Port de Sóller, Mallorca, Destination Guide

Port de Sóller is a charming and picturesque coastal town on the west coast of Mallorca, at the foot of the enormous UNESCO-protected Tramuntana Mountains. The area has a traditional rustic and authentic feel, with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that is sure to win your heart.


Things to do


There’s plenty of sights and attractions to enjoy around Port de Sóller and in the valley of Sóller. The obvious one is a trip in the antique tram running between Port de Sóller and Sóller old town. It will take you through the many orange and citrus plantations. A more exciting ride is the antique train running between Sóller and Palma.

Below are some suggestions to things you can see and do in the nearby area of Port de Sóller.

repic beach in port de soller mallorca


Port de Sóller is home to two golden beaches, located just next to the harbor area. Together, the two beaches comprise more than 1 km of stunning beachline with plenty of space and good amenities. Bring your bath sheet, a good book or pods, and get ready for a relaxing day in the beautiful cove.

calobra mallorca cove mountains


From the harbor of Port de Sóller, you can find the catamarans cruising the coastline. The catamarans will take you to some of the most beautiful hidden coves and lagoons along the mountainous coast of Tramuntana where you’ll have the opportunity to go for a swim in the crystal clear water. In most of these small coves, you can clearly see the bottom of the sea even if it is more than 20 meters down. You will anchor at the picturesque little cove of Sa Calobra, one of the most beautiful places on the island. Here, you can enjoy a refreshment at one of the bars and go see the canyon of Torrent de Pareis and the small beach here.

Discover sa Calobra

ride in the antique tram in soller mallorca is a tourist attraction


If anything is synonymous with Sóller and Port de Sóller, it is oranges and the old orange tram connecting the two. Riding this iconic old tram gives you an incredibly authentic feeling of sweet nostalgia, as you pass through the scenic orange and olive plantations in the beautiful valley. The tram was inaugurated back in 1913, a year after the establishment of the connection between Palma and Sóller. Today, the original wooden cars are still in use, and you should not miss out on the opportunity to see and try this unique attraction.

Ride the antique tram

mallorca diving majorca scuba diving underwater adventure

Go scuba diving

Scuba diving is one of the most popular things to do in Mallorca, especially around the coastal areas of the island. Meet up with the instructor in one of the local diving centers and go on a memorable underwater adventure in the deep blue. Choose between a number of different trips i.g. sunset dives, cave dives or snorkeling trips. Below the surface, you can enjoy the magical views of Mediterranean marine vegetation and numerous fascinating creatures such as octopuses, cuttlefish, lobsters, morays and much more colorful species.

cycling on route in the mouuntains in mallorca on a road with many hairpin turns

Rent a bike and discover the Tramuntana on two wheels

Cycling is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in Mallorca. The Tramuntana range in which Port de Sóller is located is well connected to the extensive network of excellent paved roads leading about in the scenic mountains. Challenge your legs and condition, and enjoy the rush of the many ascends and descends while enjoying the magical views of the green valleys and azure coastline.

hiking on trail in tramuntana mountains mallorca

Walking and hiking in the mountains

Tramuntana is renown for its great attraction of hikers and walkers, one of the best things to do in these areas of Mallorca. There are a number of trails leading about in the mountains taking you to the most breathtaking and picturesque places and vantage points you can ever imagine. You will also find a nice selection of hiking excursion organizers in Port de Sóller, that will take you on guided tours in the mountains and show you why the Tramuntana is part of the UNESCO World Heritage program.

can prunera museum of contemporary arts in soller mallorca


The mansion of Ca’n Prunera is one of the most remarkable examples of the playful art nouveau architectural style in Mallorca. Ca’n Prunera is one of the best evidences of the wealth and prosperity of Sóller in the beginning of the 20th century. Inside Ca’n Prunera, you can enjoy various contemporary art exhibitions of established and upcoming artists.

Visit Can Prunera and enjoy a contemporary art exhibition

museum of fishing industry and maritime activities in soller mallorca


Museo de la Mar, is the name of the local museum exhibiting the history of Port de Sóller in images and artifacts. Museo de la Mar is situated in a former chapel on the rocks overlooking the harbor and cove. At the museum, you will be introduced to the fascinating story of Port de Sóller and why it has been such an important harbor.

visit the botanical garden in soller mallorca


The botanical gardens of Sóller is a must-see attraction for anyone interested in flora. At the Sóller botanical gardens, you will find an impressive variety of some of the most beautiful Balearic flowers and plants along with info about each of the species. There is also an option to join a guided tour in the gardens where you will be fully educated about the Mediterranean flora. Also, your camera is gonna love a visit here, your Instagram account is sure to get extra attention with pictures from this place.

beautiful church of sant bartomeu with its detailed neogothic facade in soller mallorca


The parish church of Sóller is one of the most beautiful of its kind in Mallorca. The unique details in the main facade made in Neo-Gothic style designed by Joan Rubio i Bellver, a partner of Gaudí, makes this church stand out and calls for a photo. The church is open every day for visits.

