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Biniamar is a very small village at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, just north of the town of Lloseta and northeast of Inca.

Biniamar is a peaceful little town in green surroundings, filled with rustic stone houses. Here is just a single hotel as well as a few small eateries, on the other hand set in fantastic surroundings by small squares in the village.

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Things to do

Things to do and see in Biniamar

Despite of its modest size, Biniamar actually has a lot to offer to the senses. The area is full of stunning nature, historical monuments and local charm.

stone terraces in banyalbufar mallorca called marjades


In the beginning of the 20th century, Spanish prime minister, Antonio Maura Montaner, who had bonds in Biniamar, decided to let a new church be constructed in the small village. However, due to corruption scandals, Maura was forced to leave his post and all projects of his was discarded due to the lack of finances including the new church. Today, it stand as it was left in 1909 with no roof or interior. It is easy to see the beautiful Gothic attributes the architect had started. The church is now used for sports and cultural events in Biniamar.

Unfinished church

stone terraces in banyalbufar mallorca called marjades


The main church of Biniamar is found in the heart of the village. It was established in the 17th century to provide services to the growing congregation of this area. The church is of modest size even though it was actually expanded in the 20th century. Inside the church, you can see a relic of Santa Tecla, patron saint of Tarragona, which is venerated every year on September 23.

Església de Santa Tecla

stone terraces in banyalbufar mallorca called marjades


Biniamar used to be an important industrial area supplying charcoal and limestone. Before this, it has been documented that the estate of Son Odre was one of the leading producers of olive oil with a production of more than 1,000 liters a year. In the village you can enjoy a look at the old reservoirs and public wells from the 1800’s which used to supply the village with water collected from the floods of the nearby Sa Comuna nature park. Some interesting civil architecture can be found in the street called Carrer des Cementeri (street of the cemetery), which can be accessed through a portal leading into a small courtyard which is public. There is indeed a lot of history found in the streets of Biniamar, despite of the modest size of the village.

stone terraces in banyalbufar mallorca called marjades


This is the road of the cemetery, home to some exemplary building constructions from the 18th and 19th century, which are considered cultural heritage.

After the house of no. 5, there’s a small opening between the houses leading in to a small square with an old abandon limestone oven and a water well.

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stone terraces in banyalbufar mallorca called marjades


In the northwestern part of Biniamar, you will find the natural area called Sa Comuna. Sa Comuna is a public area in which the flood of Massanella runs through. The area consist of almost 500 hectares of wild Balearic wildlife including more than 172 different species. In Sa Comuna, you will also find a wonderful recreational area in the middle of a holm oak grove, which is equipped with kilns for an extra authentic experience of living in the wild, it is perfect for camping or relaxing. Besides from being a part of the local heritage, the Sa Comuna is also declared a place of special interest.

Where to stay

Where to stay in Biniamar?

Biniamar is the perfect place to stay in Mallorca if you are looking for solitude and tranquility. There are no hotels or hostels in Biniamar, just villas scattered over the picturesque landscape dominated by almond and olive groves.

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Villa Bonafe

Villa BONAFE is located in peaceful scenic surroundings in beautiful Biniamar, close to lots of hiking trails and with good connection to infrastructure. The villa has three bedrooms, perfect if you are a group staying overnight.

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Market & Events

Markets & Events


Biniamar does not host a weekly market. However, you can attend the great Thursday market in Inca which is perhaps the largest of its kind in Mallorca.

Facts & History

A bit of history

Despite of very limited information about the Moorish dominance of this area, ethnologists suggests that Biniamar has its origin from the Moors. The reason for this, is that after the Catalan conquest of the area (1231) there are documents describing the construction of farmhouses on spots of “the Moorish establishments”. Another important clue that the area was inhabited by the Moors, is the name, which is meant derives from the “Bani Ahmar” or “Bani Ammar”, just like other former Moorish establishments such as Binissalem, Banyalbufar, Binibona etc. that for certain was Moorish areas.

In the time after the Catalan conquest of Mallorca, the area of Biniamar is not mentioned much in history books or documents, not even in the book of division, a book which declared all districts of Mallorca and to whom they belonged. However, there are documents stating that a mayor was representing the area in the late 14th century, but the information and details are limited.

Moving fast forward to the late 17th century, the estate of Son Odre had a significant olive oil production of more than 1,000 liters per year.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Biniamar was an industrial area and an important supplier of limestone. In the streets of Biniamar, you can still see some of the old limestone ovens that has been declared cultural heritage, and therefore still attached to the houses.

Practical Info


Emergency: 112
National police: 091
Local police: 092
Guarda civil: 062
Fire: 080
Maritime emergencies: 900 202 202

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