Torre de Son Durí


The medieval watchtower of Son Durí is situated on the coastline next to the Sa Rapita harbor

The watchtower was constructed in 1595, on the ground belonging to the finca, Possessiò Son Durí.

The area down here, by the es Trenc beach, has been exposed to attacks because of the large open coastline ever since the Punic Wars.

The watchtower was guarded by two armed men, and equipped with one stationary canon.

When a ship was detected, the guards lit a fire to alarm the next tower, that would do the same, to let the villages know to prepare for battle.


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Campos is a typical agricultural area where rural charm and traditions fills the atmosphere everywhere you turn. The area carries a long and rich cultural heritage evidenced in the many landmarks, the religious constructions and the annual fairs held in the town. Campos has gradually become a more popular holiday base due to the many luxury finca hotels and agroturismos (farms) that allows for full relaxation and serenity in charming and tranquil settings.

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