Son Fornes Talayotic Settlement

excavation site of a talayotic settlement from the bronze ages outside montuiri mallorca

Visit the impressive talayotic site of Son Formés and explore life on the island 3,000 years ago

If you are interested in prehistoric settlements, archaeology or fascinated by the life of 3,000 years ago, here is a place of interest you cannot miss on Mallorca.

The Son Fornés prehistoric site is located about 2 kilometres outside the hilly village of Montuïri, in the heart of Mallorca. Son Fornés is free to visit, and you can visit the archaeological museum of Son Fornés situated in the old flour mill of Fraret in Montuïri for just €2 to learn much more about this exciting place.

The first excavation at Son Fornes, took place in 1975 – later on, three large excavation projects was carried out, the latest in 2008. With these total of four sites of Son Fornes, it has been possible for archaeologists and ethnologists, to map out the social development in the region of Es Pla, over the past 2,000 years.

The excavations have, in addition to knowledge of urban developments, shown us how architecture has changed the first 1000 years BC for this little village. We can divide this millennium in three different periods; Talayotic age (850-550 BC), Post-talayotic age (550-250 BC) and Classical-Roman period – known as the ‘Republic’ in Rome (250-123 BC).

From the Talayotic culture, you see three massive circular stone structures that characterize the uniqueness of the era. one of these three talayots, is among the largest in Mallorca with a diameter of 17 meters and a height of over 4 meters.

Violent destruction of this village, created the basis for a new post-talayotic era. This community was created greater inequality among the social relationships between. Six homes are substantiated, as well as one of the three old talayots that may have served as a temple or just the residence of the chief or tribal leader.

At the time by the first century BC, Mallorca was marked by a gradually intensifying connection between the Phoenician civilization and the consolidation of the Roman empire. This led new social constellations, and even more differences among the people. From this time, 18 homes has been documented, as well as


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