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Set in a picturesque setting at the foot of the green Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, Selva is a beautiful town in a highly sought after area of Mallorca.

This small town boasts a wealth of local character and beautifully represents the rural areas of the island, with great contrast to southern Mallorca and the many holiday resorts on the coasts.

Selva’s long history and many exciting buildings, invite curiosity and admiration, in addition, Selva is a great place for cycling enthusiasts to discover.

selva town location marked on map of mallorca island


Things to do

Things to do and see in Selva

Selva is a great place for physical activities such as wealking, trekking and cycling. The location at the foothills of the mountains makes it easy to reach the really fun and challenging roads, as well as the many walking routes leading about in the scenic nature. But Selva also offers a handful of places of interest worth visiting or passing by.

Below are some suggestions on thing to do when visiting Selva.

main facade and entrance of sant llorenc church in selva mallorca


The parish church of Sant Llorenc rises high above the rooftops of Selva and can be seen from far away, some would call it the landmark of the area. Looking at the temple from the outside is an impressive sight with its huge dimensions , but it is absolutely just as admirable from the inside.

Parish of Sant Llorenc


In the beautiful green hills outside Selva, you will find the ruins of a former chapel built to honor Easter. Unfortunately, because of the commercial exploit of the soil the chapel was quickly left to decline. Today, the ruins of the former chapel is the only thing left here, however, there are processions during Easter to this place from Selva. Before the chapel was built, there was a watchtower at this place that was part of an extensive network of towers communicating with each other in times of attacks.

Ermita de Crist Rei


From a time when clean or fresh water was not something every home had, you can explore the old lavoir and water sources that used to supply the inhabitants of Selva. A stairway leads 23 steps underground to a bunker with two concrete basins that women used for washing clothes and bring home water.

Old washhouse and springs

creu de valella stone cross in selva town mallorca


If you have walked in Mallorcan villages, you have probably seen stone crosses and sculptures in the streets. These crosses used to mark village border back during the Middle Ages and later used to guide pilgrims toward chapels in the area. The cross of Valella is a fine example of a baroque cross and has been declared cultural heritage of Selva.

Creu de Valella

interior and stairway of the son arnau historic finca in selva town mallorca


Son Arnau is a charming little petit hotel i Selva, but was originally an inn for pilgrims on their way to the famous Lluc monastery. The building dates back from the 18th century and is another place that indicates the importance of Selva as a religious station.

Son Arnau

sa bisbal historic building and landmark in selva town mallorca


Son Bisbal is another historical building in Selva. This beautiful old building from the 17th century, used to house the civil guard and has been a central part of Selva for centuries. Today, the building houses a wonderful boutique hotel of same name.

Where to stay

Where to stay in Selva

There is a number of great accommodation options for your stay in Selva, including villas and fincas scattered all over the picturesque landscape between the almond groves and mountain slopes. You can also choose to go for extra luxury and leisure with a stay in one of the authentic and very charming finca hotels such as the S’Hort de Cas Missèr, Sa Bisbal or Son Arnau, these are particularly great choices for a romantic escape.

romantic finca hotel son arnau in selva mallorca with views of mountains in the background

Hotel Son Arnau ****

Son Arnau offers luxury and intimacy in the historic building, located in peaceful, beautiful surroundings in Selva. The hotel is stylishly decorated, with spacious rooms, large comfortable beds and balconies overlooking the pool and mountains. Son Arnau is simply one of your best choices of accommodation in Selva.

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charming boutique hotel in selva town mallorca

Can Cota Boutique ****

Great location and peaceful surroundings, just what you need after a day on the go with lots of experiences and impressions. Can Cota is especially praised for its location, breakfast and the beautiful relaxing outdoor areas.

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charming hotel sa bisbal in selva mallorca

Sa Bisbal – Turismo de interior ****

The small boutique hotel Sa Bisbal offers a relaxed atmosphere, spacious rooms and good breakfast in the heart of Selva. Sa Bisbal is a historic and charming building, and you can look forward to accommodation in beautiful authentic surroundings.

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Market & Events

Markets & Events


Weekly Market in Selva

Every Wednesday morning, the local market in Selva is held in the main square of the village. At the market, you can enjoy a joyful atmosphere of locals and tourists mingling between the many stalls. You can sample local specialties such as meats, sausages, cheeses, pastries, fruits, and vegetables, as well as purchasing some to bring home to the hotel or villa.

The market is not like the big markets in Alcúdia or Inca, it is more like a traditional farmers market with commodities and fresh produce from the local area. However, you can also find Mallorcan crafts, tools and painted ceramics which are very charming and decorative, much better to bring home than many other souvenirs.


Annual events and happenings


Fira de La Creu

Every year on May 3, Selva celebrates La Creu, a traditional mass that deals with the blessing of fruits and vegetables. La Creu is a wonderful spring event, with lots of flowers, plants, food, crafts and much more. At the same time, the fair is a wonderful opportunity to experience traditional Mallorcan folk dances and pieces of music. At the fair there are also a lot of fun and cultural activities.


Fira de ses Herbes

The second Sunday in June is the time for the annual herbal festival in Selva, a wonderful and aromatic event that will seduce your senses. The Herbal Festival is dedicated to herbs and plants growing in Tramuntana that have been used for generations.

Come and experience a world of sensual herbs for cosmetic use, for medicinal use and for use in cooking, everything can be found here. There is always a very special atmosphere for the herbal party in Selva, do not miss it.


Festes de Sant Llorenç

Throughout the first week of August, Selva celebrates its patron saint, Sant Llorenç, with a big city party. Sports tournaments, games, competitions, outdoor dining, exhibitions, folk dances, concerts, and of course a large market.

Facts & History

A bit of history of Selva

The area of Selva is believed to have been inhabited by humans since Roman dominance of the island. However, Selva first appears in the book of distribution from 1235, a book that documented the ownership and division of lands in Mallorca and Catalonia after the conquest. At that time the area referred to the farmhouse of Alcheria Xilvar.

There are several theories suggesting the origin of the name, however, two of the most backed are the ones of the Latin word Silva which refers to forest or jungle, or that the name derives from pre-Roman word Sèlver referring to silver.

During Islamic dominance of Mallorca, the town of Selva was actually located closer to where Inca is now. After the Catalan conquest of Mallorca (1229-1235), king Jaume I donated the land to the two knights, Pere Nunis and Pere Laí, each got half of the territory.

In the year 1300, the town was established where it is today by king Jaume II of Mallorca. At that time, the town was divided in three parts; Camarata, Valella and Puig.

Practical Info


Emergency: 112
National police: 091
Local police: 092
Guarda civil: 062
Fire: 080
Maritime emergencies: 900 202 202

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Town Hall

Plaça Major, 1
Telephone: +34 971 51 50 06

Bus lines 330, 332

Line 330: Lluc – Inca

  • Lluc
  • Caimari
  • Selva
  • Inca (Estació)
  • Inca (Gran Via de Colom)
  • Inca (Llevant)
  • Inca (Hospital)

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Line 332: Moscari – Inca train station

  • Inca (Hospital)
  • Inca (Antony’s)
  • Inca (Gran Via de Colom)
  • Inca (Estació)
  • Selva
  • Moscari
  • Caimari
  • Inca (Llevant)

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