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Port de Sóller is a charming and picturesque coastal town on the west coast of Mallorca, at the foot of the enormous UNESCO-protected Tramuntana Mountains. The area has a traditional rustic and authentic feel, with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that is sure to win your heart.



Balcony with sea views at Hotel Aimia in picturesque port de Sóller, Mallorca.

Hotel Aimia, Port de Sóller

Seaview Boutique Hotel In Port De Soller

Is it worth visiting Port de Sóller?

Sóller is one of the most beautiful and scenic areas in Tramuntana, a unique venue of biodiversity and natural charm.

On this page, you will find a lot of inspiration on things to do in Sóller, along with annual events, the history of the area and best places to stay.

Things to do and see in Port de Sóller

There’s plenty of sights and attractions to enjoy around Port de Sóller and in the valley of Sóller. The obvious one is a trip in the antique tram running between Port de Sóller and Sóller old town. It will take you through the many orange and citrus plantations. A more exciting ride is the antique train running between Sóller and Palma.

Below are some suggestions to things you can see and do in the nearby area of Port de Sóller.


Antique tram driving on the beach promenade of coastal village Port de Sóller, Mallorca, Spain, is a major tourist attraction.

If anything is synonymous with Sóller and Port de Sóller, it is oranges and the old orange tram connecting the two. Riding this iconic old tram gives you an incredibly authentic feeling of sweet nostalgia, as you pass through the scenic orange and olive plantations in the beautiful valley. The tram was inaugurated back in 1913, a year after the establishment of the connection between Palma and Sóller. Today, the original wooden cars are still in use, and you should not miss out on the opportunity to see and try this unique attraction.


Contemporary art exhibition in the old Art Nouveau mansion of Can Prunera, Sóller town, Mallorca.
Stunning Art Nouveau facade of Ca’n Prunera

The mansion of Ca’n Prunera is one of the most remarkable examples of the playful art nouveau architectural style in Mallorca. Ca’n Prunera is one of the best evidences of the wealth and prosperity of Sóller in the beginning of the 20th century. Inside Ca’n Prunera, you can enjoy various contemporary art exhibitions of established and upcoming artists.


Exhibition of Mediterranean floowers and plants at the Jardi Botanic botanical garden in Sóller, Mallorca.

The botanical gardens of Sóller is a must-see attraction for anyone interested in flora. At the Sóller botanical gardens, you will find an impressive variety of some of the most beautiful Balearic flowers and plants along with info about each of the species. There is also an option to join a guided tour in the gardens where you will be fully educated about the Mediterranean flora. Also, your camera is gonna love a visit here, your Instagram account is sure to get extra attention with pictures from this place.


Cycling is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in Mallorca. The Tramuntana range in which Port de Sóller is located is well connected to the extensive network of excellent paved roads leading about in the scenic mountains. Challenge your legs and condition, and enjoy the rush of the many ascends and descends while enjoying the magical views of the green valleys and azure coastline.


Sa Capelleta, a unique small chapel in the mountains with Modernism architecture in Sóller, Mallorca.

This small chapel is a hidden gem between Sóller and Fornalutx, a great place to visit for a different experience. The chapel is built in modernist style, reminiscent of Gaudí, with stunning details. The chapel is situated in a divine spot with magical views of the Sóller valley.


People in a shopping street in Sóller town, Mallorca island.
Busy shopping street of Carrer de sa Luna in Sóller town.

Carrer de sa Luna is the main shopping street in Sóller, it extends directly from the main square where the beautiful church stands. The street is full of small intriguing shops that calls for your attention, with great selections of local and international brands in all categories. After shopping, it’s once again time to visit the main square to have a well-deserved refreshment.


Entrance to the local history museum in Sóller town, Mallorca.

In the heart of the charming town, in an 18th century town mansion, you will find the local history museum, Museu de Sóller, where you can learn about the rich history and the most influencial epochs of the area. The museum exhibits a wide range of archaeological artefacts, paintings, tools and traditional clothes.


Sandy beach in Port de Sóller, Mallorca, Spain, with mountains in the background.
One of the two golden beaches in Port de Sóller.

Port de Sóller is located in the most stunning cove, protected from strong winds. Here you will find two great beaches with plenty of space and facilities for a joyful and relaxing day. Behind the beaches run the promenade packed with shops, bars and restaurants.


Picturesque cove of Port de Calobra by the coast of Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca.

Not far from Sóller and Port de Sóller you will find one of Mallorca’s most beautiful spots, the small cove of sa Calobra. You almost won’t believe your own eyes when you first witness this picturesque gem that almost seem surrealistic due to the deep colors and natural untouched beauty. Next to sa Calobra you find Cala Tuent, a small beach extending between gigantic rock walls that makes it overwhelming.


