There are many monasteries and convents found on the island, there is one in almost in every town and village. Some of them are more attractive and grandiose than others, but they all testify the importance of religious communities in Mallorca, something that is deeply rooted in the culture.

Some of the monasteries and convents are true tourist attractions, and some of them even offer accommodation, such as the Santuari de Lluc, Santuari de Sant Salvador and Santuari de Cura.

monasteries and convents in mallorca are great attractions

Popular monasteries to visit in Mallorca

Santuari de Lluc

santuari de lluc monastery and major tourist attraction in mallorca

Situated high in the Tramuntana you will find one of Europe’s most important monasteries and oldest choir schools, Santuari de Lluc, a religious hub and pilgrimage destination. Lluc is particularly known for the marks of Gaudí, the holy Madonna stored in the church and the choir of children giving concert every Sunday morning. Santuari de Lluc is a great attraction in Mallorca.

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Santuari de Sant Salvador

sanctuary of sant salvador outside felanitx mallorca

Santuari de Sant Salvador is situated on a mountaintop just outside the town of Felanitx, on the eastern side of Mallorca. Sant Salvador was originally built as a place to escape from the Black Death, but has later been expanded to become a monastery. Sant Salvador is known as one of the most picturesque places on this side of the island, namely because of the stunning panoramic views over the golden east coast.

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Santuari de Cura

restaurant with views over mountains at cura monastery in algaida mallorca

Situated at the summit of Mallorca’s holy mountain, Randa, you will find the sanctuary of Cura. The history and importance of Randa and Cura takes us back to the Middle Ages, when it was founded as a grammar school and later the studies of famous philisopher Ramon Llull. From Cura, you can enjoy the most magical panoramic views over the Palma bay, you can even see Ibiza on a clear day.

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