Next to the church, notice another beautiful architectural pearl, the Banco de Sóller building, designed by same architect and carries same characteristics as the church facade.

Església de Sant Bartomeu

golfing on beautiful golf course in mallorca


Golfing is relaxing and fun, and a very popular thing to do in Mallorca. Hire a car or taxi, and drive 20 minutes to Bunyola where you will find the Son Termens golf course, a stunning 18-hole course full of challenges for everyone.

art nouveau architecture at can moratal mansion in soller town mallorca spain


Sóller is one of the most charming towns in Mallorca. Visit and you’ll see why. The town is highly influenced by grandiose mansions mixed with traditional Mallorcan architecture, which results in a unique mix worth marveling at. While strolling about in the town, you can enjoy a refreshment at one of the delicious eateries, or visit one of the many art galleries the town is known for.

museu de soller in soller town mallorca spain is a local history museum


You don’t have to be a history nerd or particularly interested in ethnology and such to enjoy a visit to the local history museum of Sóller. Here you will be introduced to a fascinating telling of the local area, with imagery, artifacts and other media.

Where to stay

What are the best places to stay in Port de Sóller?

You have a wealth of options for accommodation in Port de Sóller: Holiday apartments, villas and great hotels.

Port de Sóller is not a distinctly family-friendly destination, but to a much greater extent attracts couples seeking a romantic holiday base in beautiful surroundings.

balcony at aimia hotel in port de soller mallorca with sea views


Aimia Hotel ****

Aimia is a romantic boutique hotel situated at the seafront of Port de Sóller, with direct access to the fantastic beach and famous promenade. Aimia is highly recommended for adults looking for a romantic escape, but at the same time close to hundreds of leisure and gastro experiences.

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Practical Info


Emergency: 112
National police: 091
Local police: 092
Guarda civil: 062
Fire: 080
Maritime emergencies: 900 202 202

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Popular taxi fares

Destination Approximate price
Airport 50 €
Palma center 40 €
Port de Pollença 60 €
Alcúdia 65 €
Valldemossa 30 €
Inca 40 €
Sineu 50 €

Public bus connections to/from Port de Sóller

There are 3 public connections in Port de Sóller, two of them connecting the town with Palma, one of them with Fornalutx.

Line 210 – Port de Sóller – Platja de Palma Timetables and stops for 210 here

  • Port de Sóller
  • Sóller
  • Ctra. Sóller-Llucalcari
  • Llucalcari
  • Deià
  • sa Foradada
  • Son Gallard
  • Ctra. Valldemossa-Deià
  • Valldemossa
  • s’Esgleieta
  • UIB
  • Palma
  • Hospital Son Espases
  • Can Pastilla
  • Platja de Palma


Line 211 – Port de Sóller – Palma (Placa d’Espanya) Timetables and stops for 211 here

  • Port de Sóller
  • Sóller
  • Bunyola
  • Palmanyola
  • Son Sardina
  • Hospital Son Espases
  • Palma


Line 211 – Port de Sóller – Fornalutx Timetables and stops for 212 here

  • Port de Sóller
  • Sóller
  • l’Horta de Biniaraix
  • Fornalutx

Beaches in Port de Sóller

repic beach in port de soller mallorca

Platja d’en Repic

Repic is the smaller of the two beaches, located closest to the harbor, in front of the beach promenade. The beach is about 250 meters, and offers safe conditions with low waters, almost no streams and supervised during the summer. Next to the beach you can rent what you need for various beach and water activities.

Blue flag No
Showers Yes
Toilets No
First aid Yes
Parking Yes
Wheelchair access Yes
Kiosk No
Restaurant/cafeteria Yes
port beach in port de soller mallorca


Port is the largest of the two beaches in Port de Sóller, with its 800 meters. The beach offers a very safe environment, with low waters, almost no streams and supervised during the summer. You can rent sun loungers and equipment for various beach and water activities.

Blue flag No
Showers Yes
Toilets No
First aid Yes
Parking Yes
Wheelchair access Yes
Kiosk No
Restaurant/cafeteria Yes

The Tramuntana region

Tramuntana is both the name of the UNESCO protected mountain range that runs from south to north, as well as the name of the group of municipalities located in or close to these mountains.

When talking about Tramuntana in context of the mountain range, it is referred to as “Serra de Tramuntana”, and when talking about the region, it is referred to simply as “Tramuntana”.

The largest municipalities of the Tramuntana region, are Calviá and Andratx in the south and Pollenca in the north. The mountain range actually has its roots south of Malagá in Andalusiá.

The Serra de Tramuntana covers a surface of more than 30,000 hectares of landscape in Mallorca. The two main factors that make these mountains so unique, are the dry stone constructions and the hydraulic watering systems evidencing early day farming techniques. In almost any local area of the Tramuntana you travel, you will discover some of these very unique features which contributes to the picturesque settings.

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