Son Pereto

excavation site of the paleo-christian basilica of son pereto in manacor mallorca

The archaeological site of Son Pereto is truly an amazing sight to explore for any relic hunter

The Basílica de Son Peretó, shows the remains of what looks to be a former basilica. Basilicas characterizes church buildings from the catholic world, which makes this site even more interesting. Archaeologists believe, that the ruins of this church construction goes back to the time of the Byzantines in Majorca (5th – 7th century).

The size of the construction, measures some 21 metres in length and 14 metres in width. The altar of the basilica, is pointed towards east, which was a nation of love to Jerusalem called “Holy Jerusalem”.

The excavations of the site, has been led by the municipality of Manacor, and the university of Barcelona.

The site on which the Basílica de Son Peretó is located on, is of course fenced, but you can still get close enough to see the construction of it.

After you have been here, you should go and visit the historical museum of Manacor, that will tell you more about this amazing site. Here, you can also see all the artifacts collected from the site, such as burial gifts, tiles from the floor and art pieces.

I have put in the GPS coordinates in the map. You can actually see the outlines of the basilica on the site, from the satellite photo on the map.


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Manacor is a great place to visit for its incredible diversity and cultural offers. The municipality comprise the second largest town of Mallorca, along with the popular beach destinations of Porto Cristo, Sa Marina, Son Macià, s’Illot, Cala Morlanda, Cala Romantica, Cala Mendia, Cales de Mallorca and Cala Murada. The rich history of this area has left numerous points of interest to visit, all with a story from a period in the development of Manacor. The most important attractions in Manacor are the Majorica pearl factory, the Cuevas del Drach caves and the imposing neo-Gothic parish church which belongs to the most beautiful on the island. Manacor is also a great place to consume some typical Mallorcan traditions, especially at the popular May fair. Manacor is in many ways a wonderful place to visit, do not miss the opportunity.

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