Golfing is relaxing and fun, and a very popular thing to do in Mallorca. Hire a car or taxi, and drive 20 minutes to Bunyola where you will find the Son Termens golf course, a stunning 18-hole course full of challenges for everyone.


Exhibition room at the Maritime Museum in Port de Sóller, Mallorca.

Museo Maritim is the name of the local museum exhibiting the history of Port de Sóller in images and artifacts. Museo Maritim is situated in a former chapel on the rocks overlooking the harbor and cove. At the museum, you will be introduced to the fascinating story of Port de Sóller and why it has been such an important harbor.


Neo-Gothic main facade of the parish church of Sóller, Mallorca, designed by famous Catalan architect Joan Rubio.
Beautiful Neo-Gothic facade designed by famous Catalan architect, Joan Rubio i Bellver.

The parish church of Sóller is one of the most beautiful of its kind in Mallorca. The unique details in the main facade made in Neo-Gothic style designed by Joan Rubio i Bellver, a partner of Gaudí, makes this church stand out and calls for a photo. The church is open every day for visits.

Next to the church, notice another beautiful architectural pearl, the Banco de Sóller building, designed by same architect and carries same characteristics as the church facade.


Tramuntana is renown for its great attraction of hikers and walkers, one of the best things to do in these areas of Mallorca. There are a number of trails leading about in the mountains taking you to the most breathtaking and picturesque places and vantage points you can ever imagine. You will also find a nice selection of hiking excursion organizers in Port de Sóller, that will take you on guided tours in the mountains and show you why the Tramuntana is part of the UNESCO World Heritage program.


Tren de Soller, an antique train driving through the mountains of Mallorca.
Tren de Sóller driving through a mountain pass in Mallorca.

Ferrocarril de Sóller is the name of the antique train that connects Sóller and Palma. It was inaugurated back in 1912, and still today all the original cars with mahogany panels and brass fittings are still going strong. During the ride, you will see some of the most magnificent areas of the Tramuntana, the green valleys, the many fruit plantations, almond fields and forests. This truly is a unique attraction and an incredibly authentic experience that you should give yourself.

Learn about the antique train


Typical Picasso surrealism ceramic head exhibited in Soller, Mallorca.
Ceramic artwork at the Picasso exhibition in the railway building in Sóller.

Inside the railway station building in Sóller you will find a free to enter Picasso exhibition consisting of original ceramic works of the surrealist artist. While inside, pay attention to the building itself as this old mansion used to be a luxury hotel.


Neo-Gothic facade of the famous Banco de Sóller building in Sóller town, Mallorca, Spain.
Famous Banco de Sóller building designed by Catalan architect, Joan Rubio i Bellver.

Sóller is a beautiful and very charming mountain town full of rustic buildings and impressive mansions evidencing the prosperity of the area. You will find a wide selection of local boutiques, restaurants and galleries to indulge in. Make sure to stroll by the Gran Hotel, the old market building, the Can Moratal and the Ca s’Americà to see some of the most impressive mansions from the beginning of the 20th century when economy was at its highest.


Picturesque beautiful mountain village of Fornalutx, mallorca, Spain.
A narrow street with rustic house facades in the pictureesque village of Fornalutx.

If you can’t get enough of beautiful nature and picturesque scenery, a visit to Fornalutx is a must. The village has several times been awarded the third most beautiful village in all of Spain because of the way it is kept clean and preserved. Fornalutx offers a few places of interest to explore, such as the Can Xoroi local museum and former olive press, but also a handful of local bars and restaurants serving traditional Mallorcan dishes.


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Walking from Port de Sóller to Sóller main town is an easy and joyful trip that most people can do.

Sóller is famous for its oranges, highly sought-for all over the European continent. The lush and fertile mountain valleys offers optimal conditions for orange and lemon groves, resulting in a significant sweet taste.

The weekly market in Sóller is held Saturday morning in the center of town.

Sóller is easy to reach thanks to a well-developed infrastructure. You can get here by train, bus, taxi or bicycle. A taxi from Palma will cost you approx. 45 euro. You may also use bus line 210, or use the antique train.

From the train station in Sóller old town, it takes about 20 minutes to reach the end station in Port de Sóller.

Events in Sóller

Weekly market in Sóller

Every Saturday morning, the local market is held in Sóller, in the main square of the town. This scenic marketplace, is the perfect place to browse hundreds of locally produced meats, cheeses, vines, veges and fruits. Grab yourself a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, and let your senses be seduced.

Annual events and happenings


March / April


Fira de sa Taronja

Every year around the end of March/beginning of April, the annual orange fair is held in Sóller, Port de Sóller and Fornalutx. The orange is synonymous with the valleys of Sóller and Fornalutx, why the two municipalities cooperate in creating a series of fun and cultural events during this fair. You can look forward to one of the most scenic fairs in all of Europe, where the aroma of the citrus fruits is everywhere ion the air. Bars and restaurants make special menus during this fair, all with oranges as one of the main ingredients.

