Fornalutx, Mallorca, Destination Guide

Fornalutx is by far one of the most picturesque and charming areas in Mallorca, thus it has been repeatedly named Spain’s 3rd most beautiful village.


Things to do

Things to do and see in Fornalutx

Fornalutx itself is an attraction because of its well-preserved natural beauty that has been awarded several times. However, if you want to explore the local cultural heritage and history you are not far from a range of attractions and places of interest that will fascinate.

If you are here for physical activities, you’re in luck. The valley where Fornalutx is located is full of marked walking routes leading about in the scenic nature. The well kept infrastructure of asphalt roads, makes it super easy to jump your bike and get pedalling. The Tramuntana mountains are full of challenging roads full of hairpin swings ascending and descending around the mountain tops.

Below we have collected a set of suggestions on things to do when you’re in Fornalutx.

fornalutx mallorca museum xoroi


Ca’n Xoroi is a former mill and olive press that has been bought by the municipality of Fornalutx and turned into a local museum. At the museum, you can see the original olive press that was in function up until the middle of the 20th century. Moreover, Ca’n Xoroi offers an interesting exhibition of painted tiles collected from houses as part of the protected cultural heritage of the area. These tiles were meant as a protection against evil spirits and is a typical tradition of the architecture of the Tramuntana region.

Visit the local Can Xoroi museum

ride in the antique tram in soller mallorca is a tourist attraction


In the beginning of the 1900’s, Sóller became an important industrial area because of the massive export of oranges and lemons. From this time, you will find the old train that connects Palma and Sóller and the tram that connects Sóller and Port de Sóller. Either of them is a great and authentic experience which allows you to see some of the stunning natural areas while enjoying the authentic feeling of the old mahogany cars bumping along the tracks. In Port de Sóller you can enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner in one of the many great restaurants.

beautiful church of sant bartomeu with its detailed neogothic facade in soller mallorca


The parish church of Sóller, Esglesia de Sant Bartolomé, is an incredible piece of work, namely because of its Neo-Gothic facade designed by Joan Rubin I Bellver, a famous architect and partner of Antoni Gaudí.

Church of Sóller

famous monastery and choir school of lluc in mallorca is a major tourist attraction


The Lluc monastery is one of the top attractions in Mallorca, and the biggest religious hub of the island. Lluc is famous for its choir school which is one of the oldest in the world. This amazing monastery also features an ethnological museum exhibiting artefacts collected from different eras explaining life on the island throughout times, it’s quite illuminating.

Visit the Lluc monastery and choir school

son marroig estate and museum is a major attraction in deia mallorca


One of the most iconic monuments in the Tramuntana region, is the marble pavilion overlooking the coastline from the Son Marriog estate. Son Marroig was home of famous explorer, archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria. Inside, you will find all of his personal belongings exhibited, and the beautiful gardens outside are like a small piece of paradise.  The Son Marriog is one of the most romantic scenes in all of Mallorca, and every year several wedding ceremonies are held here.

Visit Son Marroig estate and museum

can prunera museum of contemporary arts in soller mallorca


Art lover or not, the mansion of Ca’n Prunera in the heart of Sóller is such a beautiful building that you just can not not be fascinated by it. The building facade is designed and decorated with art nouveau, which exemplifies the wealth of the area at the time of construction in 1911.

Art exhibition at the Can Prunera mansion

calobra mallorca cove mountains


One of the most beautiful places in the Tramuntana mountains is the sa Calobra cove. This little piece of paradise attracts thousands of tourists every single day, because of its natural beauty, scenic atmosphere and crystal clear water. For cyclists, the trip to sa Calobra is the biggest kick, as the way down there consists of hairpin swings of 7 % incline. Next to sa Calobra, you will find the iconic beach and flood of Torrent de Pareis, a massive canyon that descents from the highest areas of the mountains and ends up in this stunning little beach.

Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis

hiking along a trail in fornalutx in the tramuntana mountains mallorca


From Fornalutx, many marked walking routes leads about in the enchanting landscapes of the Tramuntana mountains. These routes will take you through some of the most scenic places in the area, such as the many orange and olive plantations, breathtaking viewpoints and Mediterranean flora. Walking and hiking is among the most popular activities in the Tramuntana, thousands of active tourists come here every year to explore new places in these magical mountains.

cala deia beach in mallorca


Mallorca is famous for its stunning beaches, and from Fornalutx you can access some of these within a half an hour. The most obvious choices, and the nearest beaches from Fornalutx, are the two main beaches in Port de Sóller found next to the harbour area in the beautiful cove. However, if you are looking for more secluded and natural beaches, you can find the beaches of Cala Deià or Cala Tuent.

cycling tramuntana mallorca coast roads weaving haripin turns


Fornalutx and Sóller are both perfect areas for cycling tourism, the newly renovated road system makes it a joy to discover the weaving roads and many hairpin turns of the Tramuntana. If you are really looking for a unique experience in these areas, do the Sa Calobra climb. With its 26 hairpin turns, average gradient of 7% in less than 10km of stretch, the Sa Calobra climb is one of the most unique and intriguing trips you can do in Mallorca.

Where to stay

The best places to stay in Fornalutx

In Fornalutx, you’ll stay in authentic rustic surroundings in one of the charming finca hotels situated in the fertile orange valley.

Choose Fornalutx as your holiday base if you want to combine Mallorcan charm with unspoiled nature.

hotel fornalutx pool mountains tramuntana

Hotel Apartament Sa Tanqueta De Fornalutx – Adults Only ***

Unplug and enjoy a soulful stay at this adults only hotel located on the hillsides of beautiful Fornalutx. The aparthotel offers spacious interior apartments with a private balcony overlooking the lush green orange valley. The apartment hotel has just 14 apartments, which boasts the intimacy and exclusiveness of the place, a true gem in Tramuntana.

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Annual Events

Annual events in Fornalutx

As in so many other Mallorcan villages, a number of events are held throughout the year in Fornalutx. Some of these events are mostly for the benefit of the locals, but there are also a few that attract tourists and attention from other parts of Mallorca.


Fira de sa Taronja

During most of May, Sóller and Fornalutx collaborate to host Mallorca’s only orange and citrus festival. Throughout the month, you can experience a wealth of activities and entertainment of various kinds in both villages. You will typically enjoy competitions, workshops, demonstrations and tastings.

Throughout the festival, the majority of eateries create special menus where oranges, lemons or limes are among the ingredients so you can really taste the essence of the area.


Festes of Fornalutx

Throughout the first week of September, Fornalutx celebrates its patron saint and the end of the summer with a big village party lasting an entire week.

A variety of fun activities and cultural features are usually on the program when the inhabitants of the beautiful mountain town celebrate themselves. Games, competitions, stalls, exhibitions and entertainment are some of the things you can look forward to.

But the town festival also has another highlight, namely the local tradition called Davallada del Bou de Fornalutx (descent of the bull in Fornalutx). A bull is pulled down the stairs at the town square in Fornalutx and shown off, and nothing happens to the bull.

In the old days, however, it was very different, here the bull was slaughtered and the inhabitants each got a small piece of meat. It was the case in Mallorca that working animals such as bulls were a strict necessity to survive in agriculture, therefore they could not be slaughtered. It also meant that the protein sources had to come from other animals, e.g. rabbits, squirrels, birds. But when it was time for celebrations, things had to be different.

Up through the 20th century, however, this tradition was phased out for the sake of animal welfare laws, as animals suffered heavy loads before the slaughtering. But then again in 2017, after political negotiations, it succeeded in re-establishing this tradition in a way so that the animal would not suffer.

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The Tramuntana region

Tramuntana is both the name of the UNESCO protected mountain range that runs from south to north, as well as the name of the group of municipalities located in or close to these mountains.

When talking about Tramuntana in context of the mountain range, it is referred to as “Serra de Tramuntana”, and when talking about the region, it is referred to simply as “Tramuntana”.

The largest municipalities of the Tramuntana region, are Calviá and Andratx in the south and Pollenca in the north. The mountain range actually has its roots south of Malagá in Andalusiá.

The Serra de Tramuntana covers a surface of more than 30,000 hectares of landscape in Mallorca. The two main factors that make these mountains so unique, are the dry stone constructions and the hydraulic watering systems evidencing early day farming techniques. In almost any local area of the Tramuntana you travel, you will discover some of these very unique features which contributes to the picturesque settings.

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