Església de Sant Llorenç


Sant Llorenc or Saint Lawrence is the parish church of Selva

The church of Selva, is not only important to the inhabitants of this pastoral little town, but to the entire surrounding area.

The church of Sant Llorenç, is dedicated to the Catalan knight, Lorence (buried in the Santa Creu church in Palma), who patriotically participated and played a big role in the Catalan conquest of Mallorca, between 1229 and 1231.

Unlike many other churches in Mallorca, this is actually the same place of the very first chapel in the area. It is also the highest point in the area, and therefore, the most convenient place for a church, as in medieval times it was believed to be closer to god this way.

In 1301, it was decided by the king that the church was to be expanded. Not only would the church gather people for services, but shine in the horizon from all sides, as a symbol of Christian dominance.

The project was so comprehensive, that it wasn’t finishes until some time in the 16th century. In October 1855, a terrible fire destroyed enormous parts of the church, and had to be rebuild. The rebuilding project, was led by engineer, John Frontera, who was the man behind the arched colonnade on the outside of the church.

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Selva is located between the slopes of the Tramuntana and the thousands of hectares of olive and almond groves that predominate these areas. The history of the village goes as far back as the Moorish dominance of the island, which has left several historical landmarks and point of interest worth visiting in the area, such as the parish of Sant Llorenc, the ruins of the chapel of Crist, the Valella cross … Selva is a popular place for active tourism, hikers and cyclists are offered optimal conditions with the superb location close to mountainous and rural landscapes.

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