When: Late March/beginning of April

Where: Sóller, Port de Sóller and Fornalutx




Firo de Sóller

The main happening of the year is the May fair. Two weeks of cultural and fun activities are lined up in an extensive program, which also include the main event of the fair, the reenactment of the legendary battle between invading Ottoman privateers and the Mallorcan resistance in 1561. Several hundred locals participate in the reenactment that lasts for hours until victory is celebrated by the Sant Bartomeu church in the heart of the town.

During the fair you can also look forward to exhibitions, markets, concerts, traditional Mallorcan dances and contests. The May/spring fair in Sóller is a great attraction which gathers both islanders and tourists in a vibrant atmosphere.

When: May

Where: Sóller and Port de Sóller




Festes de Sant Pere

Sant Pere (Saint Peter) is protector of fishermen and celebrated in late June with numerous cultural events in the harbor area. There is always a great and jolly atmosphere accompanied by converts and exhibitions.

When: June 29th

Where: Port de Sóller




Festes de Sant Bartomeu (celebration of Saint Bartholomew)

Sant Bartomeu (Saint Bartholomew) is the patron saint of Sóller, as well as protector of the parish church. The saint is celebrated in the weeks leading up to his feast on August 24 with a series of cultural events and activities worth attending. One of the main highlights of the celebration, is an extensive art exhibition with numerous venues all over the two urban areas.

When: The weeks leading up to August 24th

Where: Old town and harbor




Sunday after Easter, the Quinquagesima is held in the small village of s’Horta with a fair full of family oriented activities. The program usually include exhibitions, paella contests, open-air dinners, children’s workshops, games, concerts and a great market. The Quinquagesima is coinciding with the festivities of Sant Isidre, patron saint of s’Horta.




May Fair

The Felanitx May Fair is one of the most popular annual events in the municipality. It happens on the second Sunday of May, and you can look forward to a town full of exhibitions of old vehicles, a craft market, a secondhand trade market, wine tastings, tapas routes and much more to indulge in.


Octopus Gastro-Fair in Portocolom

One of the newer traditions in the municipality, is the octopus gastro-fair in Portocolom which grows in popularity year by year. More than 40 restaurants and bars from the local area contributes with special menus, dishes and tapas, all made with octopus as the key ingredient. There are also a range of activities and events such as demonstrations, contests and concerts held at the marina.




Festes de Santa Margalida

On July 20th, it is time to celebrate the patron saint of Felanitx, Santa Margalida. This is a great time to discover some of the local traditions of the area such as the Cavallets, demons, and Capgrossos when they parade in the streets. The celebration has been held for more than 500 years and is deeply rooted in the identity of the felanixers.


Festes de Mare de Déu del Carme / Fira Marinera

July 16th is the day Portocolom pays homage to and celebrate the protector of seamen, Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The days leading up to the day are packed with a program of fun and cultural events in the old fishing village. Some of the highlights include a procession at sea, concerts at the marina and the annual Fira Marinera.

Fira Marinera coincides with celebration and has become one of the most popular events during the summertime in Portocolom. The fair is held at night and includes a market, open-air dinners, speeches, exhibitions and concerts. At the market, you can find all kinds of local products from crafts to food, all related to the maritime theme.




Festes de Sant Augustí

Sant Augustí (Saint Augustin) is the other patron saint of Felanitx and is celebrated during the second half of August. The program usually include a range of cultural events such as the night art fair, exhibitions, concerts and performances by the emblematic dance group of els Cavallers.




Festes de Sant Nicolau de Tolentí / Fira de Cas Concos

On September 10th, the patron saint of the hamlet of Can Concos, Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, is celebrated. The celebrations coincides with the annual street fair, that includes a big market, food stands and shows by the Xeremiers (traditional Mallorca bagpipers). One of the highlights to see during these festivities, is the parade of dancing cabezudos (giant heads) and demons.


Fira de Sant Miquel

The fair of Saint Michael is held on the Sunday before September 29, the day of the archangels (Sants Arcàngels). Some of the highlights of this fair include a flea market, a gastro-tour, competitions and various shows.




Fira del Pebre Bord

On the first Sunday following the feast of Saint Luke, on October 18, the traditional “matances” (butchers) fair is held in Felanitx. The name “Pebre Bord” refers to the spice (paprika) used for making the typical Mallorcan sausages, sobrassadas. Traditionally, this fair marked the beginning of the slaughter time for the butchers. The fair offers a range of gastronomical experiences such as special tapas and dishes served at selected bars and restaurants, folklore shows and a market in sync with the theme of the fair.




La Immaculada

On December 8th, in the hamlet of Son Mesquida, they celebrate the Immaculate Conception with a small and traditional fair. Some of the highlights include a community BBQ event, shepherds dog contest and a an open-air serving of paella.

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