inside the church, you will see the beautiful altarpiece in the choir. The altarpiece has relief of the Immaculate Conception, the saints of Sant Joan de Capistrano and Sant Jaume de la Marca, and on top, Sant Bernadí.

Monument in front of the Sant Bernadi convent commemorating preacher Junipero Serra, Petra village, Mallorca.

In front of the convent, notice the monument dedicated to Junípero Serra. On the pedestal, you can see 4 tiles, each symbolizing the most important eras of his life; The convent, his beginning of praying, his communion and his death in San Carlos Borromeo, Mexico.

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