There are many monasteries and convents found on the island, there is one in almost in every town and village. Some of them are more attractive and grandiose than others, but they all testify the importance of religious communities in Mallorca, something that is deeply rooted in the culture.

Some of the monasteries and convents are true tourist attractions, and some of them even offer accommodation, such as the Santuari de Lluc, Santuari de Sant Salvador and Santuari de Cura.

Often times, a monastery refers to a place of monks, while a convent refers to a place of nuns. There are, however, many exceptions.

Santuari de Lluc

Santuari de Lluc is a famous monasteri and attraction in Mallorca

Santuari de Lluc is considered the religious hub of Mallorca, a place equal to the cathedral of La Seu in Palma. Lluc is famous for multiple things, including the choir school, the church and the holy Madonna. One of the highlights at Lluc, is the child choir called “els Blauets” performing on Sunday morning mass at 11 in the church, it is highly recommended for the best experience.

Santuari de Cura

The Cura monastery at the summit of the Randa mountain is an attraction

The sanctuary of Cura is a place that has been used for worship and veneration since ancient times. Cura is situated at the summit of the holy mountain of Randa, overlooking the bay of Palma, the rural plains of Mallorca and, on clear days, you can even see Ibiza. Cura carries a long history important to the Mallorcan heritage, it was here famous philosopher Ramon Llull started teaching in the early 14th century, and later became one of the most important grammar schools in Mallorca.

Santuari de Sant Salvador

Famous monastery santuari de sant salvador in Felanitx

Sant Salvador was built as a sanctuary during the rage of the Black Plagues in the middle of the 14th century. Situated at the summit of the mountain of same name, in 500 meters altitude, it overlooks the entire east coast. It is in fact the amazing vantage points from the monastery that attracts thousands of people every day, but also the pilgrim path following the 12 stations of the cross that many people enjoy climbing.

Real Cartuja

visit the famous real cartuja monastery in Valldemossa

Real Cartuja, or the royal Charterhouse, is another one of Mallorca’s great tourist attractions. The old monastery is beautiful in itself, however, it is the many stories and events that has brought fame to this place i.e. the imprisonment of Gaspar Jovellanos and when Frederik Chopin and George Sand stayed here. The place was originally built as a royal castle, which parts of can still be found, but was donated to the Carthusian order that created one of the most astonishing of its kind on the island.

Reial Convent Sant Francesc

Convent of Sant Francesc and tomb of Ramon Llull in Palma

The beautiful convent and basilica of Sant Francesc in the heart of Palma, is a stunning example of Gothic architecture. The convent is particularly renown for its peaceful and beautiful courtyard and cloister. Inside, you will also find the tomb of one of the most important Mallorcan figures of all time, philosopher Ramon Llull.

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